Strawberry jelly: 7 original recipes. The secrets of making strawberry jelly with milk or champagne

Strawberry jelly: 7 original recipes. The secrets of making strawberry jelly with milk or champagne

Sweet, fragrant, tasty and incredibly beautiful strawberry jelly can be made at home. And now it is not about store jelly from the package, but about full-fledged recipes, which, by the way, will not take you much time, but rather bring a lot of cooking pleasure. By the way, did you know that jelly was invented in France?

Strawberry Jelly Basic Principles

The main criterion for fruit jelly is its transparency and color saturation. Transparent jelly allows you to pour fruits, vegetables and nuts and make the dessert as if bulk. Any fruit is suitable for jelly, but the most favorite ingredient, especially among children, are strawberries.

Strawberries are excellent with milk, other berries, and fruits, even vegetables, chocolate, as well as nuts and cream. We offer 6 original, simple and fantastically delicious strawberry jelly recipes.

Recipe 1: Strawberry jelly with champagne - dessert “Romance”

This is really a romantic dessert, you can cook it for some special occasion or holiday.


· Strawberry - 200 g;

· Champagne - 500 ml;

· Sugar - 150 g;

· Lemon - 1 pc .;

· Gelatin - 4 tsp;

· Strawberry puree - 60 g;

· Water - 300 ml.

Cooking Method:

Peel the lemon zest. Put the sugar, zest in the pan, add water and heat on the fire until the sugar is completely dissolved.

Now in the lemon juice you need to dissolve the gelatin powder, let it swell a little, and then hold it on the steam bath.

Prepare strawberry puree: mix strawberries, water and honey, whisk until creamy.

Then you need to add gelatin to sugar water and mix with mashed potatoes and champagne.

Take glasses, from which it will be convenient to eat dessert. Put enough strawberries on the bottom. If it is too large, then the berries can be divided in half. Now fill the glasses with prepared mixture and place in the refrigerator. Before serving, cut slices of fresh strawberries and garnish with a glossy jelly surface.

Recipe 2: Jelly with strawberries and milk

Strawberries go very well with dairy products. This recipe is simple, but the output is delicious and delicate. In just 30 minutes you can make 4 servings.


· Strawberries - 300 g;

· High-fat milk - 200 g;

· Gelatin - 25 g;

· Sugar - 3 tbsp. l .;

· Vanilla sugar - 1 tbsp. l .;

· Ice water - 50-60 ml;

· Hot water - 150 ml;

· Mint for decoration.

Cooking Method:

Soak gelatin with ice water, and when it swells, pour in hot water and mix well. Then you need to pour in the milk, add sugar, heat it, but do not let it boil.

Wash the strawberries, cut into slices, spread on kremenkam. Gently pour the strawberries with milk jelly. Put in the fridge.

Before serving, the dessert is decorated with mint leaves. Decoration options can be mass - the same slices of strawberries on top, berries of cherry or sweet cherry, coconut chips, pieces of chocolate or nuts.

Recipe 3: Spicy Jelly with Strawberries

A recipe for connoisseurs of extraordinary dishes and fans to surprise with culinary abilities. Be sure to think of this strawberry jelly with a special exclusive name.


· Strawberry puree - 600 g;

· Sugar - 560 g;

· Pectin - 25 g;

· Tartaric acid - 100 g;

· Tabasco sauce - 2 tsp;

· Icing sugar - 50 g

Cooking Method:

To start, mix strawberry puree and sugar, heat on the fire until boiling. Mix pectin and 50 g of sugar, and when the strawberry mixture boils, add pectin to it, boil a little.

Now add Tabasco sauce and tartaric acid. Take a container with high sides, cover it with cling film. When the strawberry jelly has cooled slightly, it should be poured into a container. Send jelly in the fridge until it hardens.

When the jelly hardens, it must be gently removed, cut into identical cubes. Each cube dip in cold water, and then in sugar. Your luxurious sweet-spicy dessert is ready!

Recipe 4: Strawberry Jelly for Winter

An excellent recipe for those who do not want to part with delicious summer berries, even in winter. For a storehouse of vitamins will need quite a bit.


· Strawberries - 1 kg;

· Sugar - 1 kg;

· Gelatin or agar-agar - 20/6 g.

Cooking Method:

Strawberries need to be carefully picked, remove the tails and washed. Grind it in a blender or grind with a sieve.

Place the strawberries in a container with a thick bottom, add sugar and simmer on low heat until a small amount of liquid appears.

If you use gelatin, then you can already soak it, if you use agar-agar, then immediately add to the strawberries. Strawberry jelly quickly spread on the banks, because the agar-agar quickly hardens. For the preparation of such a jelly, jelfix is ​​also used - this is a substance that gelates the fruit mass, preserves its color and taste.

Recipe 5: Strawberry Jelly with Honey

Honey is a natural sweetener, so the recipe comes with a small amount of sugar, and if you want, you can not add it at all.


· Sugar - 30 g;

· Honey - 1.5 tsp;

· Ripe strawberries - 300 g;

· Agar-agar - 5 g;

· Drinking water - 250 ml;

· lemon juice.

Cooking Method:

Carefully touch the strawberries, remove the green tails, wash and wipe. Throw in a blender, add lemon juice and smash.

In a small saucepan, mix the water with the sugar, wait a little for the sugar to swell, then add the agar-agar and put the mixture on the stove. Stir in sweet water for about 3 minutes and remove.

Add honey, strawberry puree to the water and mix. Stir slowly and carefully so that the mixture does not appear bubbles.

Now pour the bright jelly on the ice-cream bowls and put in the cold. Jelly on agar-agar quickly thickens, so that after a couple of hours you can enjoy the dessert. Before serving, you can decorate it with pieces of chocolate or fresh berries.

Recipe 6: Strawberry Juice Jelly for Kids

For kids, you can make a light dessert from regular juice. If you give babies juices from tetra-packs, you can feel free to make such a dessert. And adults will like it. Ingredients:

· Strawberry nectar - 250 g;

· Banana nectar - 250 g;

· Gelatin - 1 pack.

Cooking Method:

Pour for a start in the pan strawberry juice from the pack. Pour into it half a pack of gelatin and put on gas to warm up until complete thickening of the thickener.

When the juice has cooled down a little, it can be poured into glasses in half and put in a cold place to freeze.

Take banana juice and repeat the procedure. Now take the glasses with strawberry jelly and pour banana on top. And send again in the cold. Jelly will harden in about 2-4 hours. When serving it can be decorated with slices of fresh banana and strawberry. A recipe for very lazy sweet teeth.

Recipe 7: Layered Strawberry Jelly

Dessert for girls-girls: serving is gentle, taste is gentle, aroma is luxurious.


· Drinking yoghurt (choose berry) - 400 g;

· Water - 150 ml;

· Sugar - 5 tbsp. l .;

· Gelatin - 25 g;

· Fresh strawberries - 300 gr.

Cooking Method:

To prepare the dessert, first prepare your patience, which will be needed when pouring multicolored layers. Now peel the strawberries, wash them and send them to the bowl with the sugar. Boil the berries for a few minutes after boiling.

Prepare a thickener: fill with cold water, and when it swells, heat it up a little.

Blend the strawberries in a blender. Divide the berry drinking yogurt into two parts and in one add a few spoons of strawberry syrup. As a result, you should have three containers: with pure yogurt, with strawberry puree and yogurt + strawberries. Distribute gelatin among all liquids.

Take the usual low glass glasses. First, put strawberry paste on the bottom and put it in the fridge. It will be enough for 15 minutes. Next, lay out the top strawberry yogurt and again put in the fridge. And the final stage - pour out the yogurt without impurities. As a result, you get a beautiful dessert with a gradation of flowers. Even decorating does not need anything, but the taste is simply divine.

Tips and Tips

· Very ripe berries are suitable for strawberry jelly, even rumpled and not quite presentable;

· For strawberry jelly, you can use not only gelatin, but also agar-agar and apple pectin;

· Berry jelly can be made by mixing only strawberry mass, strawberry juice and gelatin;

· Sometimes green strawberry tails are purposely left to give jelly brightness;

· To determine that the preservation jelly is ready, you need to put a cold drop on the plate. If the drop does not spread, then the jelly is ready;

· If use vanilla sugar, then do not confuse bags with vanillin. The latter in large quantities is harmful to the body and will give the dish a bitter taste;

· Cocoa can make a bitter dessert. Do not overdo it with this powder;

· Strawberry combined with gooseberry, banana, and even with avocado, arugula, chocolate, rhubarb;

· For a savory taste in jelly, you can add a couple of drops of wine;

· Do not pour jelly into aluminum dishes, this will darken the dessert and get an unpleasant taste;

· Some housewives make jelly with not plain water, but sparkling water, in the end you get a dessert with bubbles of sweet water that children love very much;

· To get the jelly out of the mold, it is necessary to lower it for a couple of seconds in warm water;

· Before pouring the jelly, the molds can be doused with cold water.

Show imagination when cooking strawberry jelly. In this dessert, you can show not only their culinary skills, but also creative. The more difficult the dessert, the more layers it will have, the more skillful it will turn out.

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