Ayran: Benefit and Harm

Ayran: Benefit and Harm

Just imagine, Ayran, which today is the favorite fermented milk product of many people, appeared more than fifteen centuries ago. The pioneers of Ayran are Turkic nomads. They, wanting to create a product that not only will be nutritious, but also having a long shelf life, have prepared Ayran on their own.

Airan composition and caloric content

100 grams of ayran contains about 2, 79 grams of carbohydrates, 1, 74 grams of proteins, 1 gram of fat, 8 mg of ascorbic acid. And most importantly: ayran is a rather low-calorie product, the caloric content of 100 grams is less than 30 kcal.

Useful Properties of Ayran

Ayran has the same favorable properties as many other fermented milk products of mixed fermentation. However, the following should be noted:

1. Excellent digestibility of the product, 2. Beneficial effect on the activity of the gastrointestinal tract, 3. Suppression of the putrefactive intestinal microflora, 4. Improvement of the respiratory centers, increased oxygen supply to the lungs, 5. Strengthening the nervous system, 6. Bactericidal properties, 7. Thirst quenching, energizing, 8. Enhancing local and general immunity.

Among other things, Ayran perfectly neutralizes the effects of most food poisoning, helps cleanse the body of unnecessary toxins and pathogenic microflora. Ayran improves the digestion of heavy meat dishes, as well as the effects of heavy meals. Often, ayran is used to relieve hangover syndrome and remove fusel oils from the body.

Ayran is an excellent prevention of osteoporosis. It has been proven by science that calcium is best absorbed by the body along with milk fat, while in airan there is an optimal combination of these components. The best evidence of this is Caucasian old men, who are less susceptible to osteoporosis and have mobile joints and strong bones even at the most respectable age.

Ayran helps to rid and of the adverse effects of sunburn.

Girls prefer to eat airan, because there is a perception that regular use of this fermented milk product makes the complexion white and the skin clean of any kind of rash. Masks from fresh ayran with the addition of ground cucumber pulp are useful for the skin of the face. It is possible to make beautiful, shiny and obedient hair with the help of ayran, simply lubricating it with a drink.

Indispensable Ayran and for weight loss. So, nutritionists recommend arranging fasting days on airan. If you believe the reviews of those who passed them on their own experience, in 3 days you will be able to lose up to 3 kilograms, you will agree, a pretty good result, even if you compare it with the effect of a unloading day on milk or buckwheat. And finally, with freshly prepared Ayran, you can feed even babies, despite the fact that cow's milk at this age is contraindicated. Ayran also contributes to the formation of immunity, as well as the microflora of the child's digestive system.

Ayran: contraindications

Traditionally, at the end of a conversation about the beneficial properties of a product, I would like to add a spoonful of tar and tell about contraindications of ayran.

Ayran can harm people suffering from duodenal ulcers and stomach, gastritis.

In rare cases, individual intolerance of this product is noted, therefore, if you have been given a similar diagnosis, then airan should be avoided.

Improper manufacture and storage (remember that airan should be stored in the refrigerator and preferably no more than days) of the product also increases the likelihood that the drink will not be accepted by your body. And of course, do not forget that a measure is needed in everything.

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