Chicken with honey - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook chicken with honey

Chicken with honey - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook chicken with honey

Perhaps no holiday table can do without a chicken baked in the oven. Each hostess has its own subtle design tricks for this dish, which allows them to proudly place the chicken dish on the very center of the festive table. And this is despite the fact that chicken is the most budget meat. It is much cheaper than pork or beef. However, not only is not inferior to them in utility, but also vice versa, in terms of the supply of useful substances and positive effects on the organism, the chicken exceeds other types of meat.

Chicken in sour-milk sauce, chicken in mustard sauce, in wine and much more. A variety of sauces and marinades allows each time to give chicken meat a new taste. This time we will consider the peculiarity of chicken meat with honey. Agree, quite an original combination of meat with such a sweet product like honey.

Talk about the usefulness of honey can be infinite. Its beneficial properties are used to the full in folk medicine, and now the time has come to actively apply such an essential ingredient as honey in cooking.

Chicken with honey - food preparation

Chicken with honey is the most worthy decoration of a festive feast. Honey gives chicken meat an unusual sweetish taste, and also contributes to the formation of a ruddy crust, which is so beloved by millions of chicken lovers. When cooking this royal dish, you can use both a whole chicken and thighs, wings. You can cook the dish in the oven, but if you do not want to waste time on cooking, you can safely immerse the meat with the necessary ingredients in the multicooker bowl.

Chicken with honey recipes

Recipe 1: Chicken with honey in the oven

Perhaps the simplest dish that can be cooked is chicken in the oven. It is enough to rub the meat with your favorite spices, and for an hour to hold the chicken in the oven. We offer the recipe immediately with a side dish, so that the hostesses wouldn’t exactly wrestle with what to do with this excellent honey meat.

Ingredients Required:

• chicken - 1 - 15 kg;

• potatoes - 500 g;

• soy sauce - 2 tbsp.

• honey - 2 tbsp. • spices to taste.


A well-washed chicken can be cut either in the center of the breast or left intact. Rub meat with seasoning, you can use special kits for chicken meat, and you can try the classic set - salt with black pepper, take the salt slightly, pinch, in the future we will use soy sauce.

Mix soy sauce and honey in a bowl. Ingredients must form a single consistency. Formed mixture thoroughly rub the chicken, both outside and inside.

The chicken is ready and can be laid on a baking sheet.

Cooking potatoes. We clean, cut into the necessary bars. In a vessel of salt, pepper, add a little vegetable oil. Spread the potatoes around the meat and place the pan in the oven. Periodically, you can reach the chicken, and pour the steamed juice with a spoon over the potatoes.

Recipe 2: Chicken with Honey and Mustard

The combination of mustard and honey, that is, hot and sweet, gives the dish a rich taste and just intoxicating aroma. Nobody will refuse such a dish!

Ingredients Required:

• chicken wings - 700 g;

• mustard - 1 tbsp. L .;

• honey - 2 tbsp.

• garlic - 2 tooth .;

• vegetable oil - 2 tbsp. L .;

• soy sauce - 1 tbsp.


1. Wash the chicken wings. Please note this can be any other chicken meat.

2. In a vessel, mix mustard, soy sauce, honey, vegetable oil. The resulting texture carefully rubbed pieces of meat. You can put in the fridge for an hour.

3. Next, the meat is laid out on a heat-resistant dish, immersed in an oven for 60-90 minutes.

Recipe 3: Chicken with honey and apples in a slow cooker

Ingredients Required:

• chicken - 700 g;

• apples - 3 pcs .;

• honey - 3 tbsp .;

• carrots - 1 pc .;

• mustard - 1 tbsp. L .;

• olive oil - 50 l;

• greenery;

• garlic - 1 tooth .;

• apple juice - 50 ml .;

• olives - 50 g;

• onions - 2 pcs.


First you need to cook meat. If it is frozen, then defrost well, cut into portions. Next, prepare the sauce. To do this, mix the mustard with honey, olive oil, add salt, chopped garlic and onions. Mix the mixture with meat and leave for 40 minutes. In a separate vessel, mix greens, olives and apple juice. The apple is cut into half rings, having previously cleared the core. Put the ingredients in the bowl. The bottom is laid with apples, which we pour a consistency of apple juice and greens. Next, put marinated meat and grated carrots. Set the slow cooker in the “Baking” mode, and, moreover, only for 25 minutes. Then we mix everything and again on the same mode for another 30 minutes.

Recipe 4: Chicken Stewed with Honey

Perhaps this recipe deserves attention. An interesting set of ingredients, apple, adjika, honey, which will significantly enrich the taste of meat.

Ingredients Required:

• chicken - 700 g;

• orange - 1 pc .;

• mustard - 1 tsp;

• apples - 2 pcs .;

• adjika - 1 tbsp;

• salt;

• honey - 1 tbsp.


Take chicken meat, wings, legs, thighs, at the discretion. Fry them in a pan. We place them in a vessel where the dish will be stewed in the future.

Making the sauce - squeezing the juice from the orange, chopping the apples, adding honey, mustard, adjika and favorite spices. All thoroughly mixed for better impregnation. The resulting mixture pour chicken. You can add 1 cup of water. Put the stew for 50 minutes.

Chicken with honey - secrets and useful tips from the best chefs

Chicken with honey is distinguished by its rich and sweet taste. This wealth allows you to serve meat with any side dish. This may be potatoes, and pasta, and cereals.

If you plan to simmer the meat with honey, then immediately it is better to first boil the chicken, and only then use this meat for stewing. This allows you to preserve the usefulness of meat, as well as gives the dish a juicy and pleasant aroma.

When cooking dishes from chicken meat you can not use exactly that part of the chicken, which is indicated in the recipe for the dish. The recipe can be applied to the whole chicken, and in the preparation of wings and chicken legs. Enjoy your meal!

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