Juicy and crunchy meatballs on the grill - very seductive! Varieties of meatballs on the grill and features of their preparation

Juicy and crunchy meatballs on the grill - very seductive! Varieties of meatballs on the grill and features of their preparation

Grill and grill - meat cooking technique for real macho. Well, what about mere mortals? Exactly the same thing - to use the grill without any constraint.

Who said that only natural meat is grilled? Nothing of the kind, today we will learn to brown the meatballs, so appetizing that macho envy.

Grilled Cutlets - General Cooking Principles

• There are several generally accepted methods of cooking meatballs on the grill. This may be roasting a semi-finished product in a pan with a ribbed bottom, baking in the oven, which has the function of cooking on the grill. It can also be cooking on a grid over the coals or in a special device - an electric grill.

• Stuffing for such cutlets is recommended to cook yourself. Purchased, as a rule, is ground several times, after which it looks more like porridge. Cutlets will be perfect if you grind the meat once through the largest grinder of the meat grinder. Meat can be used any. Well, if the stuffing cooked from several species, for example, pork with beef or chicken with the same beef, it is important that it was not too fat.

• For a bunch of pieces of meat among themselves, a raw egg is mixed into the stuffing, for taste - chopped onion, and be surely seasoned with ground pepper. Juiciness is achieved by adding a small amount of water or fresh fat.

• Cutlets are usually small in size, up to 2 cm thick. They can be of any shape, but usually round or oblong. They never roll in breading.

• Semi-finished products are stirred on the grilled surface greased with vegetable oil. Often, the patties themselves are greased. The time spent on cooking depends on the type of grill and usually lasts no more than half an hour. Cutlets for uniform roasting stand on the grill for some time, then gently turn over and bring to readiness.

• Serve such patties with or without any side dish, served with vegetables. Often they prepare individual sauces or serve purchased tomato.

Serbian burgers on the grill (pan) - “Ustiptsy”


• slightly carbonated mineral water - 100 ml;

• lean beef pulp - 250 g;

• 150 gr. fatty pork;

• teaspoon ground paprika;

• two small onion heads;

• 70 gr. smoked breast;

• garlic;

• vegetable oil;

• fresh parsley;

• Soda - just over half a teaspoon;

• lemon;

• 100 grams of light-salted cheese.


1. All the selected meat is thoroughly washed, cut into large pieces and scrolls in a meat grinder. Add paprika, baking soda and a little ground pepper. We prisalivaem, we add sparkling water, it will give splendor, and carefully we knead. Smooth the surface of the meat mass, lubricate it with vegetable oil (not more than a couple of spoons) and, covered with a lid, put it in the refrigerator overnight. Ideally, keep the stuffing in the cold for two days.

2. After that we get mince and let it stand in a warm place, while at the same time we are engaged in other products.

3. Finely chop the brisket. Rub the cheese on a large grater, additionally chop the cheese chips with a knife. Finely chop the garlic (2 teeth). Mix all the crushed ingredients and shift the resulting mass to the stuffing. Add a little ground on a large grater of onion and mix well. We form small and necessarily flat round cakes.

4. Heat the grill pan well without oiling. Spread the chops and fry, turning over on the opposite side, on the fire a little less than the average.

5. While the burgers are being cooked, fry the finely chopped onion in the usual thick-walled pan in vegetable oil and with the addition of salt. Bringing to a golden color, remove from heat. Squeeze some lemon juice on it, add chopped parsley, mix.

6. Shift the fried onions on a plate in an even layer and place ready cutlets on it.

Grilled pork cutlets (in the oven)


• pork neck - 800 gr.:

• large onion;

• one yolk;

• drinking water - half a glass;

• garlic;

• fresh dill, you can replace the dried. Preparation:

1. We clean two garlic cloves and onions, chop the washed meat - skip everything twice through a fine mesh in a meat grinder. Season the minced meat with a small amount of ground pepper, add the yolk and lightly add. Pour in cold, almost icy, water and thoroughly knead the meat mixture.

2. Wet the patties with moistened hands and place them on the grill. We set it on an average level, heated to 240 degrees of the oven, below we put the baking sheet or any vessel into which the juice will flow.

3. Cook the cutlets in the oven on the grill for a quarter of an hour, then gently turn them over and bring them to readiness for another 15 minutes.

Grilled meat patties with cheese


• mixed from different types of meat or pure chicken minced meat - 600 gr .;

• one potato;

• 100 gr. good natural cheese;

• two spoons of sour cream;

• egg;

• onion;

• vegetable oil;

• bunch parsley;

• Bulgarian pepper - 1 peppercorn.


1. Grind the meat into stuffing, after the meat we twist the peeled peppers and potatoes, combine all ground together.

2. Cut the onion finely and pass it until golden in a small amount of oil. After cooling, lay out to the stuffing.

3. Add sour cream, a little pepper, egg and salt, knead until a homogeneous consistency.

4. Finely chop the parsley, chop the cheese into thin sticks.

5. We form cutlets, laying in the middle of a slice of cheese and a few leaves of parsley. We coat vegetable oil on all sides, after which we bake on the grill for a quarter of an hour per side.

Grilled chicken patties


• ground white crackers - 1 tbsp. l .;

• chicken breast - 400 gr .;

• one raw egg;

• large onion;

• refined oil;

• three sprigs of dill;

• 80 gr. fresh unsalted fat.


1. From chicken breast, adding to it fat, we prepare forcemeat. Add finely chopped dill to the chicken, breadcrumbs, ground pepper and add to your taste. Kneading, well beat the stuffing on a bowl or table. 2. With hands dipped in water, scoop small-sized cutlets and centimeter thick.

3. Cover the grill or special grill pan with vegetable oil in a thin layer and spread the patties. Fry on both sides until an appetizing blush, about ten minutes, each.

Grilled hamburger cutlets


• scoop of beef - 1 kg;

• egg;

• spicy sauce;

• spoon of dry wine;

• teaspoon of dried ground garlic;

• a mixture of fragrant peppers - 1/2 tsp;

• A couple of spoons of Worcester sauce.


1. Take a piece of fresh or chilled, not subjected to freezing, beef and rinse it thoroughly with cold running water. Then lightly dry with a towel, cut into large pieces and grind with a meat grinder with a large grill.

2. Pour wine into mincemeat, add sauce, dry garlic and season with a mixture of peppers. Pour in the egg and, adding a little salt, mix thoroughly, then discard.

3. Tighten the bowl with minced meat, place in the fridge for an hour so that the meat is better soaked in spices and spices.

4. From the cooled meat mass we form flat, centimeter-thick, cutlets. You can use small molding rings for serving salads.

5. Lubricate the grill (grill pan) with vegetable oil and place the cutlets on it. Roast in the oven, pan or on the coals from six to 10 minutes on each side, to the desired degree of roasting. A minute before being ready, put the cutlets on a thin slice of cheese.

6. After waiting for the cheese slices to start melting, carefully remove the patty from the grill and place it in the sliced ​​bun. We add our favorite sauces, add greens and serve.

Grilled minced meat cutlets with vegetables - “Dietary”


• 0.6 kg mixed beef and minced chicken;

• a raw egg;

• three onions;

• garlic;

• tablespoon 15% sour cream;

• 150 gr. fresh or frozen vegetables (carrots, cauliflower, green beans, broccoli).


1. Chop small onions and vegetables. If you choose a frozen product, thaw it in advance at room temperature. 2. Put the chopped vegetables to the stuffing, add sour cream, pepper and a little fine salt, mix. We form small, two-centimeter thickness patties.

3. Lubricate the heated ribbed surface of the grill, and lay out the cutlets on it. You can also lubricate the semi-finished products themselves. Cooking time recommended for electric grill. Usually for even roasting it is required to stand the patties on one side for 10 minutes and the same amount on the other.

Grilled cutlets - cooking tips and helpful tips.

• Before spreading the formed semi-finished products on the grill surface and grill, press them down in the center with your finger. This will help keep the surface level. When turning, re-lubricate the non-fried side with oil, and it is guaranteed not to become covered with a black crust.

• When frying, do not press down the patty with a spatula, otherwise the juice will flow out and it will become dry.

• It is undesirable to lift cutlets in the process of frying to check for golden brown crust. Take your time, you should wait for some time, the meat will be prepared better if you are less likely to “disturb” it.

• To make the grilled meatballs juicy, on each side you need to fry them for no more than five minutes. The average degree of roasting can be obtained if you stand for a minute more, and to achieve maximum - cook, keeping up to 7 minutes per side.

• Preparations of meatballs should keep their shape well, so do not take excessively fatty pieces of minced meat pulp. If it is necessary to add liquid, do it gradually, carefully stirring each time.

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