Eggplant pizza - no matter how you cook, always a little! Recipes for pizza with eggplants and cheese, tomatoes, mushrooms, sausage

Eggplant pizza - no matter how you cook, always a little! Recipes for pizza with eggplants and cheese, tomatoes, mushrooms, sausage

Eggplants are a wonderful filling for pizza.

Open cakes with them are very appetizing and fragrant, there are many fillings and it is incredibly juicy.

It's time to indulge in homemade pizza!

Eggplant Pizza - General Cooking Principles

Eggplants can be bitter, so before use they need to be soaked in salt water. If you are sure that there is no bitterness, then you can use it right away. Raw vegetable in a pizza is never laid. It is usually fried in a pan, cut into circles, cubes, cubes or thin straws.

What else is used for the filling:

• tomato sauce;

• sausage, poultry or meat;

• different vegetables;

• spices;

• cheese;

• olives.

As a base, you can make any dough that you like. Below are a few recipes to choose from. You can use puff pastry, bought in the store or buy a ready-made base. Bake pizza mostly in the oven, sometimes using a microwave oven.

Pizza with eggplants and tomatoes in Italian

Recipe for Italian pizza with eggplant and tomato on a thin basis. The dough is kneaded fresh, it is desirable to use olive oil everywhere. If there is no mixture of Italian herbs, then only oregano can be used.



• 2 spoons of butter;

• 0.3 glass of water;

• 1 cup flour;

• salt.


• 3 tomatoes;

• 2 cloves of garlic;

• 1 eggplant;

• 1 Bulgarian pepper;

• 1 tsp. Italian herbs or oregano;

• 3 spoons of butter;

• 150 grams of cheese.


1. Mix all the ingredients for the dough together, knead well, leave the lump for half an hour.

2. During this time, you need to prepare the filling. Wash eggplant, cut into circles, fry in a frying pan barely oiled. Take out the plate. Salt it.

3. Add the rest of the butter in the same pan.

4. Cut the garlic cloves, fry, add the chopped bell pepper.

5. Grate the tomatoes without skins, add to the pan, boil the sauce in half. It should be thick and rich, season with salt, Italian herbs. 6. Roll out the dough into a thin cake. Italians stretch it with their hands.

7. Lay out a layer of sauce, scatter the fried eggplant circles.

8. Top with grated cheese, send to bake.

9. Preparing such a pizza will be approximately ten minutes at 210 degrees.

Pizza with eggplants and sausage “Nourishing”

Yeast dough is used for this pizza. You can knead it in milk, in the recipe uses warm water. Sausage can be used smoked, boiled, tasty with salami.


• 200 ml of milk;

• 30 ml of oil;

• 1 tsp. yeast;

• salt, sugar;

• flour.

For the filling:

• 4-5 spoons of any ketchup;

• 2 eggplants;

• 2 onions;

• 300 g sausage;

• 170 g cheese;

• oil, spices.


1. The test will need to stand at least an hour, so knead it must be in advance. Add a pinch of salt, a spoonful of sugar to the warm water (or milk), pour in the butter and put the yeast. Mix everything well, add flour, knead a fairly thick, but not quite cool dough, it should spread out slightly on the table.

2. Put the dough in a saucepan under a towel, let it rise.

3. Cut the onion heads into thin slices, fry in a skillet for a couple of minutes.

4. Add the eggplants, chopped into cubes, and cook with the onions on maximum heat. Vegetables should be browned, but not brought to full readiness. Turn off, cool.

5. Arbitrary slices cut the sausage, you can chop into thin circles.

6. Cheese must be grated.

7. Remove the approached dough, turn on to warm up the stove at 200 ° C.

8. Roll out the pizza base in the form of a thin layer of an arbitrary shape, transfer to a baking sheet, and grease with ketchup.

9. Sprinkle evenly with eggplant and onion pieces, scatter the sausage slices.

10. It remains to sprinkle with cheese, bake eggplant pizza until tender.

Pizza with eggplants and olives on puff pastry

Option quick pizza, which can be collected in a few minutes. Start cooking with eggplants, as they require the most time.

Ingredients • 200 g of dough;

• 2 small eggplants;

• 150 grams of cheese;

• 12-15 olives;

• 3 spoons of ketchup;

• 2 spoons of butter;

• spices.


1. Cut the eggplants into strips; you do not need big ones. Put in hot oil, fry for three minutes, salt, pepper and leave to cool.

2. Roll the dough. If it is rectangular, then it is more convenient to bake pizza on a baking sheet. Transfer the cake, promagte ketchup. For better taste, you can add garlic, greens, mustard.

3. Put the eggplant slices on the ketchup.

4. Cut olives into rings or into quarters, mix with cheese and sprinkle pizza on top.

5. Bake at 220 degrees until ready.

Eggplant pizza with chicken

The option of another nourishing pizza on a thin basis, but from dough on yeast. This amount of food is enough to make one big cake or two medium ones.


• 230 ml of water;

• salt;

• 7 g yeast;

• 50 ml of olive oil;

• 350 g of flour;

• 1 tsp. Sahara.


• 2 eggplants;

• 300 g boiled or smoked chicken;

• 150 grams of cheese.


• 2 onions;

• 4 tomatoes;

• spices;

• 3 spoons of butter.


1. Dissolve the yeast in warm liquid, add sugar and salt, olive oil, knead the dough with flour. If you make several pizzas, you can immediately divide it into independent lumps.

2. Put the dough in bags, put it in the fridge for 40 minutes.

3. Place two pans on the stove. In one fry the sliced ​​eggplants, do not add much oil, lightly lubricate the surface.

4. In the second pan, prepare the sauce. To do this, fry the diced onion in a sufficient amount of butter, add the chopped tomatoes. Once all the juice has evaporated, the stove can be turned off. Crush onions and tomatoes with a blender, add spices: salt, pepper, herbs.

5. Cut the boiled chicken into slices. Sprinkle with salt, any spices. Similarly, you can use smoked or fried poultry.

6. Remove the dough, roll out thin tortillas or one large layer, put it on a heat-resistant sheet. 7. Put the sauce on, scatter the chicken pieces, spread the eggplants.

8. Pour the open pie with cheese, bake until done.

Pizza with eggplants and “Juicy” egg filling

Variant of delicious pizza, which can be collected absolutely on any test. Here in the recipe used puff product from the store, but you can use any other.


• 0.3 kg dough;

• 2 small eggplants;

• 1 bunch of green onions;

• 2 eggs;

• 100 grams of cheese;

• 100 g sour cream or mayonnaise;

• Spices;

• 3 spoons of tomato sauce;

• 2 tomatoes.


1. Remove the dough until it thaws, turn on the oven at 210 and cook the stuffing.

2. Cut eggplants into strips or small cubes, fry in a skillet with a few drops of oil. Bring the vegetable almost to readiness. Cool it down.

3. To fill, you need to beat the eggs with sour cream, add salt, pepper and fill the mixture with grated cheese.

4. Cut the tomatoes into thin circles, chop the green onions finely.

5. Spread out the dough, if the layer is thicker than half a centimeter, then you can roll it a little. Grease with any sauce or ketchup, sprinkle with green onions.

6. Lay out the eggplant slices, scatter the fresh tomato circles over them.

7. Now you need to pour the pizza cooked with a mixture of cheese with sour cream and eggs. This is done with a small spoon, it is desirable to smear the mugs of tomatoes with a sauce thinly, pour the remains over the cake between the tomatoes.

8. Baked such a pizza for about 20 minutes.

Pizza with eggplants and pickled mushrooms

Eggplants themselves are like mushrooms, and with them they combine just wonderfully. For this pizza, you can knead the dough according to any of the recipes above or take a layer of puff.


• 0.3-0.4 kg of dough;

• 2 tomatoes;

• 1 onion;

• butter;

• 2 eggplants;

• 150 grams of cheese;

• 100 g salted mushrooms;

• 0.5 tsp. Italian herbs, spices.


1. Cut eggplants into circles, fry on both sides in a griddle.

2. Remove the eggplants, add the butter, grated tomatoes, spices and herbs, cook the sauce in the pan. But you can take any ketchup. 3. Cut the onion into very thin half-rings, add it, drip a little vinegar and remember well with your hands. Leave to pickle.

4. Mushrooms need to be finely cut, can be plates or any other pieces.

5. Collect pizza. Brush out the rolled dough with sauce, sprinkle with pickled onions.

6. Spread the eggplant circles, between them scatter the sliced ​​mushrooms.

7. It remains to fall asleep cheese, put the cake on pastries.

Vegetable pizza with eggplants, sweet peppers and cheese

Option of vegetable pizza with cheese, for which it is better to use pepper of different colors. Take any dough.


• 300 g of dough;

• 1 eggplant;

• 2 sweet peppers;

• 180 grams of cheese;

• 10-15 olives;

• 3 spoons of tomato sauce;

• spices, some oil.


1. Slice eggplants randomly, fry lightly in a skillet with olive oil, cool, season with spices.

2. Grease the dough with any sauce.

3. Pepper cut into thin straws, put on tomato sauce.

4. Lay out the eggplants on top. Scatter the olives between them.

5. Pour cheese and bake!

Eggplant Pizza - Tips and Tricks

• To make the pizza filling not fresh, you can add a little pickled cucumbers.

• If the eggplants were soaked in a saline solution, they should be soaked well. In addition, it is not necessary to salt the ingredients of the filling, as there is also enough spices in the cheese, sauces, and sausage.

• If you want to get a dry pizza bottom, you can bake the base in the oven almost until tender, then put the filling on it and fry the open pie well at a temperature not lower than 220 degrees.

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