Chocolate Cookies: A step-by-step recipe for a delicious baking. Cooking delicious and aromatic chocolate chip cookies using step-by-step recipes

Chocolate Cookies: A step-by-step recipe for a delicious baking. Cooking delicious and aromatic chocolate chip cookies using step-by-step recipes

Cookies are excellent pastries for breakfast or simple tea drinking, especially if it is homemade and chocolate. Such a dessert will be enjoyed by children and adults, it will delight with seductive aroma and will be an excellent treat. Here are collected step-by-step recipes for chocolate biscuits of various kinds.

Chocolate Cookies - General Cooking Principles

For making cookies, cocoa powder is most often used, and chocolate and hard pastry icing are very rarely added to the dough. Choosing cocoa powder, it is best to give preference to a natural product without sugar and additional flavoring additives. In order to avoid lumps in the dough, cocoa is mixed with flour, sieved through a sieve and only after that is added to the dough.

What else may be present in the recipe:

• sour cream, milk, cream;

• different types of oil and grease;

• sugar sand or powder;

• eggs;

• baking powder, soda.

The name of the products and their quantity directly depends on the recipe and the type of cookies. If the dough is shortbread, then only butter and fatty dairy products are added to it. If soft and airy pastries are prepared, then there are liquids in the ingredients. Most often it is milk, below there is a step-by-step recipe for chocolate cookies with brewed coffee. If the biscuit is made from tough dough, then it can be rolled out and shaped into products of any shape using cuttings. Of the semi-liquid and soft dough, circles are most often made, which are laid out with a spoon or with hands dipped in water.

Chocolate cookies are baked always in the oven on baking sheets. Since the dough is dark, you need to monitor readiness, it is important not to burn and not to overdry. Cooked cookies need to be slightly cooled, then removed and put into the total mass. If a layer is used according to the recipe, then the baking should be cooled well, otherwise the cream or chocolate will flow, you will not be able to apply a thick layer.

Chocolate Chip Cookies: A Step-by-Step Recipe (Sour Cream Dough)

Step-by-step recipe for chocolate dough biscuits on sour cream with butter. Optionally, use confectionery fat or margarine. Sour cream take any. For the layer, you will additionally need chocolate and butter, but you can use any cream or not lubricate it at all.


• a glass of sour cream;

• 0.4-0.5 kg of flour;

• 250 grams of butter (fat or margarine);

• 150 grams of powder;

• bag (standard 10 g) ripper;

• three eggs;

• three spoons of cocoa;

• salt, vanilla.

For the interlayer, you need a chocolate bar and 50 grams of butter.


1. Eggs break into a bowl. If they are small, then we take four things. Add a pinch of salt. Immerse the mixer, beat exactly five minutes at high speed.

2. The oil must be removed in the heat in advance, cut into pieces and give to soften.

3. Add the prescription amount of powdered sugar to the butter, stir it first with a spoon so as not to spray. Then immerse the mixer, you can not wash it. Beat at high speed fat to white and light pomp.

4. Gradually add sour cream to the butter. We continue to beat, it is already possible to reduce the momentum.

5. Turn off and remove the mixer, shake off the fat.

6. Add the beaten eggs, stir with a spatula.

7. We pour flour into the sieve, but not all at once. It may take a little less, it all depends on the quality of sour cream, butter. While using 400 grams. We measure off with a spoon of cocoa, add to flour. Immediately fall asleep baking powder. Sift together.

8. Enter the flour mixture in the fat mass for the dough. Stir first with a spatula, then you can knead with your hands. We do not liquid, but not thick dough. If chocolate flour is not enough, then pour more, as needed.

9. Put the dough in half an hour in the fridge. You can shove it in the freezer for ten minutes.

10. Put the dough on the table, roll out a layer of it. To prevent the rolling pin from sticking, lightly sprinkle the mass with flour, but do not hammer it, otherwise the baking will be hard. The reservoir is thin approximately 4 millimeters. When baking, cookies will still rise.

11. Squeeze out the glass circles. It is important to use a glass with a thin edge. If the dough is behind him, then the edges are pre-dipped in flour. 12. Squeeze out all the cookies. Dough trims are re-assembled, rolled out and again extruded, until the mass ends.

13. Shift round cookies on a baking sheet. Leaving space between them.

14. Put in a heated oven. The temperature in the oven is 190 degrees. Baking time about twelve minutes.

15. Cookies cool to a cold state.

16. Breaking chocolate into cubes, add butter to it, it is better to cut it. We put in a water bath, melt the layer.

17. We grease one cookie with chocolate mass, cover it with the second cookie. Do the same with all the pastries and frosting.

Chocolate Cookies: A Step-by-Step Recipe in Vegetable Oil

An unusual variant of cookies with cracks on the surface. Baking turns out very soft, fragrant. In the step-by-step recipe of chocolate biscuits, powdered sugar is additionally used to roll the finished baking.


• two eggs;

• 0.5 Art. oils (100 ml);

• 0.5 Art. Sahara;

• 2 tbsp. flour;

• 30 grams of cocoa;

• 1 tsp. ripper;

• powder.


1. All products must be removed from the refrigerator half an hour before kneading dough so that they become approximately the same temperature.

2. Beat the eggs in a bowl, add sugar, beat until fluffy.

3. Pour oil into the eggs. We take a refined product so that the cookies do not have any other flavors.

4. Add flour to the dough, combined with cocoa powder. If soda is added instead of the ripper, then it needs to be extinguished. If baking ripper is used, then fall asleep right here. Knead the chocolate dough.

5. Cover the dough with cling film, put it in the fridge. Stand a quarter of an hour.

6. Turn on the oven to 180 degrees, let it warm. Immediately prepare the pans. It is best to cover baking paper, parchment, silicone mat. Or just lubricate.

7. Take out the chilled dough. Pinch off a piece, roll the ball. In size, we make approximately a walnut.

8. Each ball crumble in powdered sugar before baking. We spread on a baking sheet. We leave the distance between the cookies at least five centimeters. 9. As soon as all the dough is finished, put the baking tray with chocolate chip cookies in the preheated oven.

10. We follow the baking. Soon the cookies will blur a little, rise, chocolate cracks appear on the surface.

11. On average, the baking time will be about ten minutes, sometimes it increases to fifteen, if the oven is weak. Do not overdry.

12. Remove the pan from the oven. Give the liver a little cool.

13. We shift on a plate or a dish, served with tea.

Fragrant Chocolate Chip Cookies: A Step-by-Step Recipe with Coffee

The option is not very simple, but amazingly delicious chocolate chip cookies with a deep aroma of coffee and a delicate cream layer. It is advisable to cook the drink from ground grains. At will cream it is possible to use another. Also in the step-by-step recipe of chocolate biscuits there is sour cream, butter.


• 200 g of oil;

• a glass of sour cream;

• a glass of fresh hot coffee;

• two glasses of sugar;

• 2.5 spoons of cocoa;

• two eggs;

• four glasses of flour;

• 2 tsp. soda;

• 0.5 tsp. baking baking powder;

• vanilla.

Interlayer Cream:

• a glass of milk;

• 3 tablespoons flour;

• 100 g of oil;

• egg;

• vanilla bag;

• a glass of sugar.


1. Send eggs to a bowl, add 1.4 cups of granulated sugar, grind as much as possible.

2. Soften the butter in a bowl, add the remaining sugar, whisk until fluffy, add sour cream at room temperature, stir.

3. Combine both masses with a mixer, pour in fresh coffee, and stir. If the mass does not turn out homogeneous, then so far nothing terrible. It will be easier to stir with flour.

4. Combine flour, cocoa powder, sift, pour half into the dough, stir.

5. Put out the soda, cover the ripper and the remaining flour, knead the dough. It will be a bit soft, weeping.

6. We cover the trays with parchment or silicone mats.

7. Spoon spread cookies, leaving enough distance between them. For one cookie, one spoon of dough is enough. We try to make them the same among themselves, we don’t pull out the heaps. 8. Send chocolate cookies to bake in the oven. The temperature is 180. By the time the process will take 10-11 minutes.

9. Prepare a layer. To do this, beat the egg with sugar, add milk, add vanilla and set on the stove. Only yolk can be used. But if there is nowhere to put protein, then we add it entirely.

10. Prepare the filling until thick. Then remove from heat, cool. To speed up the process, you can put the pot in cold water.

11. Add butter to the cooled cream, beat for a minute.

12. Chill the cooked cookies, remove from the pan.

13. Straighten the cookies with the prepared filling, glue them together.

Chocolate Cookies - Tips and Tricks

• If the biscuit is made from fatty shortcrust pastry, then the baking sheet can be not greased, just lightly powder it with flour.

• Any cookie will look more beautiful if it is decorated with icing, colored sweets, creams.

• Modern butter is increasingly low in fat content. It is advisable to use the product at least 70%. The same with margarine. Manufacturers are cunning, produce baking products of 40 and 50%, but the cookies and cakes from them are not very tasty.

• Please note that butter and margarine are increasingly sold in packs of 180 g. If the recipe contains 1 pack, then it is about 200 grams, that is, you need to add a little more. In the absence of a similar product, you can pour a little vegetable oil or put a spoonful of sour cream.

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