Chicken and nuts salad - the best recipes. How to cook a salad Chicken with nuts.

Chicken and nuts salad - the best recipes. How to cook a salad Chicken with nuts.

Chicken and nuts salad - general principles and methods of cooking

Hawaiian, Royal, Exotic, Original - the names of salads can be different, but one of the main components in them are chicken and nuts, most often walnuts. If you just mix the chicken with nuts and fill with mayonnaise, you get a light salad. And to give it a flavor and vary the options, add other ingredients. There may be a lot of them and they are all different - from boiled potatoes, carrots, mushrooms, cucumbers, to prunes, pineapples, apples, etc. Chicken salads help to decorate and diversify the festive table and like almost everyone. They are exhibited in a common dish or served in portions in transparent glasses or in the form of a pyramid on a plate - so they look more elegant.

Chicken Nuts Salad - Food Preparation

The salad of chopped ingredients and mayonnaise is a perishable dish, so only fresh products are necessary for its preparation. It can be cut and mixed in advance, but season with mayonnaise - only shortly before serving. In order to make a salad quickly and without fuss, all components need to be prepared in advance - boil, cool, peel. So that they will not fly, they are covered with a plate or placed in a bag and stored in a refrigerator. It remains only to cut the products and fill with sauce or sour cream. Grind the ingredients for the salad with a knife or rubbed on a grater.

Chicken Nut Salad - Best Recipes

Recipe 1: Chicken Salad with Walnuts

Very, very tasty salad. Ingredients are indicated for 1 serving, as It is prepared in portions. The components are stacked in layers in a mug, then it is turned over and the salad, in the form of a beautiful turret, is on your plate. If you need to calculate the ingredients for all guests, simply multiply them by the desired number of people.

Ingredients: 1 hard boiled egg, 2 table. lie finely grated cheese, 3 tables. lie boiled fillet or smoked chicken (finely chopped), 1 with a slide table. lie finely chopped walnuts, 1/2 sour apple, 1/2 small onion, mayonnaise. Marinade for onions: a glass of water, 1/2 table. lie salt, 2 table. lie vinegar (9%), 3 table. lie Sahara. Method of preparation

First, all the ingredients are boiled, if necessary, and chopped or ground on a grater. Peel and chop the nuts into fine grains. Apples - coarsely grate, white from eggs - grate large, yolk - finely. Cut onions into small cubes and marinate, one or two hours will be enough for insisting. If the water is hot (not boiling), then less - half an hour. Marinade is made simple - all ingredients are mixed until complete dissolution.

From improvised means you need a glass or a cup, preferably one diameter from top to bottom with smooth walls.

Putting the salad in layers in such a sequence, lightly tamping them with a spoon:

- finely grated yolks;

- hard cheese, mayonnaise;

- chopped walnuts;

- coarse grated apple, mayonnaise;

- once again walnuts;

- chopped chicken meat;

- pickled onions, mayonnaise;

- walnuts;

- coarsely grated boiled protein.

Salad collected. It remains to put it on the plate. To make it easier to do this, you need to walk the knife along the walls of the mug to separate the mass. Cover the glass with a plate and turn it over with a slight shake. Salad can be decorated with mayonnaise, “drawing” stripes, cells, flowers. It is very convenient to do if mayonnaise is packed in a soft package. It is necessary to cut a small corner to get a hole of very small diameter and you can draw, squeezing out the sauce.

Recipe 2: Chicken salad with prunes and nuts

Prunes have long been not only dried fruit, from which they make desserts - they stew meat with it, boil porridge, add to savory salads. It gives the dish an interesting savory taste. In the first variant, the recipe for a spicy salad is presented, with the addition of mayonnaise, lemon juice and garlic, in the second - a more neutral taste, with additional ingredients from potatoes and carrots. Both options are very interesting and tasty.

Ingredients (1 variant): 300g fillet (or breasts), 20-25pcs. soft prunes, half a cup of peeled nuts, salt, 1-2 cloves of garlic, 1 table. lie lemon juice.

Method of preparation

Boil meat, cool, cut into small cubes.

Wash the prunes and cut them into strips. It is advisable to buy dried fruits of good quality, not overdried, without pits. If the fruit is tough, pre-fill with water and allow it to soften slightly. Coarsely chopped nuts.

Prepare the sauce-fill. Finely grate the garlic, pour in lemon juice, add salt and mayonnaise. Combine and thoroughly mix all the components of the salad, add the sauce and let it brew for two or three hours.

Ingredients (option 2): 1 boiled breast (300-400g), 3 potatoes, 2 carrots, 20-25pcs. sweet and sour prunes, salt, mayonnaise, half a cup of peeled nuts.

Cooking Method:

Boil carrots and potatoes in a uniform, cool, peel. Separately - coarsely rub. Who is accustomed to cut the salad, you can chop into small cubes.

Next, the salad is placed in layers:

- potatoes - salt and mayonnaise;

- finely chopped prunes, mayonnaise;

- chopped boiled chicken, mayonnaise;

- carrots, mayonnaise;

- chopped nuts.

Let stand for several hours in the cold.

Recipe 3: Salad with Pineapple Chicken and Nuts

If you have not tried this salad, we highly recommend. No wonder he is called - “Royal”. You can experiment a little with the ingredients, for example, remove the mushrooms if you do not like them. Or replace one boiled chicken leg with smoked meat - the taste will be instantly enriched with new notes. You can use canned mushrooms in a salad, but with fresh ones it turns out to be much more fragrant and tastier.

Ingredients: 2 chicken legs, 400 g of champignons, 1 can of pineapple, half a cup of peeled walnuts, black pepper, salt, mayonnaise, vegetable oil.

Method of preparation

Ham boil, cool. Remove the meat and tear it into large pieces by hand.

Mushrooms cut into plates and fry with the addition of a small amount of oil. Cool it down.

From the jar of pineapple drain the liquid and cut into slices, dividing the circle into about eight pieces.

Nuts chopped.

The most crucial moment comes: all the ingredients are mixed in a salad bowl, sprinkled with salt, pepper and dressed with mayonnaise. Mix the salad again and serve.

Chicken Nut Salad - useful tips from experienced chefs

- Boil chicken meat on a salad, you need to put it in boiling water, so it turns out more delicious and saves more nutrients.

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