Spinach in a creamy sauce - vitamin charge! Recipes for braised spinach in a creamy sauce with mushrooms, fish, cheese, pasta

Spinach in a creamy sauce - vitamin charge! Recipes for braised spinach in a creamy sauce with mushrooms, fish, cheese, pasta

Spinach is an amazing product that not everyone can cook. In fact, all the dishes from it are simple, uncomplicated and fast, which is important.

Spinach is used to make fillings for pies, soups, casseroles, but especially stewed leaves in a creamy sauce. Let's try?

Spinach in a creamy sauce - general principles of cooking

Best for dishes use fresh spinach, it is the most useful. But in the winter, the frozen product will fit too. The leaflets are washed, sorted, cut, torn by hands or used as a whole before use. Next, stir fry or stew with other ingredients.

What usually put:

• onions, garlic, tomatoes;

• mushrooms;

• meat, fish;

• cheese.

Cream is added at the very end. Sometimes they are mixed with cheese, sour cream, milk, it all depends on the chosen recipe. If you want to make the sauce thicker, then pour flour, lay an egg. Prepare the dish usually in a saucepan or in a cauldron.

Spinach in cream sauce for garnish

The recipe for the most simple spinach in a creamy sauce. It will be an excellent side dish for meat, fish, poultry, it goes well even with boiled potatoes.


• 450 g fresh spinach;

• 80 grams of cream;

• 20 ml of oil;

• 2 cloves of garlic;

• 1 tbsp. l flour;

• 1 large onion;

• nutmeg, salt and pepper.


1. Send oil in a saucepan or in a cauldron. We put on the stove, even warmed up.

2. Cut the onion. Fry for two minutes. Chop the garlic, add to the onion, fry a few more seconds.

3. If spinach leaves are large, then you can cut it. In any case, we sort out, wash, remove all unnecessary. Laying the onions and garlic. Cook all together until the mass is reduced at least three times.

4. In the cream, throw salt, pepper, put a pinch of nutmeg, add a spoonful of wheat flour without a hill. Stir well to dissolve all spices. 5. Fill steamed spinach with cream, stir, cover the dish. Tomim on the minimum fire for about four minutes, this will be enough.

Spinach in a creamy sauce with garlic and cheese

A variant of delicious, flavorful spinach in a creamy sauce with lots of garlic. For the preparation of this dish is best to use a cheese that quickly melts.


• 300 g of fresh spinach leaves;

• a glass of heavy cream about 20%;

• 4 cloves of garlic;

• 80 grams of cheese;

• 30 g creamy oils.


1. Melt the butter in a deep bowl, add chopped garlic. Fry for a few seconds.

2. Next add chopped or torn spinach. It is better not to use whole leaflets in this dish.

3. Cooking spinach with garlic over low heat until the mass has settled.

4. Cream salt, pour into a dish. Now cook the spinach until it is soft. Add spices to your taste.

5. Rub cheese finely, fall asleep in the total mass. You can parts. Stir with a spatula.

6. We wait until all the cheese melts, immediately turn off the fire. Done! We supplement spinach with any dish or use it immediately in this form.

Spinach in a creamy sauce with eggs

You can just add boiled spinach stewed with boiled or fried eggs, they are often served together. But there is an option more interesting, more convenient. This recipe is perfect for diet and proper nutrition, if you use the minimum amount of butter and low-fat cream.


• 350 g of spinach;

• butter;

• 2 eggs;

• 150 ml of cream;

• 100 g onions;

• 2 cloves of garlic.


1. Peeled onions, cut into small cubes. Put in hot oil, fry until golden brown.

2. Add washed, chopped spinach to fried onions, mix, reduce heat and cook for about five minutes. Stir periodically.

3. Squeeze the garlic cloves into the cream or rub, but finely. Pepper, weed. Stir well.

4. Fill the spinach with cream, cook until soft. 5. Beat the eggs with a fork until smooth. You can add to them a little melted or hard cheese, it will be even tastier.

6. As soon as the spinach is soft, pour in the eggs and mix.

7. Keep the dish on the fire for just a minute, remove.

8. Let it sit under the lid for another five minutes so that the eggs are connected to the rest of the ingredients, the sauce thickens. We lay out the dish in the plates, served to the table.

Spinach in a creamy sauce with fish

For this dish you can use any fish fillet. Spinach perfectly combines sea, river, white and red fish. The dish turns out tasty, nourishing, very healthy.


• 300 g of any fish fillet;

• 250-300 g of spinach;

• 200 ml of cream of any fat content;

• one spoonful of flour;

• 1 pinch of pepper;

• 3-4 spoons of oil;

• salt, a clove of garlic.


1. Take the fish fillets without skin, wash, dry with a towel. We cut with a sharp knife a small straw. Seasoning the fish does not need anything, but sprinkle the pieces with a spoonful of flour, stir with your hands.

2. Heat the oil in a skillet. Spread the fish. Fry a couple of minutes. Stir constantly, as the pieces may be burnt due to the flour.

3. Add the washed, chopped leaves of spinach to the fish, mix, cover the stewpan.

4. Leave the dish on the stove, cook on low heat for a few minutes so that the greens sit down.

5. Pour the cream in a bowl, add salt, pepper. Peel garlic clove, squeeze into sauce.

6. Fill the spinach with fish cream sauce. We cover, simmer for a few more minutes, look at the readiness of the fish. When serving, you can sprinkle the dish with grated hard cheese.

Spinach in a creamy sauce with champignons

Mushroom spinach stew in cream sauce. In general, oyster mushrooms, mushrooms, and butter mushrooms can be put into this dish, but champignons are used, as they prepare quickly, do not require pre-boiling, they are among the safest mushrooms.


• 300 g of champignons;

• 300 g of spinach;

• 150 ml of cream;

• 150 g sour cream;

• 2-3 cloves of garlic; • 2 onions;

• oil, salt.


1. Start cooking with mushrooms. Mushrooms are washed, then dump into a colander, let all the water drain. We cut the plates.

2. Pour some oil into the skillet, warm up and lay out the mushrooms. Cooking without a lid for about ten minutes, fire medium, periodically the mushrooms need to be mixed.

3. Clean both onions, cut into thin half rings. If the onion is small, then you can take more. We shift to the mushrooms. Fry for about two minutes.

4. We wash, sort out spinach leaves. We send to fried champignons with onions, immediately mix and cover. The fire diminishes a little. Keep the dish under the lid for about three minutes, you do not need to bring spinach to full softness.

5. Combine sour cream with cream, add chopped garlic to them, salt and mix the sauce well.

6. Fill the mushrooms with spinach cream, stir. After boiling, cook at minimum heat for about five minutes.

Spinach in a creamy sauce with tomatoes (layers)

A variant of a very simple and quick spinach dish that is cooked in layers. It does not require much time or attention.


• 400 g of spinach;

• 2 onions;

• 150 ml of cream;

• 3-4 tomatoes;

• salt, garlic, pepper to taste.


1. We put tomatoes in boiling water, after a minute in cold water, remove the skin, cut the flesh into small pieces.

2. In oil, passively chopped onions. We turn down the fire.

3. We sort out spinach, tear pieces, put on top of onions.

4. Fill with salted cream. You can add any seasoning and spices.

5. Put the prepared tomatoes on top.

6. Cover and simmer the dish under the lid 10-12 minutes after boiling.

Spinach in a creamy sauce with pasta

Italian spinach dish in a creamy sauce. It is usually served with a large pasta, but any other durum wheat pasta will do.


• 400 g of pasta;

• 200 g of spinach;

• 250 g tomatoes;

• 20 g green onions;

• 1 onion; • 300 g of cream;

• 2 cloves of garlic;

• 30-50 g of cheese;

• butter.

You will also need salt, dried thyme, white pepper, you can add other spices.


1. Put the tomatoes in a bowl, pour boiling water for a minute, then rinse with cold water. Remove the skin, cut the tomatoes into cubes.

2. Onion, too, cut, but not large, put in a saucepan, fry in oil, add chopped garlic. Next put the green feathers, stir.

3. Add tomatoes. We evaporate excess water from the pieces, stir it.

4. It's time to add chopped spinach. You can use frozen greens, warm up.

5. Combine cream with different spices and herbs, salt and shake well. Fill the tomatoes with spinach sauce.

6. Remove the fire, simmer a couple of minutes after boiling.

7. Cooking Italian pasta or any other pasta according to package instructions. We spread on plates. Top spinach goes in a creamy sauce and fall asleep all grated cheese.

Spinach in a creamy sauce - tips and tricks

• Spinach does not like long heat treatment, but in sauces this rule is not relevant. Greens can boil, turn the sauce into porridge, and even specially bake with a blender.

• If spinach is frozen, then the amount of water that is in the product must be considered. You may need to pour less cream.

• Spinach is beautifully stored in the refrigerator, if the bundle is wrapped in a wet towel and placed in a container. But do not keep it more than 5-6 days, as the amount of vitamins and other nutrients gradually decreases.

• How much to take spinach? On average, one cup of greens will make 0.3 cups of stewed or fried dish.

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