Honey cake on a water bath - aromatic pastries. Recipes honey cake on a water bath with different creams, nuts

Honey cake on a water bath - aromatic pastries. Recipes honey cake on a water bath with different creams, nuts

How nice to spend an evening with family or friends for a cup of tea with fragrant pastries. Honey cake - since our childhood, the dessert that our mothers and grandmothers made our honey cake is familiar in a water bath is even more tender and fragrant.

Honey cake on a water bath - the basic principles of cooking

The composition of the test for this cake necessarily includes honey. It is better to use lime or flower. In addition to honey, you need sugar, soda, eggs, creamy or vegetable fat and flour. Eggs whipped with sugar until white. At the same time take the dishes, which later can be placed in a water bath. Oil, honey and soda are added to the eggs. Beat again and place in a water bath. When the mass thickens and acquires a beautiful golden color, add a third of the flour. Stir and keep in the water bath for another minute, then remove from heat and add the rest of the flour. Knead the dough.

Those who do not tolerate honey can replace it with maple syrup or molasses. The dough for the cake can be lean if you cook it without eggs and butter.

The dough is divided into about eight parts and baked, rolled into a circle, in a pan or in the oven.

Any cream is suitable for a layer: sour cream, oil, scoop, etc. In the cream add nuts, candied fruits, fresh or dried fruit. Cakes can be soaked with syrup.

How to decorate a cake depends on your imagination and preferences.

Recipe 1. Honey cake on a water bath with butter cream



6 g baking powder;

0.5 kg of wheat flour;

cane sugar - st;

flower honey - 50 g;

2 eggs;

half a pack of butter.


butter - 300 g;

can of boiled condensed milk;


100 g walnuts peeled.

Method of preparation

1. Pour the flour into a sieve and sift over a bowl. Put soft butter on the board and chop into small pieces. Put it in a fireproof dish, add honey and sugar to it and place in a water bath. Continuously stirring, melt the butter and hold until the sugar has melted. Add soda and hold for another minute, continuing to mix. 2. Remove the bowl from the water bath. Beat the eggs into the hot mixture and whisk vigorously so that they do not curl. Enter a thin stream of flour, without stopping to beat, so that there are no lumps. Chill. Wrap a bowl of film and put in a refrigerator for 30 minutes.

3. Put the dough on the table, tugging it with flour. Divide the dough into eight equal pieces. Roll them into balls. Preheat oven to 200C.

4. Cover the table with parchment, sand it with flour and place a ball of dough. Roll it into a thin round cake. Top cover with a plate, which will be a cake, and cut in a circle. Pin the cake in several places with a fork and transfer it along with the parchment to the baking sheet. Bake five minutes. Take out the cake and put it on the wire rack. Bake so all the cakes. Then bake the cuts separately.

5. Chop soft oil with a knife on the board. Place it in a bowl and whip at medium speed until fluffy. Partially add boiled condensed milk, without stopping to beat, to obtain a dense lush cream.

6. Put the nuts in the bowl of the blender and crush into fine chips. Divide the nut mass in half. Grind dough also grind in a blender. Add the resulting crumb to one part of the nuts and mix.

7. Put the first cake on a plate, brush it with cream and sprinkle with nuts. So collect the cake until the cakes are over. Grease the top and sides with cream and sprinkle with crumbs of scraps and nuts.

Recipe 2. Honey cake on a water bath with custard


370 g butter;

white sugar - two st .;

cocoa powder - 100 g;

sour cream - half a cup;

50 g of honey;

a bag of vanilla;

four eggs;

10 g of baking powder;

a glass of milk;

flour - 4.5 tbsp. spoons.

Method of preparation

1. Into the bowl, hammer in the egg, add a glass of sugar and stir with a whisk. Then add vanilla and flour. Shake again. Pour the milk in a thin stream, stirring continuously, and put in a water bath. Bring to a boil. Remove and cool. Add 310 g butter and beat with a mixer for ten minutes. The cream is ready. 2. In a glass bowl, add a glass of sugar, add the drain. oil and honey. Keep in a water bath until sugar is dissolved. Remove from the heat and stirring vigorously, insert eggs one by one. Put it in the bath again, and cook, stirring, for about five minutes. Then add the flour and stir

3. Split the dough into seven pieces, roll each into flour and cover with a towel. Take pieces of dough one by one, and roll them into a thin circle. Bake until golden, spread the cakes on a wire rack and cool.

4. Combine sour cream with sugar, add butter, stir and set on fire. Bring to a boil with constant mixing. Sweet is ready.

5. Form a cake, smearing each cake with cream. Ready cake pour the fudge and insist for ten hours. The longer the cake gets soaked, the more tender it will be.

Recipe 3. Honey cake in a water bath with sour cream cream



baking soda - 5 g;

450 g of wheat flour;

80 g butter;

50 ml of cognac;

180 g brown sugar;

honey - two tbsp .;

3 eggs.


200 g of cane sugar;

juice of half a lemon;

0.5 liters of sour cream 20%;

11 g vanilla sugar;

lemon peel.

Method of preparation

1. Combine sour cream with a glass of sugar, juice and lemon zest. Beat the cream until fluffy. Cover the bowl with film and refrigerate.

2. Beat eggs with sugar until smooth. Slice butter and send for 30 seconds in the microwave. Add soft butter to the egg mixture and beat well. Set aside for seven minutes in a water bath. Continuously stirring with a whisk, bring to a boil. Remove the mixture from the water bath and add flour, sifting it with soda. Knead the dough. Let him rest for forty minutes.

3. After the allotted time, add another gram of one hundred flour and knead the dough. Divide it into equal parts. Cut six sheets of parchment and roll out on each circle, two centimeters thick. Attach the lid or plate and trim. Circles must be the same size. 4. Bake cakes for five minutes at 180 ° C. Trim just bake and grind in a blender.

5. Lubricate the bottom of the plate with cream. Put the cake on top, which also smear cream. Grease each cake with cream, collect the cake. Sprinkle the cake with plenty of crumb and leave overnight.

Recipe 4. Honey cake on a water bath without eggs



cane sugar - three quarters of Art .;

margarine - 100 g;

2 tbsp. sour cream;

wheat flour - 0.7 kg;

7 g of slaked soda;

two tablespoons honey


fine sugar - half a cup;

wheat flour - half a cup;

600 g sour cream homemade.

Method of preparation

1. Put the pan with water on the stove. From above we establish a smaller saucepan. Put oil in it and melt it. Add sugar with honey, while stirring intensively. Pour sour cream and a glass of sugar. Stir. We introduce slaked soda. Remove from the water bath and cool. Pouring a little flour, knead the dough. We divide it into six identical parts. Wrap each in a film and put 20 minutes in the freezer.

2. We take out pieces of dough one by one, roll it out on baking paper, we pin it with a fork and bake for about five minutes at 180C. Cool the cakes.

3. Sour cream in a bag of gauze and hang for a couple of hours to get rid of excess liquid. Beat it with sugar.

4. Pour dried apricots with boiling water and leave for ten minutes. Then we dry on a napkin and cut into thin strips.

5. We collect cake, peremazyvaya cream cakes, and laying out sliced ​​dried fruits. Top and sides coated with cream. Mash one cake into small crumb and sprinkle the sides and surface of the cake. Leave it at least for six hours to soak.

Recipe 5. Honey cake on a water bath with prunes


cane sugar - 150 g;

baking powder;

wheat flour - 350 g;

3 eggs;

100 g margarine;

honey - 125 g


a glass with a hill of prunes; butter - ? packs;

condensed milk - 400 ml;

walnuts - st .;

10 g vanilla sugar;

300 ml sour cream fat.

Method of preparation

1. Combine chicken eggs with sugar and beat, until it is completely dissolved.

2. We melt butter and honey in a water bath, add a little flour, continuously stirring with a spatula. We warm up to a homogeneous mass.

3. Remove it from the heat, pour in the flour and stir, until the dough is obtained, a sufficiently liquid consistency.

4. We decorate the deco with baking paper; we put on it the sides of a detachable form. Put inside a couple of spoons of dough and spread it evenly with a spatula to the sides of the ring. We bake seven minutes at 180 degrees. Cook cakes until the dough is over.

5. Prune finely cut. Nuts chop down. Sour cream combine with condensed milk, vanilla sugar and soft butter. Whisk.

6. Putting the cake. Put the cake, grease it with plenty of cream and sprinkle with prunes. We cover the top with the following cake. We grease with cream and sprinkle with nuts. So alternate layers until the cakes are over. Liberally sprinkle with crumb mixture with nuts.

Recipe 6. Honey cake on a water bath with fruits


sugar - one and a half century;

wheat flour - 0.5 kg;

butter - pack;

100 g of honey;

baking powder;

3 eggs.


vanilla sugar - 8 g;

sour cream 20% - 400 g;

white sugar - Art.


peach, kiwi, currant;

butter - a piece;

gelatin - 15 g;

50 g of black chocolate.

Method of preparation

1. Add soda, butter and honey to sugar-beaten eggs. Mix well and keep in a water bath until the butter melts completely. Weight should double.

2. Pour a glass of flour and mix, without removing from the water bath, to obtain a creamy consistency. Remove from the water bath and cool to a warm state. Pour the remaining flour in the form of a slide on the table, make a depression in the middle and pour the batter into it. Knead the dough and divide it into eight parts. Each roll into a thin layer and bake until golden brown at 200 degrees. 3. Whip sour cream with vanilla and white sugar. Peaches and kiwi clean and cut into thin slices. My berries and remove from the twigs.

4. Putting the cake. Lubricate the cakes with cream and spread on them alternately slices of fruit and berries. Cover the sides and top of the cake with cream and sprinkle with crumbs. Melted chocolate with butter in a water bath and pour the cake with this mixture.

Honey cake in a water bath - tips and tricks

Trim the cake do not throw away, chop them into crumb and use for sprinkling cake layers.

If your honey is too thick, melt it in a water bath.

So that the skin does not swell when baking, pierce them in several places with a fork.

Saturate the cake for at least six hours.

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