Fast fish pie - a find for busy housewives! Cooking quick fish pies on kefir, mayonnaise, sour cream, puff pastry

Fast fish pie - a find for busy housewives! Cooking quick fish pies on kefir, mayonnaise, sour cream, puff pastry

Quick cake is a wonderful invention! You can pamper your family with fresh pastries, but do not spend much time on it.

Most pies are made from the most primitive, cheap products that can be found in any refrigerator. A popular version of the filling - fish. Most often it is canned, which also saves time.

Fast Fish Pie - General Cooking Principles

Quickies are usually made from liquid filling dough. At the heart of the eggs and some liquid product: kefir, mayonnaise, sour cream. You can mix several types. Preparing the dough in a few minutes, so you need to immediately turn on the oven, let it warm up. No less popular in home baking puff pastry, bought in the store. You can also make fish pies from it, a couple of interesting recipes are below.

Mixed dough set aside, make the filling. Commonly used is saury, mackerel, pink salmon and other similar fish in its juice or oil. But you can take a boiled, stewed and even raw carcass, if it is available. In any case, the pieces need to cut or knead to make the stuffing.

What is added to the fish:

• green onions, dill;

• boiled eggs;

• onion;

• cereals.

Assembling the cake is simple: half the dough is poured, then the filling and the remaining dough again. The top layer is gently stretched with a spoon, you need to hide the entire filling. Pies are baked in a slow cooker or in a conventional gas or electric oven. Puff pastry cakes are collected in the same way, but from two layers rolled with a rolling pin. They are usually baked in the oven.

Fast fish pie on mayonnaise and sour cream (with canned goods)

Active cooking of this quick fish pie will not take more than 15 minutes. Next, trust the oven or a slow cooker, it can also be baked.


• 150 grams of mayonnaise;

• three large eggs;

• 150 grams of sour cream;

• 250 grams of flour; • 7 g baking powder;

• 0.5 tsp. salts;

• 2 cans of saury in oil or in its juice;

• 1 bunch of green onions;

• 1 tbsp. l Sahara.


1. Smash three eggs in a bowl. It is convenient to knead the dough with a mixer, it will turn out very quickly. Add salt, sugar. You can knead and without sugar, but it will give a beautiful color. Beat a few seconds.

2. Put sour cream with mayonnaise, beat again.

3. Enter the flour. From above we fall asleep the ripper and again well we stir. Put the dough aside.

4. Open canned food. Pour all the liquid, knead the fish with a fork or shredded hands into pieces. Large spinal bones immediately recline. Cut green onions, mix with saury.

5. Pour half of the dough into the greased form, pour out the fish filling, pour the second part of the dough on top.

6. We send to the oven, bake 230-35 minutes at 190 degrees.

7. Either we collect the cake immediately in a multi-cooker bowl, cook for fifty minutes in baking mode.

Fast Fish Cake Puff Pastry

Option For those housewives who do not even want to knead the dough. Why, if you can buy it in the store. In addition to canned food, boiled eggs are also added to the filling for a quick fish pie.


• 0.5 kg of dough;

• 3 eggs;

• 1 s. l sesame (optional);

• 2 cans of canned fish;

• 1 bunch of onions;

• 1 bunch of dill.


1. Take the dough for this cake absolutely any puff, you can even yeast. Leave it on the table for about 30 minutes, let it thaw.

2. Boil eggs, if not already boiled. Cut into cubes, add to them chopped greens and mashed canned fish. If the fluid is low, you can leave. Stir the filling, pepper to taste.

3. Cut the dough in half, because we need two layers. Slightly roll up with a rolling pin. Spread one part in the form, distribute prepared minced meat.

4. Put the second layer on the cutting board. We make with a sharp knife small cuts for the release of steam. Then we transfer this dough to the cake. The edges of the layers are firmly connected so that they do not disintegrate. For safety net, you can moisten them first. 5. We send puff cake with fish stuffing baked. Cook until golden brown, oven warmed to 210-230 degrees.

Fast fish pie made from jellied dough on kefir

Another common batter recipe for quick fishcake. If there is no kefir or it is not enough, then feel free to add sour cream, yogurt or ryazhenka, this will not spoil the dough.


• 0.5 liters of any kefir;

• 30 ml of oil;

• a pair of eggs;

• 360 grams of flour;

• salt, sugar and baking soda.


• 2 onions;

• 2 cans of canned fish;

• 1-2 spoons of butter;

• spices, greens.


1. Pour 0.5 tsp in warm kefir. drinking soda, stir. Add as much salt, a spoonful of sugar and a couple of eggs. Beat until smooth.

2. Add flour to the dough according to the recipe, re-stir and pour in vegetable oil. Set aside the mixed mass.

3. Cut the onion, send to the pan, fry in oil for a couple of minutes. Remove from heat. Knead canned food, chop greens for the filling, combine together with onions. Stir. Optionally put any spices, you can add a couple of boiled eggs.

4. Pour 1/2 part kefir dough into the mold or into the cup of the multicooker. Now comes the minced fish, again pour all this dough.

5. Bake in the oven at 200 degrees for 35-40 minutes or a full cycle in the slow cooker, on average it lasts 50 minutes.

Fast fish pie with cabbage (puff pastry)

Variant of very juicy and aromatic stuffing for a quick fish pie. It uses fresh cabbage, but you can likewise take a pickled vegetable, it also turns out great.


• 0.5 kg of dough;

• 0.4 kg of cabbage;

• 1 can of fish;

• 1 spoon of tomato;

• 4 spoons of butter;

• 1 onion;

• spices.


1. We start with cooking cabbage, while the dough is set aside, the way thaws

2. Cut the cabbage and onions, send everything at once to the pan, fry until ready. Season with spices. To brighten the taste, at the end put tomato, ketchup or any other similar sauce. Remove from heat. 3. Mash a jar of fish, add to the cabbage.

4. Divide the dough, but not in half. Let one part be a little more, roll it up with a rolling pin, transfer it to the form, make small bumpers.

5. Put the cooled stuffing out, level the layer. Cover with a second layer of dough, which is also a bit.

6. At the top we make a few holes.

7. We bake a pie at 220 degrees, as the puff pastry does not like low temperatures. Focusing on the ruddy crust on top.

Fast Fish Cake (with fresh fish)

To prepare the filling, you will need a fillet of any sea or river fish, there is not much difference. Dough on kefir with margarine.


• 250 ml of kefir;

• 70 g margarine;

• 2 eggs;

• 2/3 tsp. soda;

• salt, flour.


• 400 g fish fillets;

• 0.5 lemon;

• 2 bunches of green onions;

• pepper, salt or soy sauce.


1. Fish fillet, if frozen, thaw. Then rinse, dry and cut into small pieces. You can make cubes or straws. Sprinkle with lemon juice, salt or season with soy sauce, pepper and mix. Let it marry a little.

2. Knead the dough. We simply combine everything, except flour, whip with a mixer. Pour the melted margarine, pour the flour. It should take about three glasses, but it all depends on the density of yogurt and egg size. Making the same dough as for the pancakes.

3. Cut the greens, add to the fish marinated in lemon, mix.

4. Spread out half of the dough, stretch it with a spoon, now distribute the filling in an even layer.

5. Cover the fresh fish and greens with the remnants of dough.

6. Send the form to the oven. Cooking fish pie pi 180 degrees for about 40-45 minutes, focus on the filling.

Fast fish pie with potatoes and canned pink salmon

To make this pie, you need canned pink salmon, as well as one raw potato. Pre-boil the tuber is not necessary. But if at home there are boiled potatoes, then you can take it.


• 250 g of kefir;

• 1 1/3 cup white flour;

• egg; • salt, soda;

• 4 spoons of butter.

For the filling:

• 1 bank of pink salmon;

• 1 potato;

• 1 large onion;

• 1 spoon of butter, spices.


1. From the egg, 0.5 tsp. salt and such a quantity of soda, kefir and flour knead the filling dough. At the end pour in vegetable oil, mix everything well.

2. Cut the onion, fry in oil until transparent.

3. We clean the potato, cut into thin strips so that it can bake in the cake.

4. Open the pink salmon, disassemble the fish into small pieces.

5. Pour some of the dough, flatten with a spoon. Putting potatoes, pink salmon and sprinkle with browned onions on top.

6. Now gently pour the remaining dough. Take a spoon or spatula, stretch over the filling.

7. This cake is baked in the oven for 40 minutes at an average temperature of 180.

8. You can cook a pie with pink salmon in a slow cooker, it will take 60 minutes in baking mode.

Quick Fish Cake - Tips and Tricks

• Sugar gives the cake a beautiful color and a ruddy crust, but it should not be too much in the dough.

• If there is not enough fish for the filling, you can add something to it: stewed cabbage, rice, greens, boiled potatoes, eggs.

• The pie does not want to be taken out of the mold? Leave him alone. After 15-20 minutes, the bottom will be damp, it will lag behind. You can resort to tricks - put the form in a bowl of water or on a wet towel.

• It is optional to pour out from canned fish in a stuffing. If rice or eggs are used in minced meat, they will absorb some of the liquid. The pie will taste better.

• There will be no cracks on the surface, the lid will remain even if you make a hole to allow steam to escape. This technique is suitable for thick types of dough.

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