The “Anthill” cake made from biscuits with condensed milk is simple and quick. Recipes for a delicious cake "Anthill" of biscuits with condensed milk

The “Anthill” cake made from biscuits with condensed milk is simple and quick. Recipes for a delicious cake

The advantages of cakes without baking can be counted on fingers, but any of them is a very strong argument in favor of such a dessert. First of all, of course, there is no need to cook the dough and mess with the oven. The second comes out of the first and it is a time saving. Even if you handle kitchen appliances on “you”, it will still be faster without it. And finally, the most important thing! Any cream based on your favorite condensed milk will be the way.

“Anthill” cake with biscuits with condensed milk - general principles of cooking

Cookies in such cakes are used with almost no restrictions, the only important thing is that it crumbles well with your hands. You can use regular square cookies in packs or by weight, you can also use sweet cracker.

An important point - the quality of products for the cream. Condensed milk should be just “condensed milk”, and not a product with vegetable substitutes. First, make sure that the labels on the label do not mention the presence of unwanted additives. Very good, if there is an indication of compliance with GOST.

Oil quality is also important. The fat content of his chosen maximum, the mention of compliance with standards is also very significant. As for sour cream, it is easier for other products to find the appropriate quality, and choose calorie content in accordance with the recipe.

They make a cake with a slider, which looks like an anthill, and decorate it at your discretion with the help of poppy, chocolate, nuts or coconut chips.

The finished “Anthill” cake made from biscuits with condensed milk in a cream should definitely stand for a while in the cold so that the dessert is well soaked. The classic recipe involves keeping the cake up to 12 hours, but it will be no less tasty even after three hours of soaking.

Classic recipe for cake “Anthill” of biscuits with condensed milk


a pound of crumbly biscuits;

half a pack of creamy “traditional” butter;

a glass of chopped nuts;

tin can of condensed milk. Additionally:


dark chocolate, slab.

Cooking Method:

For the cream you need softened butter, so ahead of time put it in a bowl and leave at room temperature. If you forget to do this, do not heat up, put it in the microwave and allow it to defrost for some time.

Pour the nut kernels into a dry frying pan, lightly dry them over low heat. After cooling, pour in a package or lay out a thin layer, spread sheets of parchment, then pass through them several times with a rolling pin.

Put the softened butter in a deep bowl, chop. We turn on the average speed on the mixer, whisk it to bring the oil to homogeneity. Further, without ceasing to shake up and gradually increasing turns, on a spoon we add boiled condensed milk.

We break the cookies with our hands into small pieces and put them in a spacious bowl. Add cream and nuts, mix well.

We spread the cooked mass in the center of a flat dish, in a heap, giving it the shape of an anthill.

We decorate the cake with poppy seeds and finely worn dark chocolate, and then remove for ten hours to soak in a cold place.

Cake "Anthill" from cookies with condensed milk and dried apricots


square cookies, “Baked Milk” variety - 500 gr .;

just over half a glass of peeled nuts;

dried apricots - five large dried fruits.

For cream:

a half-liter can of caramelized condensed milk;

three teaspoons of fat sour cream;

a pack of softened “Traditional” butter.

For registration:

milk chocolate is a small tile.

Cooking Method:

Breaking into small pieces, fold the cookies into a spacious bowl.

Without soaking, finely chop the dried apricots.

Dry the nuts slightly in the oven and, just like dried apricots, chop with a knife.

Pour pieces of dried apricots and walnuts to the cookies, mix thoroughly.

Putting condensed milk in a high, convenient for beating capacity, add diced butter, sour cream and beat with a mixer in a fluffy mass.

Combine the cream with the crushed components and mix thoroughly.

On a serving platter we form a low mound from the prepared mass and rub chocolate over it through a small grater. We put the cake for three hours in the common compartment of the refrigerator.

Chocolate Cake “Anthill” of biscuits with condensed milk


three 150-gram packs of cookies;

a jar of whole condensed milk;

one hundred grams of chopped nuts;

three spoons of cocoa powder;

a slab of dark milk or natural dark chocolate;

two spoons of white coconut;

half a pack of butter, natural oil.

Cooking Method:

For convenience, scattering nuts on the table, select the entire litter. Having collected in a bowl, we crush with the back of a rolling pin into a crumb, but not finely, small pieces should be present. Do not chop the kernel with a blender, it interrupts too finely.

In a large bowl of crumbled cookies. This should be done in such a way as to make small pieces and small crumb. Very well crumbled cookies, varieties “Sugar”.

In a bowl, where we will whip the cream, pour all condensed milk and mix it with cocoa. Having added pieces of soft butter, we start to shake up. Butter cream is definitely easier to beat with a mixer or a blender. Bringing the cream to a uniform state, we stop working with a mixer.

Mix biscuit crumbs with chopped nuts. Add chocolate cream and mix everything well again, first with a spoon, and after that with your hands.

The resulting mass is placed on a flat dish, pressing hands, give it the shape of a hill.

We break the chocolate into small pieces and, pouring it into a small bowl, slowly melt it in a water bath.

Slightly cool chocolate mass poured on top of the cake and evenly distribute, smearing with a knife over the entire surface. While the frosting is not frozen, sprinkle the cake with crumbs of coconut chips, and put it in a couple of hours in the cold.

Cake "Anthill" from cookies with condensed milk, cream and chocolate


small sweet crackers with poppy seeds - 350 gr .;

170 gr. butter, high-grade oil;

a handful of walnut kernels;

65 gr. cream, fat content of at least 35%;

30 gr. bitter chocolate;

boiled condensed milk - tin can.

Cooking Method:

Biscuits are ground into a crumb by a blender or rolled with a rolling pin, placed in a bag. It is desirable that the baby came out heterogeneous, with small pieces of crackers. Pour the chopped cookies into a convenient mixing bowl, and in the blender bowl in the same way we interrupt chocolate with nuts. Combine both masses, mix well.

Soften butter cut into pieces and whip, gradually adding boiled condensed milk. Having obtained an absolutely homogeneous mass, gently mix in the cream whipped separately until fluffy.

We shift the cooked cream in a container with a dry mixture, mix. Then we put everything on the dish in the form of an anthill and squeeze the palms on all sides.

We decorate the top of the cake with grated chocolate and finely chopped nuts. You can add design poppy.

Quick cake “Anthill” of biscuits with condensed milk, lingonberries and raisins


fresh, crumbly biscuits - 700 gr .;

100 gr. light or dark pitted raisins;

cowberry berries (frozen or fresh) - 150 g;

tin jar of whole condensed milk;

200 gram pack of quality oil;

three teaspoons of cocoa powder.

Cooking Method:

Steamed raisins. After pouring boiling water over it, we leave the berries in hot water for ten minutes, then lay them on a towel and dry well.

Thawed or thoroughly washed berries of lingonberry lay on a sieve and leave in it. Lingonberries, like raisins, should dry well.

Pour the cookies into a dry deep bowl, shred hands into the crumb so that the part turned into almost flour, and some remained in the form of small pieces. Cookies can be minced in a meat grinder or interrupting with a blender.

We spread cranberries and raisins to cookies, mix well, set aside.

Putting on a small fire a small saucepan, immediately lay out the pieces of butter in it. Melt, add condensed milk to the butter and warm it over low heat, stirring for about three minutes.

Slightly cooling the brewed base, we begin to work with a mixer - whip the cream to pomp at low revs. It will become much thicker and noticeably turn white.

We spread a little less than a quarter of the cream to the dry mixture and mix it for a long time with a spatula or spoon. Mix the deferred cream mass with cocoa. In the center of a flat dish, from a mixture of cookies, cream and berries, we form a small mound, outwardly similar to an anthill. From above, spreading evenly, put the cream, tinted cocoa.

Cake can be left in this form or arrange at its discretion. Chopped chopped chocolate, white coconut chips, finely chopped nuts, poppy can be used as a decor.

For impregnation, remove the cake in the cold, for two hours or more.

Cake “Anthill” of biscuits with condensed milk - tricks and features of cooking, recommendations and useful tips

Preference when choosing cookies for those who are wary of sweets, it is better to give galetnyh varieties. Such cookies are less calorie and not as sweet as, for example, shortbread. It will need to be ground in a meat grinder or interrupted by a blender.

Sweet tooths of all choose sweet cookies like “Toplenkino” or “Sugar”. It is noticeably sweeter, crumbles well and the cake is made from it much more tender.

For the sake of variety, you can add a little nutmeg, vanilla sugar or powder, chopped nuts or grated chocolate to the “Anthill” cake made from biscuits with condensed milk.

Checking the oil for the content of herbal supplements is quite simple. An absolutely natural product will crumble strongly when sliced, if it has been placed before it even in a common refrigerator compartment.

Another way is to throw a slice of butter on a clean steel frying pan and put on a quick fire. When melted, pour out the egg and see if it is sticking. On a layer of butter fat protein will slide easily.

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