Chicken Lasagna - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook lasagna with chicken.

Chicken Lasagna - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook lasagna with chicken.

Of the many dishes of Italian cuisine, our hostesses especially liked lasagna. This is not surprising - tasty, simple in execution, it will saturate the family on weekdays and decorate the table on a holiday.

The essence of the dish - layers of dough, shifted stuffing. At the same time they are still watered with sauce, sprinkled with cheese. The variety of this dish is stuffed. It is meat (this is the most traditional version), with chicken and mushrooms, vegetable, mushroom, seafood, sliced ​​sausage, fruit and berry.

Lasagna dough

It is not necessary to be an experienced hostess to make lasagna dough.

To 1.5 cups of flour add chicken eggs (3 pieces), vegetable oil (3 tablespoons), a pinch of salt.

Knead the dough. It should be tight, tight, so that when mixing the flour should be poured.

Cooked dough should "rest". To do this, wrapping food wrap, it is sent to the shelf of the refrigerator for about thirty minutes.

After that roll the tube, cut evenly.

Each piece of dough carefully rolled out. It should be thin.

Lasagna assembly technology

It is almost the same for all types of this dish.

The baking tray on which the lasagna will be baked is lightly covered with vegetable oil.

Spread out some bechamel sauce, on top - a layer of dough.

I spread a layer of filling on the dough, sprinkled with cheese. Mozzarella or parmesan is considered to be the traditional cheese for the dish.

Pour over the sauce and lay the dough again.

Topmost, last layer, smeared with the remnants of the sauce and sprinkled with cheese. Experienced housewives do this: lubricate - finely, sprinkle - thickly. The result is a ruddy top layer.

Bake the lasagna in the oven. Enough 40 minutes at a temperature of 200 degrees.

How bechamel is prepared

Cooking classic lasagna without this sauce is impossible.

It will require: butter (120 g), flour (3 tbsp. Spoons), milk (1 liter), ground nutmeg (slightly, at the tip of a knife).

Lightly fried flour is added to the melted butter.

Milk is poured in a thin stream, stirring constantly.

Add salt, nutmeg.

Do not stop stirring, boil until the sauce thickens.

Classic bechamel ready.

Best Chicken Lasagna Recipes

Recipe 1: Chicken and Champagne Lasagna

Very gentle, literally creamy, taste and extraordinary lightness makes this dish appropriate on weekdays and on the occasion of the holiday.

Ingredients Required:

- one chicken breast,

- vegetable oil (for roasting),

- 0.5 kg of mushrooms (pickled or fresh),

- cream (200 ml).


Remove bones from breast, take meat into fibers and fry them with vegetable oil.

Cut mushrooms, add to breast.

Together, fry for about ten minutes.

Pour in the cream, simmer under the lid for about seven minutes.

Recipe 2: Chicken and Parmesan Lasagna

A surprisingly tender mixture of chicken meat, champignons, cottage cheese with the addition of two types of delicious cheese will make the most everyday dinner festive.

Ingredients Required:

- chicken breast cleared of bones and peels (300 g),

- sliced ​​fresh champignons (1 cup),

- olive oil (1 tbsp.)

- the same amount of flour,

- low-fat cottage cheese (3/4 cup),

- one egg,

- grated mozzarella cheese (one and a half cups),

- clove of garlic,

- grated Parmesan (a quarter cup),

- chopped onions (2 tablespoons),

- Greens (dried parsley, a mixture of Italian herbs).

For this original recipe you will also need a glass of Alfredo sauce.

Here is his recipe.

Cream (450 ml) is brought to a boil, using a medium heat and stirring constantly. Cream for the sauce required thick.

Reducing the heat, add Parmesan (60 g).

Dip butter (30 g).

Continuing to stir, salt and pepper. Peppers use ground black.

The sauce is ready, you can proceed to the preparation of the filling.


Fry chicken, mushrooms, adding garlic and onions.

Sprinkle with flour, pour in sauce.

Bringing to a boil, reduce the heat and leave for five minutes. Cover should not be covered, but always need to stir.

Mix cottage cheese, parmesan, greens, egg.

They fold the lasagna, alternating chicken and mushroom toppings with a mixture of cheese and cottage cheese.

Each layer of dough smeared with sauce, sprinkled with moracella.

Recipe 3: Chicken and Spinach Lasagna

Spinach in this recipe is used to make dough.

Ingredients Required:

- chicken meat (600 g),

- cheese (100 g),

- two onions,

- tomatoes (120 g),

- spinach (250 g),

- wheat flour (250 g),

- three eggs,

- butter (80 g).

Preparation: Spread mashed spinach in flour. To do this, it should be pripupit and wipe.

Add the egg, salt, knead the dough.

Plates of dough, cut into strips 1 cm wide, pre-boiled, salted with water.

Chicken meat is finely chopped, fried with onions.

Flour fried, add tomatoes, salt.

Vliv broth, stew until tender.

Recipe 4. Lasagna with chicken and zucchini

This lasagna is especially tender, thanks to vegetables and cheese sauce.

Ingredients Required:

- chicken breast (250 g),

- one sweet pepper,

- one onion,

- tomatoes (5 pieces),

- zucchini (1 pc.),

- olive oil, pepper, salt,

- soft cheese (250 g),

- greenery,

- cheese sauce.

For the preparation of cheese sauce will need: wheat flour (1 tbsp. Spoon), butter (50 g), grated cheese (3 tbsp. Spoons), milk (500 ml).

Heat the milk, add the flour, fried in oil, cheese, salt.

Over low heat, stirring for about five minutes.


All washed vegetables are cleaned, cut into slices.

Chicken breast boiled, scrolled in a meat grinder.

Soft cheese cut into slices.

When folding lasagna, minced chicken meat is supplemented with vegetables and slices of cheese.

The top layer is closed with tomato slices and poured with cheese sauce.

Chicken Lasagna - secrets and tips from the best chefs

Lasagna dough is not necessary to cook. It is sold in many supermarkets.

Do not forget to specify the method of cooking: soaking or boiling.

When cooking the dough, add vegetable oil. This will protect sheets from sticking.

They should be cooked only until half-ready - the process will end later, in the oven.

Tableware for lasagna should be thick-walled. Otherwise, the dish will burn or be cooked unevenly.

Perfectly fit forms of ceramics, cast iron, heat-resistant glass.

In addition to the classic bechamel sauce, there are a huge number of sauces that are used for lasagna. They can be creamy, tomato, with broth, smoked meats, seasonings, various spices.

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