Charlotte with apples in the microwave - save time! Simple recipes quick charlottes with apples in the microwave

Charlotte with apples in the microwave - save time! Simple recipes quick charlottes with apples in the microwave

Charlottes - apple batter pies from the batter, in the French style. Simple, tasty, affordable.

Recipes - darkness, prepare quickly. What else do you need to put charlotte in the list of mandatory dishes for beginner housewives?

Oh yes! How not to mention that according to the general belief of a man from such a dessert - without a mind.

Charlotte with apples in the microwave - general principles of cooking

• To cook a charlotte in the microwave, you will need special glassware or ordinary forms of silicone. Porcelain containers of suitable size can also be used. Cookware should be high, as the dough when baking in the microwave rises higher than when you cook it in the oven.

• Apples are better to use sour-sweet varieties with firm, not friable pulp. Fruits are cut into thin slices or medium-sized cubes, after cutting the skin off the fruit, it will not be baked in the microwave oven. Chopped apples are mixed with dough or pour them, spreading the pieces on the bottom of the form.

• Eggs are the unaltered ingredient of any charlotte dough. They are whipped separately, with sugar or with additional ingredients and only then combined with flour. The sugar crystals remaining in the dough can be burnt when baking in the microwave, so it is better to use a mixer for whipping or, better yet, grind the sugar into powder.

• For a classic cake, the dough is made from eggs and flour, but you can also find recipes with kefir, condensed milk or cottage cheese. Such products improve the taste and make the cake more satisfying.

• Glass and porcelain containers are oiled with vegetable oil, silicone forms do not require such preparation. Baking time depends on the power of the microwave. With a power of 600-800 W, the timer is set to 10 minutes; if the power of the microwave is higher, the cake will be ready in five minutes. Externally, it is impossible to determine whether the dough has been baked, so readiness needs to be checked by piercing the cake with a wooden chip. If it stays dry, the dainty is ready. • The surface of the charlotte with apples cooked in the microwave is always pale. To correct this disadvantage, slightly cooled cake is coated with powdered sugar or specially prepared cream.

The classic recipe for apple apple in the microwave


• high-quality wheat flour - 200 gr .;

• four eggs;

• 400 gr. apples;

• full glass of sugar.

Cooking Method:

1. In a large bowl, break the eggs, add sugar. Beat with a mixer, starting at low speed and gradually increasing the speed.

2. When receiving fluffy foam, immediately stop beating and add flour. To prevent the air foam from settling, add flour with a spoon, and each time gently mix it with a spatula from the bottom up. Cannot be whipped!

3. Cut the peeled apples in half, remove the seed boxes and cut the halves into thin slices.

4. Gently place the slices of apples on the bottom of the cooked form, pour them with dough and put in the microwave.

5. If the maximum power of the microwave is 800 W, turn it on for 10 minutes, at a higher one, the charlotte is baked for five minutes.

6. Sprinkle warm, unheated pastries with powdered sugar.

Charlotte with apples in the microwave without sugar with condensed milk


• three medium apples;

• a couple of drops of natural lemon juice;

• 150 gr. baker's white flour;

• two eggs;

• a small pinch of cinnamon;

• teaspoon of baking soda;

• Whole condensed milk - 1 small can.

Cooking Method:

1. Broken eggs in a bowl, bring to homogeneity with a mixer and mix the egg mass with condensed milk.

2. Gradually add, add all the flour, so that it does not get lumped, constantly stir.

3. Add soda, extinguished with a few drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice or table vinegar, and stir well again. You can slightly beat.

4. Mix the diced apples with the cooked dough. Be sure to cut the skin off the fruit - the filling will be baked better and will be more tender.

5. Place the cooked dough in the form and put in the microwave oven, cook on a power of 600-800 W for 10 minutes.

Charlotte with apples in the microwave on caramel


• sweet and sour apples of small size - 3 pcs .;

• two large lemons;

• one full glass of flour;

• drinking water - 50 ml;

• 30 gr. butter;

• eggs - 2 pcs .;

• a glass of refined sugar.

Cooking Method:

1. Take a special glass mold for cooking in a microwave and pour half of the measured sugar into it. Pour in water, mix, put the container in the microwave and turn it on for two minutes. If the sugar does not melt and does not turn into a uniform brown mass, add a couple of minutes of time and watch carefully so that the caramel does not burn.

2. Spread thin sticks of butter evenly over warm caramel. You can also rub the oil with a grater.

3. Top with sliced ​​apples, peeled and cut into medium-sized, thin slices.

4. On top of the fruit, lay out peeled films cut along the lemon wedges.

5. Beat the remaining sugar thoroughly with the eggs, and, gradually introducing the flour, bring to homogeneity.

6. Pour the caramelized apples and lemon with the prepared dough, level and place in the microwave for 10 minutes.

Chocolate charlotte with apples in the microwave


• four eggs;

• five large apples;

• full glass of sugar;

• 70 ml of refined oil;

• factory ripper dough - 0.5 tsp;

• one third teaspoon of vanilla powder;

• a glass of flour;

• three teaspoons of cocoa, without sugar.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut off the peel of apples and remove the core by cutting the fruit in half. Next, cut them into thin plates, and sprinkle with lemon juice so as not to darken.

2. At medium speed, mix well eggs with sugar.

3. To the resulting thick foam, add vegetable oil and re-beat with a mixer.

4. Pour the sifted flour into a separate bowl. Add vanilla mixed with cocoa. Pour the ripper, mix and, in a thin stream, stirring intensively, pour in the sweet egg mixture. Bring the dough to homogeneity using a mixer. 5. Cover the porcelain or fireproof glass container with parchment and apply a thin layer of vegetable oil on the paper.

6. Spread the apples along the bottom in a neat even layer and pour the dough on top. Carefully level the surface.

7. Put the chocolate charlotte in the microwave and bake.

Recipe Charlotte with Apples in the Microwave on Kefir with Sour Cream


• sugar - 150 g;

• six spoons of yogurt 3.2% fat;

• refined sunflower oil - 90 ml;

• teaspoon of soda;

• cinnamon powder - 1/2 tsp .;

• table 9% vinegar;

• nine tablespoons of wheat flour;

• large apple.

For cream:

• four spoons of sour cream;

• sugar - 75 gr.

Cooking Method:

1. Carefully rub eggs with granulated sugar. Pour in cinnamon, pour kefir with vegetable oil, whisk vigorously.

2. Pour all the measured flour and, whipping intensively, prepare a homogeneous spongy dough.

3. In a tablespoon, pour vinegar over soda. Gently stirring the foaming mixture with the tip of the knife, wait until the “hiss” stops and immediately transfer the frothy “cap” to the dough, mix. Let the dough stand for about five minutes while you prepare the apple filling.

4. Cut off the peel of an apple, cut it into small cubes and mix it with dough. Be sure to pre-cut the seed box so that the dense partitions and seeds do not fall into the cake.

5. Once again, stir the dough well, place it in a glass mold about 20 cm in diameter, and place in the microwave.

6. Carefully remove the finished, slightly cooled charlotte from the mold and grease the surface and sides with sour cream and sugar, whipped with sugar.

Cottage Cheese Charlotte with Apples in the Microwave


• 200 gr. fatty cottage cheese;

• 250 gr. Sahara;

• one third of a spoon of soda;

• two large spoons of sour cream;

• a glass of baking flour;

• two spoons of sour cream;

• 150 gr. fresh or frozen currants;

• large apples - 3 pcs.

Cooking Method:

1. Carefully, in order not to damage the yolks, break the eggs. Squirrels drain into one bowl, and separated yolks into another.

2. Mix in a dense foam whip proteins. Then add two thirds of the prepared sugar and whisk again. Sugar is better to add spoons, but not all at once. 3. To the yolks through a sieve, mash the cottage cheese, add the remaining sugar and whisk, using a mixer.

4. Combine both masses in one of the containers, add the flour, sown with soda, and mix thoroughly, but this time not with a mixer, but with a spoon. It should make a homogeneous dough liquid consistency.

5. Slice the peeled apples and peels into thin slices. Pick through fresh currants, separate the tails from the berries, pinch off the nozzles and rinse thoroughly, pat dry. Freshly frozen berries thaw in advance.

6. Shred the apples in a neat layer lay on the bottom of the cooked form, and fill the apple layer with curd.

7. Smooth the surface and in random order, lay currant berries on it.

8. Place the container in the microwave and, depending on the power of your appliance, turn on at the right time.

Charlotte with apples in the microwave - cooking tricks and useful tips

• If there is no experience in baking in the microwave, use an silicone mold with a hole in the center for making apple charlotte. This will help avoid a common problem - not running through the middle of the cake.

• The top of the charlotte with apples baked in the microwave will not have a pale color if you add a little cocoa to the dough.

• If the dessert turned out to be damp, return it to the microwave. Start the maximum power mode for 30 seconds and leave the charlotte for another three minutes, after completion, so that it reaches readiness.

By the way, the version of the charlotte with pears does not get at all the apple dessert!

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