Medovik recipe at home, for those who are tired of store cakes. Cooking honey at home for unique recipes

Medovik recipe at home, for those who are tired of store cakes. Cooking honey at home for unique recipes

Baking pastry has long been popular with many housewives.

And although now the choice of cakes is great in cookeries and shops, home baking, no doubt, remains tastier.

In addition, the preparation of pastry pastry is also a creative process, where each housewife makes the most of not only her skills and products, but also imagination, artistic taste, the ability to think through something original, even if the choice of products in the kitchen is small.

Today we offer you to expand your horizons among the recipes for making honey cake at home.

Cake "Honey cake" is a great solution for meeting long-awaited guests, just to surprise old friends or come up with a treat for the festive table.

Home-made honey cake recipe - basic cooking principles

The main ingredients for making honey cake at home are honey, flour, sugar and eggs. To the dough came - add baking soda, slaked with acetic acid or lemon juice.

First, the eggs are mixed with honey, according to some recipes with sugar, butter. This mixture is heated in a gas or water bath. Already then add flour and knead the dough. It should be thick. It is divided into several parts and roll out cakes.

Creams for honey cake can be prepared different - brewed, creamy, sour cream. It all depends on the type of recipe and your taste. Try, experiment, surprise!

Home-made honeycake recipe with custard


For test:

• Table eggs - 2;

• Thirty grams of honey;

• A glass of sugar (sand);

• One and a half p. sunflower oil;

• Soda (quenched with lemon juice);

• Flour (four glasses).

For cream:

• Half a liter of milk;

• A pack of butter;

• Two tables. l flour (wheat);

• Sugar - one glass.

Cooking Method:

First make the dough. In a deep bowl, break two eggs, lightly mix them with a fork. Then pour a glass of sugar and put a spoonful of honey. Pour baking soda into a teaspoon and quench it with lemon juice. Add to the egg-sugar mixture. Then there is poured sunflower oil. Everything is mixed, poured into a heat-resistant dish and heated on a weak gas. It is necessary to stir all the time so as not to brew the whites and yolks.

When the mixture becomes homogeneous and heated, it is removed from the heat and gradually pour in one glass of flour. Knead the dough and roll it into a large harness. Then it is divided into eight equal parts and form cakes with a thickness of up to five millimeters. Dough is important to roll while it is warm.

After that, alternately bake cakes. Cooking time for each cake is no more than five minutes. While they are still hot, they can be cut off. Leftover dough suitable for sprinkling the cake.

After the cakes have cooled, they are spread with custard. Dough slices are crushed and sprinkled with the top of the cake. Cover with cellophane or a large plastic lid on top and leave to soak in the refrigerator.

Cream preparation:

One glass of milk is poured into a saucepan, two tablespoons of flour are poured and whipped with a blender to a uniform consistency.

Then put on a slow fire and bring to a boil. Slowly pour sugar and stir all the time, otherwise it can burn. After the sugar has dissolved, more milk and flour are added. The cream gradually brews and thickens.

After that put a pack of butter and mix well. When the cream becomes thick, remove from heat and refrigerate until cool.

Winnie the Pooh honeycake recipe at home


• Oil - 50 grams;

• A glass of granulated sugar;

• 2.5 tables. l honey;

• Eggs - 2;

• Baking soda - two teas. l .;

• Flour - three glasses.

For cream:

• Half a cup of milk;

• Half a glass of sour cream;

• One and a half chaine. l gelatin;

• Egg yolks - 2;

• Sugar - four tables. l .;

• Honey - one tables. l .;

• Berries - for decoration;

• Chocolate.

Cooking Method:

In an enamel saucepan melt butter, sugar, honey, eggs and slaked baking soda. While stirring, bring to a boil, but do not boil. A thick foam should form. The volume will increase three times. The prepared mass is poured into another dish and flour is added. Knead the dough and divide it into several parts. Then roll out and bake each layer of dough separately. Get some cakes. To prepare the cream gelatin is soaked in a small amount of warm boiled water. Pound the yolks with sugar, pour them into a saucepan with milk and heat. Add diluted gelatin, mix well. This mixture is cooled and left to thicken. Honey and sour cream are poured into the thick mass. Cream smear cakes. Decorated with berries and chocolate chips.

Homemade honey cake recipe “Beehive”


• Four table. l honey;

• Chicken eggs C1 - 3;

• Flour - four glasses;

• Sugar - two glasses;

• One tea. l baking soda;

• Sour cream - eight hundred grams.

Cooking Method:

In a deep bowl, break eggs, add soda and beat.

Mix sugar and honey in an enamel saucepan. Put on a weak gas. While stirring, wait until the sugar has dissolved and bring to a boil.

When the mass begins to boil, add the beaten eggs with soda and continue to heat. After the formation of foam - removed from the stove.

Then wheat flour is gradually added to the mixture. Knead the dough tightly. Divide it into ten equal pieces and roll into round layers.

You need to roll quickly, while the dough is still warm and elastic. Otherwise it will harden and will not roll out as needed.

Cakes individually baked in the oven, each - no more than five minutes. Leave to cool.

Meanwhile, prepare the cream. Pour sugar into a bowl, add sour cream and beat with a blender / mixer until a fluffy foam is formed.

Each cake is smeared with cream and put on each other. Boca also daubed with the addition of crumbs left over from scraps of cake layers.

Also, fine crumbs can be sprinkled with the top cake cake. Grated chocolate or fruit pieces are also suitable. The cake is cooled in the refrigerator for at least five hours and served for tea drinking.

Homemade honey cake recipe “Quick”


• Eggs - 6;

• Sugar - one glass;

• Honey - one tables. l .;

• Half Chin. l baking soda;

• Flour - 2.5 cups;

• Butter - one hundred grams. For cream:

• Sour cream - half a kilo;

• Sugar - glass;

• Grated chocolate or fruit to decorate the cake.

Cooking Method:

Eggs are broken into a bowl and whipped with sugar. Add honey, baking soda, slaked with vinegar, softened butter, flour. Knead the dough. It should turn out like a thick sour cream.

Put oiled parchment paper in a baking dish and spread dough. Bake thirty minutes at the optimum temperature (180 degrees).

For cream, whip sour cream with sugar. The cooled cake is covered with cream and decorated with grated chocolate or fruit. Enjoy your meal!

Homemade honeycake recipe


• Eggs C2 - 3;

• Sugar - glass;

• Three table. l honey;

• Half a pack of butter;

• Food Slaked Soda - Two Chin. l;

• Sugar and sour cream - for cream;

• Flour (top grade, wheat).

Cooking Method:

Eggs are broken into a dipper, whipped with sugar, add honey. Add softened butter and hydrated baking soda.

Heat the mixture in a water bath for ten minutes. It is important to stir all the time. Then the mass is allowed to cool slightly, pour in the flour and knead the thick dough. It is divided into ten to twelve equal balls and roll out cakes. In sequence, bake in the oven for four to five minutes each.

In the meantime, they are making cream. The cooled sour cream is mixed with sugar and whipped with a mixer / blender. No need to overdo it, so as not to get the butter, instead of cream.

The cooled cake layers are coated with cream and stacked on top of each other. Chopped walnuts or peanuts are poured between each layer. The side of the cake is also smeared with cream, mixed with nut crumb. Cooled in the refrigerator and soaked cake served to guests for tea.

Recipe for honey cake with condensed milk at home



• A pack of margarine;

• Honey - two tables. l .;

• Eggs (C1) - 2;

• Sugar - two hundred grams; • Flour (wheat) - three glasses;

• Baking soda - two teas. l


• Condensed milk (one can);

• Butter (one pack).


• Granulated sugar (one hundred grams);

• Half a cup of boiled water;

• Three table. l cocoa;

• Butter (0.25 packs).

Cooking Method:

The melted margarine is mixed with honey and heated on steam. Then add sugar and add soda. Warm up to obtain a homogeneous foam.

Remove from the water bath, add beaten eggs and pour flour. Thoroughly knead the dough and immediately divide it into four to five parts.

Rolling cake rolls and bake one at a time. While the cakes cool down, prepare the cream. Butter is heated on steam and mixed with condensed milk. The cream is ready!

To get the icing, sugar is poured into the water, cocoa is added and put on gas. Heat up for ten to fifteen minutes. At the end of cooking glaze add more oil.

The cooled cakes are well coated with condensed cream, the top of the cake is poured over with cocoa icing. Cool the cake in the fridge, let it soak.

Homemade honey cake recipe “Bee”



• A pound of flour;

• Eggs C2 chicken - 2;

• Sugar - two hundred grams;

• Three table. l honey;

• Two Chin. l baking soda.


• A half a kilo sour cream;

• Cream - a glass;

• Condensed milk (one can);

• Two tables. l honey;

• One pack of gelatin.

Cooking Method:

Eggs break into a bowl, add sugar, butter, honey, slaked soda. The mixture is heated with water until the volume doubles.

Removed from the steam, add flour and gradually interfere with dense dough. Let him stand for twenty to thirty minutes. Then the dough is divided into balls and rolling flat cake.

Each cake is baked for no more than five minutes.

Meanwhile, prepare the cream. To do this, condensed milk is mixed with sour cream, pour in the cream, add honey and beat with a mixer. Coat the cooled cake layers.

You can also make the icing or, in other words, “honeycomb”. Gelatin is diluted with cold cream and allowed to stand. Then heated to obtain a homogeneous mass. After cooling down, mix with cream. This mixture is coated with the side and top of the cake. Apply cellophane with blisters on the top cake to make “honeycombs”. The original cake "Bee" is ready! The top can also be decorated with small bees. They can be made from walnuts.

Homemade honey cake recipe - tips and useful tips

• When kneading dough, milk or water is poured into the flour little by little, in a thin stream and stirred with a wooden spatula - the dough will be no lumps.

• If the finished cake is stuck to the baking tray - hold it over the steam.

• If the cake is not removed from the mold, wrap it with a wet towel for a few minutes or put it in a pan filled with cold water.

• The cake will not burn, if coarse salt is poured on the form under the dough. When you bake the cake on a baking sheet, place another baking sheet under it.

• If the cake in the oven starts to burn from one corner, place a bowl of water under the baking sheet in this corner.

• Soda and vanilla in the dough is better to sleep less than pour, otherwise the cake will not taste good.

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