Azu from beef - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook ase of beef

Azu from beef - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook ase of beef

Beef azu - general principles and methods of cooking

Historically, the Tatar cuisine over the past centuries has undergone many changes. Original at its core, it was enriched with new knowledge and food from its neighbors. The way of life and conditions of this people led to the fact that the exchange of products introduced new recipes of dishes. Tatar cuisine offered its recipes to its neighbors, which were instantly picked up and mastered due to practicality, rationality and accessibility.

Fried meat with a large amount of fat is not typical for the cuisine of this nation, hot dishes are replete with boiled and stewed meat. One of these dishes is an ase from beef. Do not be frightened by its name and distant origin, the present ase is just a stew of beef, horse meat or lamb with the addition of a pickled cucumber. Tatars add potatoes and vegetables, all to taste, optional and always with spices. It is a pity that the words do not convey the taste of the dish, otherwise you would have already rushed to the market for meat, tomatoes and cucumbers in order to cook it just for dinner.

Beef Azu - Food Preparation

To prepare the basics of beef, the meat of the foot or shoulder blade is taken, freed from tendons and films. It is cut across the fibers, then cut into small pieces along. It turns out straws 3-4 cm long and 1 cm thick. As a rule, this dish is practically lean, it is separated from fat, and fried in vegetable oil.

Beef Azu - Cooking

Traditionally, the preparation of Tatar food was associated with cooking or roasting in a cauldron. Azu was also cooked in a cauldron, cast iron or pot. In some places, folk traditions have been preserved to this day, but the technological 21st century has supplanted old inventory, replaced by new teflon pans, cauldrons from alloys, and fireproof glass pots. The technology of cooking is practically unchanged.

Beef Azu - the best recipes

Recipe 1: Azu of beef in pots

This dish is easily perceived by the body, not fat, but quite satisfying. In addition, portion pots will save you from having to use large pots or cauldrons. It is enough to cook a basu of beef in pots once so that this recipe can be permanently registered in your kitchen.

Ingredients: beef (1 kg), pickled cucumbers (2 pcs.), Onions (2 pcs.), Potatoes (3 large tubers), corn oil, other vegetable oil, mayonnaise, spicy ketchup, pepper, salt .

Method of preparation

Cut the beef into small strips, onions in squares. In a pan, mix the vegetable oil, water, salt and ketchup. We spread the meat and stew. Put the meat into the pots, then the cucumbers, cut into small cubes, on top of the potato strips, salt, and pepper. Water is poured on half the contents, on top we lay out mayonnaise and greens. An hour later, delicious pots are ready!

Recipe 2: Azu with Mushrooms and Tomato Sauce

The traditional Tatar azu is prepared practically according to one recipe. Mushrooms are a true Russian addition. The Russian nation consists of avid mushroom pickers, and beef meat goes well with mushrooms, it would be a real crime not to try to add this dietary component to lean beef with pickled cucumbers.

Ingredients: beef (400g), champignons (200g) onion, barbecue sauce (4-5 tbsp.) Vegetable oil, salt, parsley, cilantro, flour.

Method of preparation

Meat and champignons cut into slices, onions into thin half rings. Warm up the pan well with oil, lay out the meat on it. Fry 10 minutes. Sprinkle flour over meat and mix. You can shake the pan well to distribute the flour evenly. Put onion, fry some more and pour over the sauce. Add the mushrooms and salt, cover with a lid and simmer over low heat for another 20 minutes. Mushrooms should give a liquid for the sauce, but if it is not enough, add a little water or broth. A little sweat under the lid, add greens. Hot Tazu Tartar perfectly quench your appetite, it is rich, but not heavy, you can eat it as much as you like, fresh vegetables will be, as you can, by the way.

Recipe 3: Classic Beef Azu with Tomatoes

The dish is designed for passionate meat eaters, who prefer soft beef stew with vegetables heavy roast pork. This is a solid recipe for a large family with traditions, who gathered at the dinner table to chat and eat. Or eat and talk - as you like.

Ingredients: beef (1 kg), ghee (90gr.), Onions (3 pcs.), Tomato mashed potatoes, pickled cucumbers (300 gr.), Potatoes (800 gr.), Pepper, bay leaf , garlic, greens.

Method of preparation

Prepare tomato puree - sauté it for a few minutes. Salt the meat, pepper, fry and add tomato puree with water. Stew under the lid on a quiet fire. Separately, dry the flour and dilute it with broth from stewing meat. Cucumbers cleanse the skin, cut into strips. Fry onion, cut into half rings. Fry the potatoes, add them to the onions, let them stand over low heat for another 10 minutes. All combine with meat, add pepper, bay leaf and simmer another 20 minutes. Five minutes before readiness add chopped tomato slices and chopped garlic. Do not forget to put chopped greens and sour cream on the table. Hot, fragrant, good azu, a real stronghold for a large family.

Beef Azu - useful tips from experienced chefs

- Recipe azau from beef for children or those who need diet food can be facilitated - do not fry the potatoes, but cook it separately until ready and add to the dish 5 minutes before the end of cooking.

- More vegetables - more nutrients. Peel and chop the bell peppers. Send it to stew with meat for another 10 minutes.

- The younger the meat, the less time is required for its preparation. If the dish is prepared from tenderloin veal, the meat can be poured ready sauce immediately after frying, add all the ingredients and boil.

- For cooking beef in pots, you can replace mayonnaise and ketchup with sour cream and tomato juice. Tasty and healthy.

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