Layered cake with canned fish - original! Recipes for puff cakes with canned fish from tuna, herring, saury, salmon

Layered cake with canned fish - original! Recipes for puff cakes with canned fish from tuna, herring, saury, salmon

For lovers of fish dishes, especially baking, we offer into account the recipes of very unusual and original canned pies.

They prepare quite quickly, as the fish do not need to be cleaned, washed, fried, or cooked; simply open the tin can. And due to the fact that the cake is formed from puff pastry, the sectional dish turns out to be magnificent and unusually beautiful, so such baked goods can easily be served on a festive table or to our dear guests.

Layer cake with canned fish - general principles of cooking

To prepare such a cake, you can take the finished puff pastry from the store or knead it at home. If desired, you can even use regular Armenian lavash. Basically, it depends on the amount of time allotted to create the dish.

For the filling it is better to use canned natural in oil. Suitable: saury, sardines, salmon, pink salmon, herring or tuna. Water from the banks must first be drained.

For variety, you can add various vegetables, boiled cereals, eggs, greens and homemade sauces to the cake.

Puff Pie with Canned Fish and Sorrel


• one can of salmon natural;

• pack of yeast puff pastry;

• 150 g of sorrel;

• one chicken egg;

• 30 g butter.


1. Pull the puff pastry out of the package, spread it out on a table sprinkled with flour and let it defrost for 1-1.5 hours.

2. Open the canned food and remove the pieces of fish, chop them with a knife or just mash with a fork.

3. Sorrel sort, leave only fresh, saturated green leaves. After that, pour in cold water in a bowl and soak for 10 minutes. Then rinse and dry the leaves. Finely chop or chop in a blender.

4. Break the egg, remove the shell, beat a little, to get a homogeneous mass.

5. When the dough thaws and rises a little, divide it into two halves and roll out with a rolling pin. 6. Grease baking sheet or baking dish with cream butter. At the bottom of the form to distribute one rolled layer of dough.

7. For the filling mix canned and sorrel. Put the stuffing on a layer of dough in the form.

8. Cover the cake with the second rolled layer of dough. Pin a bit from the edges, and make small punctures with a fork over the entire surface of the cake. No need to abuse with punctures.

9. Brush the top of the cake with an egg using a pastry brush.

10. Bake the cake at a temperature of 200-220 ° C for 30-40 minutes until the top is browned.

Layered cake with canned fish and white sauce


• jar of canned salmon;

• pack of puff yeast-free dough;

• a few sprigs of fresh parsley;

• 110-120 ml of cream;

• 40 ml of white table wine;

• 5 ml of lemon juice;

• one chicken egg;

• 30 g butter.


1. Pull the dough out of the packaging on the table with flour and let it thaw for one and a half hours.

2. Sort, wash, dry and finely chop parsley.

3. Pull the canned salmon out of the jar and cut a little with the knife.

4. For the sauce, bring the wine in a skillet to the boil and add cream of room temperature, lemon juice. Stir and simmer until thick.

5. Then add softened butter without heating and mix well.

6. Divide the dough into two parts, one slightly larger than the other.

7. Most of the roll out and put on baking paper on a baking sheet and smooth out.

8. Lay the salmon on a layer of dough evenly, sprinkle with parsley and evenly pour over the sauce.

9. Roll out the second part of the dough and cut into strips from it, from which to form a pattern on the cake. This may just be a lattice or curly curls, but be sure to make the sides of the cake.

10. Beat egg with fork and grease the top of the cake.

11. Bake the cake at 200-220 ° C for a little more than half an hour.

Layered cake with canned fish and vegetables


• canned saury can;

• pack of ready puff pastry;

• half of the average bulb; • half carrot (about 45 g);

• salt;

• a pair of potatoes;

• ground black pepper;

• a couple of sprigs of mint greens;

• half a cup of kefir;

• a sprig of fresh cilantro;

• vegetable oil.


1. Release dough from packing and let it thaw.

2. Onions and carrots finely chopped and passaged in butter.

3. Boil potatoes in uniform. Then cool, peel and cut into rings.

4. Sort and rinse and dry the mint leaves and cilantro. After that, finely chop.

5. Grind saury with a sharp knife.

6. Roll out the dough a bit and divide it into four identical squares. Bake the squares on the baking sheet in the oven until browning.

7. Take the form. At the very bottom put one square of dough, spread on top of half kefir and put the potatoes.

8. Next, put the dough again and on top of it the fish mixed with greens.

9. Then again the square of dough, and on top of it passaged vegetables.

10. Cover all the last square and smear on top of the remaining yogurt.

11. Pie bake a quarter of an hour at a temperature of 200-220 ° C.

Puff Pie with Canned Fish, Rice and Egg


• can of cod liver;

• half a cup of rice cereal;

• two chicken eggs;

• pack of ready puff pastry;

• a small bunch of dill.


1. Put the dough on the table for thawing.

2. Rinse and boil the rice, then rinse a little again and allow the water to drain.

3. Beat one egg with a fork to a uniform consistency and leave to grease the cake. Boil the second egg hard, peel and chop finely.

4. Sort and rinse the dill, cut into small pieces.

5. Pull the cod liver out of the jar and chop it.

6. Divide dough into two parts. Roll out the first piece of dough to the size of the prepared baking dish. From the second cut various shapes to decorate the top of the cake. You can cut diamonds or triangles.

7. Spread baking paper on a baking sheet, spread a layer of dough onto it, make ribs.

8. Next, lay out alternately layers of cod liver, dill, eggs and rice. 9. Expand curly top cutting.

10. Brush with egg and send to bake until done.

Layered cake with canned fish from homemade dough


• can of tuna in oil;

• two glasses of high-grade flour;

• 150 grams of butter;

• 5 g dry yeast;

• 30 g of sugar;

• pinch of vanilla;

• 120 ml of milk;

• 5 g of salt;

• two chicken eggs;

• a few sprigs of curly parsley.

Preparation Method:

1. Prepare puff yeast dough. To do this, half of the dough products make a brew and leave to ferment for one hour. Then add the remaining foods and knead the dough. Leave it in a warm place for fermentation. It will take about two hours. During the whole fermentation process, make 2-3 dough breaks. All products for the test: 100 g of butter, yeast, sugar, vanillin, milk, salt, egg.

2. Then cool the dough slightly, divide it into pieces, roll out to a thickness of 2 cm. Cover half with pieces of softened butter. Then roll the dough into an envelope to get three layers of dough and two layers of butter. Edge of the dough with a little pin.

3. After the dough, roll out, fold in half and roll out again.

4. Leave the dough in the fridge so that the butter can harden.

5. Prepare the filling. To do this, chop tuna and mix with pre-chopped greens.

6. Divide the dough into several pieces and bake in the oven until rosy color.

7. Next, lay layers of biscuits in layers and on top of them prepared fish with greens.

8. Beat the egg a little and smear the cake on top.

9. Bake the cake at 200-220 ° C for 10-15 minutes until the top is browned.

Layer cake with canned fish from unleavened dough


• Bank of canned Pacific herring;

• a couple of sprigs of fresh basil;

• 40 g rice groats;

• two glasses of high-grade flour;

• half a glass of water;

• 5 g of salt;

• 10 ml of lemon juice;

• 180 grams of butter;

• 50 ml warm milk.


1. Do not rinse the rice, throw in a pot of boiling water (water should cover the rice by 2 cm), add salt and close the lid. 2. Chop canned fish, add to them finely chopped basil.

3. Prepare puff pastry. Water mixed with lemon juice and a pinch of salt. Add the required amount of flour and knead non sticky dough. Remove it for half an hour in the cold.

4. Soften butter and mix with a small amount of flour (1 spoon), form a flat cake and freeze it.

5. Roll out the dough, put the pastry in the middle and roll the dough into an envelope, tell it again to a thickness of 1 cm. Roll again and roll out to the same thickness. All these rolling 4-6.

6. Divide the dough into two unequal parts. From the most part to make the bottom of the cake. First lay the fish with basil on it, then boiled rice, so that the dough is free from the filling along the edge of the dough. Cut out strips from the rolled bottom and form a pattern on the top of the cake. The edges of the pie can not pinch.

7. Brush pastry brush to lubricate the top and sides of the cake with warm milk and send to bake in a preheated oven.

Puffed Pie with Canned Fish - Tricks and Useful Tips

• You can add any greens or seasonings to your cake.

• If you are preparing the dough yourself, be sure to use only the highest grade flour.

• You can also lubricate the pie from above for ruddy, except eggs and milk with mayonnaise or sour cream.

• You can also add fresh or fried onions to any pie as a filling.

• If you do not have time to lay out the filling in layers, you can simply mix all the ingredients and put them on the dough.

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