Viburnum jelly is both a treat and a medicine. Cooking jelly of viburnum as a dessert and for the winter, without stones and without cooking, with pumpkin and honey

Viburnum jelly is both a treat and a medicine. Cooking jelly of viburnum as a dessert and for the winter, without stones and without cooking, with pumpkin and honey

Beautiful, tasty, and even healthy, here it is, viburnum jelly! This bright red berry is a real natural healer, an excellent means for strengthening immunity and an aid in the fight against many diseases.

It reduces high blood pressure, has anti-inflammatory and antipyretic properties. We have collected for you the most interesting recipes that will help prepare a tasty medicine and a beautiful dessert - viburnum jelly.

General principles of cooking viburnum jelly

For the preparation of jelly used ripe berries of viburnum. It is best to collect them after the first frost. The fact is that viburnum has a tart bitter taste, and not everyone likes this bitterness. So it is better if the berries are slightly frostbitten. If viburnum collected before the first autumn colds, you can get rid of the unpleasant taste, putting it for an hour in the freezer. For the same purpose, blanching in boiling water for three to five minutes is used.

Before you start making sweet treats, clusters of viburnum must be sorted, leaves are removed, the berries are separated from the twigs, washed. In most recipes, viburnum jelly is prepared without stones, so the berries are wiped through a sieve or passed through a juicer.

During heat treatment, a significant portion of the vitamins that make up the main wealth of this natural medicine is destroyed. Therefore, in many recipes, viburnum jelly is prepared without cooking. But if you need to prepare jelly of viburnum for the whole winter, for longer storage, then heat treatment is desirable.

Berries and sugar usually take in a ratio of 1: 1, but given the bitter taste of viburnum, many housewives put more sugar.

Viburnum fruits have a high pectin content, so the juice mixed with sugar is well gelated. Gelatin or agar-agar can be added for fast setting, especially if the jelly is made not as a billet for the winter, but as a dessert.

Viburnum jelly without cooking

Save maximum nutrients! That is the motto of this sweet delicacy. However, you will have to try to stir the sugar well until completely dissolved without heating!


1 kg of viburnum berries;

1 kg of sugar.

Method of preparation

1. We sort out the viburnum, separate the berries from the twigs and stalks, remove the spoiled or dried fruits, put them in a colander, wash well.

2. Blanch berries in boiling water for five minutes. We take out, let cool and dry.

3. We take a sieve and potato masher (a strong wooden spoon will also do), wipe the viburnum in small portions in a bowl or pan. In the sieve will remain the bones and peel of the fruit, in a bowl - berry puree. Be careful, the berries burst when crushed, splashing juice in all directions.

4. Combine grated Kalina with sugar. Begin to stir. This should be done until the sugar is completely dissolved.

5. Pour the resulting mass into clean jars. After some time, the jelly will thicken and become dense. Store it in the refrigerator.

Jelly of viburnum seedless for the winter (boiled)

There are fewer vitamins in this delicacy than in jelly without cooking, but it will be well kept and delight all winter and spring.


1 kg of viburnum berries;

1 kg of sugar.

Method of preparation

1. Carefully sort out the berries, separate them from the stalks, wash them. Blanche five minutes in boiling water. Fold in a colander.

2. Put the blanched viburnum in a bowl or a large bowl, pour it with warm water, leave for a while, until the berries soften a little.

3. Using tolkushki wipe berries through a sieve. We get berry mashed potatoes. Add sugar to it, mix well. We put on a small fire and cook until done. It takes about 1 hour.

4. It remains to expand our jelly in sterilized jars, while it is still hot, cork lids.

Viburnum jelly with honey

This jelly is not only tasty and fragrant, but also doubly useful due to the combination of the healing properties of viburnum and honey. Ingredients

1 kg of viburnum berries;

1 kg of honey;

400 ml of warm water.

Method of preparation

1. Kalina and sort out my, then put in a colander and drop for five minutes in boiling water.

2. We shift the berries in a saucepan or a small bowl, pour warm water. We put on a moderate fire and cook the berries until soft.

3. Give the berry mass to cool, wipe through a sieve or through a colander. You can use tolkushku or wooden spoon.

4. Again, pour the resulting puree into the pan, add honey. Cook until ready for about an hour, stirring jelly periodically. Pour in jars.

Viburnum Jelly with Pumpkin

An interesting option, especially if you have your own garden, you can use the pumpkin crop outside the box and try the unusual flavor combination.


1 kg of viburnum berries;

1 kg of pumpkin pulp;

2 kg of sugar.

Method of preparation

1. Cut the pumpkin into small pieces and place in a saucepan. Pour some water and simmer until soft.

2. Enumerated and washed berries of Viburnum blanch 5 minutes with boiling water.

3. Give the blanched Kalina and stewed pumpkin to cool. Then wipe the berries through a sieve. Also wipe and pumpkin.

4. Combine Kalinovye and pumpkin puree in a basin or pan. Add sugar. With constant stirring, cook until ready our jelly for 30 minutes.

5. Pour into clean glass jars with tightly screwed lids. It is better to store such jelly in the refrigerator.

Viburnum jelly with gelatin

This bright, ruby-red dessert can be served in transparent ice-cream bowls or beautiful glasses.


120 grams of viburnum berries (already separated from the stem);

120 grams of sugar;

18 grams of food gelatin;

360 ml of water.

Method of preparation

1. Dilute gelatin with a small amount of cold water (about 50 ml), leave for about an hour to swell.

2. From viburnum berries squeeze the juice using a juicer. We put it in the fridge so that it is slightly settled.

3. Pour 360 ml of hot water over the remaining berries and peel, boil for 10 minutes. 4. Take the gauze, fold it in two layers. Pass through it a decoction of the viburnum cake. Again, put the filtered liquid on the fire, pour sugar, bring to a boil.

5. In the hot syrup introduce swollen gelatin, stir it until complete dissolution. Do not let the liquid boil, otherwise the gelatin will not harden!

6. Remove from heat. We take out the juice from the refrigerator and add it to the syrup with gelatin.

7. Now you can pour the jelly on the ice-cream bowls, cool it and then put it in the fridge so that the dessert is well frozen.

Viburnum jelly with agar-agar

Another duo of healing natural ingredients. Agar-agar, obtained from brown algae, contains iodine, calcium, iron, and it also helps the longer storage of products due to its antibacterial properties. So, replacing gelatin with agar-agar, you can make a dessert of viburnum even more useful.


1 tablespoon agar-agar powder;

100 grams of viburnum berries (already separated from the stem);

1 tablespoon of sugar;

0.5 liters of water.

Cooking method

1. We wash berries viburnum. Directly in a colander let them go for five minutes in boiling water. Take out, give cool.

2. Put berries in a blender bowl with sugar, grind

3. Pour hot water into a saucepan, add agar-agar, stir and leave for 15 minutes. Then set on fire and bring to a boil with constant stirring.

4. Pour Kalina with rubbed sugar with a hot solution of agar-agar.

5. Pour the jelly on the ice-cream bowls, let it freeze.

Multilayer jelly from viburnum juice and sea buckthorn

Dessert in a cheerful red-orange strip decorate the table and lift your spirits! The main secret - before pouring a new layer of jelly, wait until the previous one has completely set.


1 glass of viburnum juice;

1 cup of sea buckthorn juice;

25 grams of food gelatin;

sugar - to taste.

Method of preparation

1. Take two small saucepans. Pour viburnum juice into one, and sea buckthorn into another. We divide the amount of food gelatin specified in the recipe in half, put in each of the saucepans. We leave to swell - the usual gelatin for an hour and a half, instant - for half an hour. 2. After the gelatin is swollen, put both pans on the fire. Heat the mixture, stirring constantly, until gelatin is completely dissolved. At the same stage, add sugar. Focus on your taste - how sweet you want to make jelly. Kalina will require more sugar, less sea buckthorn.

3. We take glass glasses or ice-cream bowls. Pouring a layer of viburnum jelly to the bottom, letting it harden. Then on top of the first layer pour orange sea buckthorn jelly. We also wait for solidification and again make a layer of red jelly. How many layers will turn out depends on their thickness. After the finished jelly completely hardens, you can decorate it with whipped cream and fresh sea buckthorn berries.

Viburnum Jelly - Secrets and Tricks

· How to understand that the jelly is ready and the cooking process can be completed? Dip a spoon in it - the finished jelly will cover it with an even layer and will flow very slowly, and the drop that fell from the spoon will not spread over the plate but will harden.

· When heating agar-agar, do not allow it to boil strongly. At 120 degrees it loses its properties.

· To keep the jelly from losing its beautiful ruby ​​red color, keep it in a dark place.

· Kalinovoye jelly can be used not only as a sweet dessert. If you dilute it with water, you get tart, refreshing and healthy fruit drink.

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