Jellied apple pie - an aroma for the whole house! Recipes of jellied pies with apples on kefir, sour cream, mayonnaise, milk

Jellied apple pie - an aroma for the whole house! Recipes of jellied pies with apples on kefir, sour cream, mayonnaise, milk

Oh, those apples! Why not just cook with them! But especially successful are the jellied pies. Soft, airy, with amazing aroma. The house should smell like pies, especially apples. It's time to bake!

Jellied Apple Pie - General Cooking Principles

The main advantage of jellied pies is a very quick and easy dough. It usually has a liquid consistency, like a mass for fritters. The composition is also similar: eggs, sugar, dairy products. Sometimes other ingredients are added to the dough. You can make a jellied pie on the basis of an ordinary biscuit, you get a familiar charlotte for all.

Apples in the dough can be used any. Even spoiled, sluggish fruit will do. Anything extra can be cut off. It is desirable that the fruit had acidity. Then the cake will be delicious. But if the apples are sweet, they can also be used. For taste, slightly sprinkle with lemon juice or diluted acid, by the way, zest can also be added to the cake. Apples are placed on the bottom of the form under the dough or on top of the bulk. You can lay the filling between the two layers.

Pie with apples on sour cream

Sour cream for this pie with apples is used fat, it is desirable to take a dairy product at least 20%. Then the dough will turn out gentle. Apples any, if the fruit is small, then increase the amount.


• 3 eggs;

• 250 g of sugar;

• 250 g of flour;

• 3 apples;

• 200 g sour cream;

• 1.5 tsp. ripper.


1. The dough for such a jellied pie is prepared relatively quickly. Therefore, we immediately turn on the oven 180 degrees, let it warm up.

2. Break eggs into a bowl. We add sugar to them, but not all. Approximately 2-3 spoons leave for sprinkling apples.

3. Beat the eggs until fluffy foam. You can whip or a mixer, just a few minutes.

4. Add sour cream, stir.

5. Pour the flour and ripper in a sieve, sift and also add to the dough, stir. 6. Cut the apples into slices, but not finely. Each on 6-8 parts, depending on the size.

7. The form is covered with parchment, we necessarily lubricate the paper. Putting apple pieces.

8. Now take the left sugar. It can be mixed with cinnamon. Sprinkle apples.

9. Water the dough.

10. We put in the oven, which was supposed to warm up. Bake until ready for half an hour or a little more.

11. Take out the cake from the oven, give a little get stronger.

12. Turn the apples upside down. Chill, sprinkle with powder, nuts, cinnamon, you can pour honey or leave it just like that.

Jellied Apple Pie with Kefir

The recipe for a wonderful cake with apples, which is prepared on the usual kefir, any fat content of the product. You can take natural yogurt or yogurt, with them, too, everything works great. The oven must be turned on immediately, let the oven heats up to 180.


• two eggs;

• kefir 250 ml;

• three apples;

• 140 grams of sugar;

• 1 tsp. cinnamon;

• 250 grams of flour;

• 50 grams of oil;

• 0.5 tsp. soda;

• a pinch of salt.


1. We weigh the flour. Pour into a bowl, throw salt. We make the deepening.

2. Separately, shake egg whisk and sugar, add kefir with soda.

3. Pour the prepared talker into a bowl of flour. Pour into the recess and immediately stir in a circle with a spoon.

4. Add melted but not hot (can be warm) butter to the dough. If necessary, you can replace the vegetable oil.

5. Peel the apples, cut into slices.

6. We take any form, you can silicone. Lubricate and pour half of the cooked dough into it.

7. Scatter apple slices. We try to lay out as evenly as possible so that in pieces of cake they come across in the same way.

8. Sprinkle fruit cinnamon powder. If you do not like the flavor of this spice, then you can skip it.

9. Water the rest of the dough, send it to the pastry. On average, for half an hour, but we look at the readiness of the crumb.

Jellied Apple Pie with Classic Sponge Dough

Variant of fast and affordable cake, the dough for which is made from eggs with sugar. Everything is very simple, but tasty and tender. Ingredients

• 4-5 apples;

• 140 g of flour;

• 160 g sugar;

• 3-4 eggs (depending on size);

• pinch of vanilla;

• 20 g of oil;

• 30 g breading (white!) Crackers;

• 0.3 tsp. ripper.


1. Lubricate the form of oil, it is better to take a piece of cream, thickly rub the bottom and sides. Sprinkle with crackers. It is better to use white.

2. Apples cut into large pieces, while leaving in a bowl. We do not shift it into the form so that the croutons do not soften ahead of time.

3. For this cake, we prepare the dough in a simplified way; it is not necessary to separate the whites and yolks. Smash the eggs in a bowl, immediately add sugar. Immerse the mixer, whip at maximum rpm for 7-8 minutes.

4. Pour flour, ripper and optionally vanilla. Stir the dough gently so as not to precipitate the foam.

5. Now we put apples into the cooked form.

6. Fill the future cake evenly over the fruit.

7. Sent to the oven, bake until done.

8. You can lay out such a pie on a dish with apples up or a ruddy crust, whatever you like. Eat in the form of heat or cool.

Jellied Apple Pie with Milk

Milky version of the filling dough for a sweet cake. It can be baked in a slow cooker, if the volume of the bowl is at least 5 liters. Otherwise it is better to proportionally reduce the amount of ingredients.


• 0.6-0.7 kilograms of flour;

• 3 eggs;

• 6 spoons of butter;

• 500 ml of milk;

• a pinch of salt;

• 10 g ripper;

• 300 g of sugar;

• vanilla.

For the filling of 2-3 large apples. To process the form a little oil.


1. Add sugar and salt to the eggs, beat the mass until the volume increases at least twice. Quick and easy to do with a mixer.

2. Add milk, stir.

3. Enter the flour. In it we add in advance the ripper and vanilla. Stir the dough and in the process enter the vegetable oil. We don’t add much, just 6 spoons indicated in the recipe.

4. Cut the peeled apples into slices.

5. Form the cake. Pour half of the dough, arrange apple slices. Hiding the fruit pieces. 6. Or immediately pour out all the dough, and the apple pieces are laid on top. We act in any way.

7. Bake until tender. Check the cake with a dry toothpick. We set the temperature in the oven at around 180. If the shape is small and the product turns out to be high, you can lower the temperature a bit so that the crumb inside is well baked.

Jellied apple pie with mayonnaise

Mayonnaise in sweet pastries? Yes Easy! For this jellied pie, you can take mayonnaise of any fat content and the dough will work anyway!


• a glass of flour;

• 4 spoons of mayonnaise;

• a glass of sugar;

• three eggs;

• three apples;

• soda, salt.


1. Lubricate the form, turn on the oven to warm up.

2. We break eggs, we pour sugar and salt, we shake up to foam.

3. We enter mayonnaise, we stir.

4. Fill the dough with flour, put half a teaspoon of soda, throw a pinch of vanilla.

5. Cut the apples into large chunks, spread on the bottom of the prepared molds.

6. Now a layer of jellied dough.

7. Send the cake to baking. Remove from the mold after cooling.

Stuffed apple pie with cottage cheese dough

Variant of jellied pie with apples, but not from batter. Baking turns unusually tender. Fatty curd any. Butter and margarine can be replaced by each other.


• 120 g of cottage cheese;

• 120 g of sugar;

• 120 g butter;

• 220 g of flour;

• salt, a little ripper.


• 5 apples;

• cinnamon.

To fill:

• 150 g sour cream;

• 2 eggs;

• 2 tablespoons of starch;

• 30 g of powder.


1. Butter (margarine) use frozen. We rub it on a grate, mix it with hands with flour, add sugar and rub to a uniform crumb. Add eggs with grated cottage cheese, a pinch of salt and a ripper. Knead dough, remove for a quarter of an hour to cool.

2. We take out the dough, roll out. So that it does not stick, sprinkle with flour. We transfer to the form, we make small sides so that the fill does not leak out.

3. Put the base for 10 minutes in a preheated 200 oven.

4. Mix the sour cream with eggs, sugar and starch until smooth, set aside. 5. Apples need to be peeled, cut into slices.

6. Get the cake out of the oven, put the apples on it.

7. Fill the filling with a mixture of sour cream, eggs with starch, which was prepared earlier. You can add vanilla to the fragrance.

8. We bake the jellied miracle until ready for another 20 minutes. Be sure to cool before cutting and serving, the internal filling should harden.

Stuffed Apple Pie - Tips and Tricks

• If you need to beat the eggs in a dense foam, then we pay special attention to the cleanliness of the bowls and whisk of the mixer. A small drop of fat or oil will not form a strong foam.

• To make the cake rise for sure, turn out to be soft and porous, add baking powder to the dough. Or put a little slaked soda. For apple pie it is better to extinguish the powder with lemon juice.

• If you want to get a fluffy and airy cake, then the proteins should be separated from the yolks, whipped separately with a piece of sugar and mixed into the dough at the very end before pouring into the mold.

• All recipes for apple pies are also suitable for baking products with other fruits and even berries. But supplements should not be soft or too juicy, otherwise the crumb will not be baked and will be raw. Instead of fresh berries and fruits, you can use dried fruits, raisins, candied fruits, it will also be interesting.

• Do not like the kind of cake? You can always fix it! Icing sugar, cinnamon, nuts, colored fudge to help! To make the sprinkles stick, grease the cake with a thin layer of melted honey or any syrup.

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