Chocolate Cookies Sausage: A Step-by-Step Recipe. Variants of chocolate sausage from cookies with nuts, raisins, liqueur

Chocolate Cookies Sausage: A Step-by-Step Recipe. Variants of chocolate sausage from cookies with nuts, raisins, liqueur

Chocolate biscuit sausage is a delicious and fast homemade dessert. Not only its taste, but also the very preparation will bring you and your sweetheart pleasure! This cold dessert is amazingly simple! But from this he does not become ordinary.

Additional flavoring products can be added to the ingredients of this sweetness: ground walnuts or any other nuts, candied fruit pieces, seedless raisins or other chopped dried fruits, chopped waffles, liqueur or cinnamon. Having added something from this list to chocolate dough, you can invent a completely new sweet sausage recipe in your kitchen. As a basis for chocolate sausage from biscuits in step-by-step recipes, both dry and home-made shortbread biscuits will be suitable. And the natural color of this dish - cocoa - can be replaced with ground or sublimated coffee. Or even melt the bitter or milk chocolate with butter!

Chocolate Cookies Sausage (Step-by-Step Recipe) - General Cooking Principles

The main ingredient in chocolate sausage is cookies. Most often they are made from shortbread, but sometimes they use another similar dry ingredient. A delicious sausage is made from anniversary cookies. It is passed through a meat grinder, rubbed through a grater, crushed into crumb with the help of hands or ground in a food processor.

Condensed milk, sour cream or regular milk are usually added to the dry cookies. Some hostesses for making sausage add juice, compote or just plain water. If desired, you can cook a sweet syrup from water and sugar.

If the chopped cookies turn out to be small, then you can add crackers, waffles, regular sponge cake or edges from the remaining cake layers to it.

For the preparation of chocolate sausage in a step-by-step recipe, all components are mixed together, then a sausage is formed from the mass, which in turn is wrapped in a bag, foil or cling film. After dessert, go to the refrigerator for at least 3 hours.

Chocolate Liquor Sausage: A Step-by-Step Recipe


• 400 g of shortbread biscuits (you can “Jubilee”);

• 50 g of dried milk;

• a pack of butter;

• 60 g of cocoa;

• 5 g caramel and coffee liqueur.


1. To make chocolate sausage from cookies, you need to grind its main ingredient. Put all the cookies in a deep cup.

2. Tolkushka, manually or blender grind shortbread biscuits into a crumb.

3. In a separate bowl lay out soft butter (200 g).

4. Add milk powder and cocoa to butter.

5. Thoroughly mix and rub with a spatula until a uniform color and composition of the cream. It turns out creamy chocolate cream for chocolate sausage from cookies.

6. Introduce chopped cookies into the cream.

7. Add a natural flavor - liqueur. Instead of caramel-coffee liqueur, you can enter any other to your own taste.

8. Well knead the mixture until a homogeneous, slightly crumbly structure.

9. On the table we split a piece of food film, any other clean bag or foil.

10. We shift the chocolate-sand mass on the package.

11. Spread the mass on the surface of the package in the form of a rectangle.

12. Take the edge of the package and raise.

13. At the same time, gently separate the chocolate mass from the bag and twist the sausages into the billet.

14. We twist all the laid out mass, helping ourselves with a package. That is, slowly pulling it out.

15. Thus, we get a flat sausage.

16. Cork a chocolate sausage from cookies in the food film. You can use the right one on which she lay.

17. Remove the sausage in the fridge to harden for 3-4 hours.

18. Then we take out and release from the package.

19. Cut into slices of the required thickness.

20. Put on the dish.

21. Chocolate sausage from cookies, prepared according to a step-by-step recipe, can be safely consumed immediately. This dessert will be a great addition to a cup of tea or coffee.

Chocolate Cookies Sausage with Nuts and Raisins: A Step-by-Step Recipe


• 400 g of shortbread;

• 100 g of bitter or milk chocolate;

• 100 g butter;

• 20 g of granulated sugar;

• 100 g of walnuts peeled;

• 50 g of seedless raisins;

• 15 g ground cinnamon.


1. Put all the cookies in a bulk bowl.

2. Grind cookies into crumbs in any convenient way. Blender, food processor, through a meat grinder or manually.

3. Raise the raisins in a bowl with warm water and leave for a few minutes.

4. Then wash the raisins in clean water.

5. Place it on a paper napkin so that all the excess water is absorbed into it.

6. Pour walnuts into a dry skillet without butter.

7. Put the pan on the included plate.

8. Roast the nuts with moderate heat to a characteristic smell. This aroma can be compared to the smell of roasted seeds.

9. Then remove the pan from the stove.

10. Put the nuts on a plate and leave to cool for a few minutes.

11. Manually we begin to clean the nuts. The thin dark peel should easily depart from them. It is not needed in chocolate sausage from cookies. But if you can not remove all the skin, there is nothing to worry about.

12. Then lay the clean light nuts on a chopping board.

13. Cut the nuts into crumbs with a knife.

14. Then break into fragments a tile of bitter or milk chocolate. In no case do not use chocolates. There are many different additives in them and most likely melted they will not give the desired structure.

15. Take the enamel bowl.

16. Put chocolate in it.

17. Put the bowl on another pot into which we pour hot water.

18. We put the whole structure on moderate fire. Making the effect of “water bath”.

19. At the same time, the chocolate will start to be heated by hot steam, which warms up the bowl from the bottom.

20. As soon as we see that the chocolate becomes soft, add to it softened butter.

21. Mix chocolate and creamy mass.

22. We wait until the mass becomes homogeneous in consistency.

23. When this happens, remove the mass from heating. 24. We take a large bowl, in which are the crumbs of shortbread.

25. To them add the raisins, chopped walnuts, ground cinnamon and sugar.

26. Mix all products in a bowl.

27. Now we add a chocolate and creamy mass to the bowl with loose ingredients.

28. At the same time, mix our chocolate cookie sausage dough.

29. Step-by-step recipe further involves the molding of this sausage from the dough.

30. Take a plastic bag.

31. Put the dough in the bag.

32. Then with hands we give the dough in the package the shape of a sausage, pressing and tamping it.

33. When the sausage takes its form, we wrap it in the same or another film and remove the prepared dessert in the fridge to cool it.

34. After a few hours, the sausage can be cut and savored this interesting homemade dish.

Chocolate sausage from biscuits with condensed milk and waffles: a step by step recipe


• 300 g shortbread cookies;

• 50 ml of sweetened condensed milk;

• 100 g cream waffles;

• 50 g hazelnuts;

• 3 tbsp. l cocoa;

• 200 g butter.


1. We break shortbread cookies into pieces.

2. Do the same with waffles.

3. We pass through the meat grinder first the cookies, then the waffles.

4. Shifting the crumbly mass into a large bowl.

5. Grind the hazelnuts with a knife on a cutting board or in a coffee grinder. If the nut pieces are a little large, do not worry.

6. We pour nuts to other loose components.

7. We also send cocoa there.

8. Stir.

9. Take another bowl.

10. Put in it softened butter. Especially it does not need to be heated. Just in advance (in 1-2 hours) we take it out of the fridge to the table.

11. Add milk to sugar condensed with sugar. Well, if it is not too liquid. If you wish, you can take boiled condensed milk.

12. Stir.

13. Enter the oil mixture in a bowl with bulk solids.

14. Mix thoroughly to achieve a homogeneous consistency. Cocoa should be evenly spread throughout the dough for chocolate sausage from biscuits. 15. On the table lay a piece of food foil.

16. Put all the chocolate dough on it.

17. Then closing the dough with foil, manually give the dough the shape of a sausage.

18. To do this, press a little on the dough and press it from the ends.

19. Wrap chocolate sausage from cookies in foil.

20. We remove in the refrigerator for several hours. It is possible for the night.

21. When the butter hardens, and the product is no longer crumbly, you can cut the cooked chocolate sausage into slices and serve it to the table.

Chocolate Cookies Sausage (Step-by-Step Recipe) - Tricks and Tips & Tricks

• To the chocolate sausage was similar to the usual, it can be sprinkled with powdered sugar.

• The most delicious chocolate sausages are made from homemade shortbread.

• To make the sausage look beautiful on the cut, it is recommended to chop half the biscuits into a large crumb and half into a small crumb.

• If desired, cookies can be crushed with a rolling pin, placing it in a bag.

• To make the sausage taste most interesting, you can add regular chocolate or instant Nesquik cocoa.

• If desired, you can use butter cookies, but preferably not dry.

• Instead of store condensed milk, you can use homemade, made from sugar and milk.

• Properly cooked chocolate sausage keeps its shape well and does not fall apart.

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