Fish cake made from yeast dough is a classic of Russian cuisine. Technology of cooking fish pies from yeast dough

Fish cake made from yeast dough is a classic of Russian cuisine. Technology of cooking fish pies from yeast dough

There is no such variety of baking in any other kitchen in the world as the history of Russian cuisine has absorbed. A pie at the feast was a must-have dish. At the same time, for each holiday or event a special type of cake was baked: for christenings, name days, seasons, the beginning of a new agricultural year, harvest. Not a single holiday was complete without Russian pies. Ancestors believed that everything that was not eaten at the table during lunch could be wrapped in a pie and taken to the road, in the field for work.

The gifts of the vast expanses of Russia have shaped Russian cuisine over the centuries. The fillings in the pies were very different, but it will be a question of the forgotten classics, the pies with fish. The large number of rivers and lakes with the richest stocks of fish formed the basis for the formation of fish dishes.

Fish pies from the Slavs were the decoration of the lean table, they must be served along with the fish soup. Even in the Soviet period, on catering establishments, Tuesday and Thursday were traditionally declared “fish days”, in which a large selection of fish dishes was offered.

Modern housewives prepare fish much less frequently, as official statistics show. Such a decline in interest in fish cuisine is associated not only with the economic and economic problems of the fish industry, but also, in part, with a decline in the popularization of healthy and healthy food recipes for home-cooked fish. Despite the fact that the “world wide web” is replete with websites and blogs of nutritionists, recipes for various diets, oddly enough, fish pie recipes are not often found.

Of course, the fish pie made from yeast dough cannot be called a completely dietary dish because of the yeast in the dough and the high content of carbohydrates in wheat flour, but still, fast food in Russian is much more useful than hamburgers and hot dogs, especially if the pies are made personally.

Yeast Dough Fish Cake - Basic Technological Principles

At first we will stop on preparation of the yeast unsweet dough. Wheat flour in Russian cuisine did not appear immediately. For a very long time, it was considered a great luxury, and the cakes from it were baked only in the houses of the nobility, on major holidays. Initially, rye flour and sourdough served as the basis for pies, because traditional Russian pastries were made only from sour dough. For sweet pies baking was added: milk, cream or sour cream, butter, eggs, honey. Sugar, even at the beginning of the last century, was still a luxury item in low-income homes. In the pies with cabbage, meat, mushrooms, fish and other savory stuffing muffin was added less, if not the dough was prepared in water and vegetable oil. Sugar, molasses or honey was added to the non-sweet yeast dough only to “run” the yeast. Sweet syrup or sugar-added mixtures were also used to lubricate the surface of the cakes, which gave the products an appealing ruddy look. Add a little detail to this: modern, experienced chefs advise even to add some sugar to savory dishes, for contrast, to emphasize other flavors.

Over the past millennium in the composition of the ingredients for the fish pie, nothing has changed except the flour "cocktail" for the dough. Nowadays, rarely does anyone bake rye flour cakes, not to mention pea, oatmeal, half-grain. But, in fact, home cooking is just there in order to be able to resolve the issue with the nutritional value, calorie content and taste of any dish. Feel free to experiment with dough, if you think that you need to listen to the advice of a nutritionist and limit the consumption of carbohydrates, in large quantities contained in wheat flour. Just take into account that it is wheat flour of the highest grade that also contains the greatest amount of gluten, which provides good viscosity of the dough and its quick rise.

When using other types of flour, low in gluten, add wheat flour, starch. Good effect on the binding of flour with an insufficient amount of gluten eggs. So that the dough made from flour of the first grade does not blur, brew a third part of the flour, and then knead the dough, as usual, adding the brewed part to the dry mixture. There are many ways to improve the quality of the test, which need to be told separately. As a last resort, buy ready-made flour mixture to surely get the desired result.

The ratio of dough and stuffing in Russian pies even defines the name: pie, pie, chicken, fishmen, settlers, men of warriors, fryers and so on. Without going into the etymology of these names, remember the main technological moment: juicy stuffing allows for the preparation of open pies, dry stuffing should be covered on top with a layer of dough. In addition, for pies with a juicy filling knead more steep dough, and the bottom layer of dough should be thicker than the top. For the preparation of kulebyak filling you need a little more than dough. Stuffing for savory fish pies is better to use in ready-made form: fried, boiled, smoked or salted fish will give confidence that the cake has been thoroughly cooked inside. If desired, eggs, vegetables, mushrooms, chicken, cheese can be added to the fish - all of these products are perfectly combined with fish and give a variety of savory pastries.

1. Closed fish cake from puff yeast dough


1.5 kg puff pastry

Onion, peeled (straw) 1.0 kg

Cream cheese, processed (grated) 500 g

Smoked salmon fillet 300 g

Eggs 3 pcs.

Dill and green onions (fresh) 350 g

Dry Provence herbs 25 g

Butter 100 g



Divide the dough into two parts, larger and smaller. Separate a small piece of dough to decorate the cake. Roll both sides into a rectangle. Place a large rectangle on the prepared baking sheet so that its edges hang slightly over the side.

Prepare the filling: pass the onion until transparent, add fresh chopped greens, dry herbs and pepper. Combine stewed onions with chopped fillet, boiled eggs and cheese.

Put the stuffing on the bottom layer of dough. Smooth. Cover with a second rectangular layer so that the edges of the lower and upper layers of the test match. Make notches with kitchen scissors around the perimeter of the cake, 2.5-3 cm deep. Weave strips of both layers. Leave the cake to rise.

Beat one egg, add a teaspoon of sugar and a spoonful of water. Grease the surface of the cake mixture. Roll out a deferred piece of dough on a floured surface. The thickness of this layer is not more than 0.5 cm. Cut out the figures for decoration, and place them on the surface of the cake. Please note that the dough for the figures should be steeper, so you need to add flour in it before rolling.

Bake the cake at 180 ° C. Five minutes before the end of baking, remove from the oven for a moment and grease the cake again, cooked egg mixture, to make the crust more appetizing.

After baking, the cake should stand, covered with a towel, for several minutes, right in the pan. After shift it to the dish. Slice when cool.

2. Fish cake made from yeast dough - kulebyaka in monastic style, lean

Interesting fact: in Russia they always knew a lot about cakes. It was believed that the cake was baking, which consists of dough and filling in equal parts, and the pie should have more filling than dough. Russian Lenten cuisine - a separate conversation, but, judging by this recipe, the post may even be refined.

Please note that the consistency of the dough for the pie must be very dense, so that the cake keeps its shape and holds the filling.


Water (warm) 250 ml

Flour 600 g

Sugar 60 g

Salt 25 g

Dry yeast 15 g

Starch, corn 100 g

Oil, vegetable, refined 100 ml


Fish fillet 700 g

Onions, green 150 g

Avocado (or boiled potatoes) 2 pcs.

Boiled rice 150 g

Onion, 100 g


Olive oil 50 ml


Working order:

Prepare yeast straight dough: put sugar, yeast in warm water; add the third sifted flour, mix and let stand warm until bubbles appear on the surface. Add salt, butter. Combine the rest of the flour with starch and sift into the liquid mixture. Knead the dough until it begins to lag behind the hands and walls of the dish. Let it rise, covered with a towel and placed closer to heat. Then separate the small part for decoration (1/4), and roll the rest into a rectangle 1 cm thick.

For the filling, add onions to the transparency, add boiled rice, avocado, cut into small cubes, boiled fish fillet. Season with spices.

Put the cooled down stuffing in the center of a rectangular layer, in the form of an oval, slightly press down to seal it. Along the edges make parallel cuts on the dough. Connect the formed strips in the center, over the filling, overlap. Cut out leaflets and spikelets, other patterns from a deferred piece of dough. Put them on top of the wicker. To overlay the elements well kept, "stick" them with water.

Transfer the prepared semi-finished product to a greased baking sheet. Keep warm until double in volume. In a spoonful of butter, add a pinch of powdered sugar, mix well and lubricate the semi-finished product to obtain a beautiful crust. Bake at 190 ° C. After ten minutes, cover with a towel and allow the kulebyak to stand.

3. Open fish pie made from yeast dough with sprats, eggs and cheese


Canned sprats in oil 400 g

Boiled eggs 6 pcs.

Green onions 250g

Cheese, grated

Cream 100 ml

Lemon 1 pc.

White pepper 20 g

Parsley, chopped

Onion Passage Oil 50 g


Yeast dough:

Milk 300 ml

Flour 800 g

Potato starch 120 g

Yolks 5 pcs.

Sugar 60 g

Yeast, pressed 75 g

Salt 15 g

Butter (or cream margarine) 120 g


Pour the sifted starch into cold milk, stir until the lumps are removed, put on moderate heat and boil thick kissel. When cool, wipe, add sugar, salt, yeast, beaten yolks with butter and sifted flour. Put a little mixture of yolk and oil aside to lubricate the surface of the semi-finished product. For a beautiful golden brown cake, add some sugar syrup to this part. The texture of the dough is soft.

Grease round the form, sprinkle with flour and put the dough, rolled into a layer. Depending on the diameter of the dough and the filling can be divided into two cakes, or halve the number of ingredients. In the center of the circle put the foil cut to the diameter of the form, pour the peas. When the edges of the dough rise, grease them with the prepared butter-egg mixture. Bake a cake set at 180 ° C.

Chilled “basket” of dough filled with slices of boiled fish fillet, browned with onions, and grated cheese. Season with spices. The filling can be laid out in layers or pre-mixed and mixed.

Boiled eggs cut in half, separate the yolks. Chop boiled proteins, and combine yolks with cream and raw proteins left after kneading dough. Add the spices, fresh zest and lemon juice to this mixture. Pour the mixture over the top of the filling. And put the cake in the hot oven. Bake until the sauce thickens. Sprinkle with chopped greens, cover with a napkin for ten or fifteen minutes.

4. Unsweetened Enjoyable Yeast Dough Fish Cake


Milk 300 ml

Eggs 3 pcs.

Yeast, alcohol 50 g

Oil 100 g

Salt 15 g

Flour 750 g

Sugar 30g

Fish fillet (pelengas) stewed 700 g


Dill 150 g

Green onions 300g



Butter 120g

Water 250 ml


Knead the unsweetened yeast dough medium consistency. Prepare it in a straight way by combining all the liquid components and adding them to the sifted flour. In the process of mixing knead a little melted butter. Separate the third part of the dough for decorating the cake. Roll out the dough into a round or oval-shaped layer. Transfer it to a baking dish. Roll the smaller part into a thinner layer of that size.

Prepared pelengas fillet put in a saucepan, add cold water, ground mushrooms and spices. Cover and simmer on low heat. Put the fish in a dish, let cool, cut into large strips. Put onion in butter. Connect it with chopped dill.

Put the strips of fish on the dough, cover with a mixture of dill and onion. Cover the filling with a thin layer. Make cross-shaped incisions on it, 2 cm long, in rows. When the cake rises, the cuts will disperse, and the surface of the baked cake will have a beautiful appearance. Before you put the cake in the oven, grease the surface with butter. For more blush, add some icing sugar to the butter.

Bake at medium temperature until tender.

5. Yeast dough fish pie - chicken currant with fish and mushrooms


Boiled potatoes 300 g

White mushrooms 250 g

Onion, 400 g

Chicken fillet, fried 0.45 kg

Oil 120 g

Mackerel in its own juice (canned) 450 g

Boiled eggs 3 pcs.

Greens 100 g

Sour cream 250 g

Yeast dough, steep 0.5 kg

For pancakes:

Milk 120 ml

Eggs 2 pcs.

Baking powder 5 g


Flour 150 g

Vegetable oil 50 ml

Working order:

Prepare pancake dough and bake thin pancakes. Let them cool.

Slice the prepared mushrooms into plates (mushrooms, white, chanterelles, wild mushrooms). Fry the mushrooms with onions in butter, season with spices. Boiled potatoes and chicken meat cut into cubes, season with chopped greens, add sour cream for juiciness. If desired, season with garlic.

Prepare the fish stuffing: chop the boiled eggs and combine with the canned fish in their own juice, pepper.

Yeast dough split in half. In a deep baking dish, oiled, lay a rolled circle, the edges of which should hang through the side. Spread the dough on the dough, alternately, covering each layer with pancakes and smearing it with sour cream. The topmost layer is fish and eggs. Cover it with the second part of the yeast dough, rolled out in a circle, according to the diameter of the form.

Connect the edges of the dough. Make cuts from the center of the cake to the edge. Lubricate the top of kurnik sour cream, and bake at medium temperature until cooked.

6. Fish cake made from yeast dough “Starfish”


Boiled rice 180 g

Egg 1 pc.

Minced meat 0.4 kg

Tomato sauce, sweet and sour 120 g

Onion 180g


Chopped greens

Oil for lubrication of the cake and form

Yeast dough 900 g


Split the yeast dough into six equal parts, make round or oval cakes out of it. Leave on the desktop, covered with a napkin. The dough will do while the filling is being cooked.

Combine minced meat with chopped onion, add spices, boiled rice and egg. Mass well repel, and also divided into six equal parts. Spread on the cakes, forming an oblong shape. Pinch the edges of the cakes, leaving the middle open. Put the resulting pies in a round shape, in the form of a star. Pour tomato sauce into the open part of the pies.

Bake the cakes for about forty minutes, then take out the form for a minute, brush with butter, put chopped greens into the holes and hold in the oven for another five minutes. Then put the form on a damp napkin and cover with a towel. Transfer to a dish in 10 minutes and serve.

Yeast Dough Fish Pie - Tips & Tricks

  • To prevent the juice from pies from flowing out onto the baking sheet, insert a wide-open macaroni in it. Steam will go through the pasta, and the cake will not crack.
  • If the top of the cake is already browned enough, and inside it is not baked, cover the surface with a sheet of foil or oiled parchment.
  • Yeast dough will become more airy if you add mashed potatoes to it: rub 2-3 boiled potatoes through a sieve, add mashed potatoes to one kilogram of dough.
  • To make the yeast dough rise faster, insert the cocktail tubes into it.
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