How to store kefir

How to store kefir

Not everyone likes kefir, although its usefulness is a proven fact. Among the other fermented milk products, it stands out for its healing properties. But they are effective only if the kefir is stored correctly. A spoiled product will not only benefit, but also harm health.

Kefir - an indispensable product

This kefir contains a whole complex of vitamins (from A to H and PP), minerals (iron, potassium, iodine, selenium, calcium and others), lactic acid bacteria and amino acids.

The product is easily absorbed by the body. Its beneficial components are rapidly absorbed by the walls of the digestive tract and enter the blood. Probiotics, which are abundant in kefir, have a beneficial effect on the microflora, contribute to the normalization of metabolism and stool.

Therefore, kefir is used for the prevention of diseases of the digestive tract, liver and kidneys. The product promotes the growth of immunity, helps fight chronic fatigue and sleep disorders.

Rules for choosing kefir

Caring for the storage of the product begins at the time of purchase. Choosing kefir, you must:

  • Check the time of its manufacture and shelf life. Real kefir can not be stored longer than seven to ten days. If a longer period is indicated, this means that the product is filled with chemical additives.
  • Get acquainted with the composition. The natural product should contain only milk and kefir starter.
  • Make sure the packaging is not swollen, has no damage. The presence of such shortcomings can not guarantee the quality of kefir. Swollen packaging is a convincing sign of air entering and the development of health hazardous processes.

In quality kefir:

  • there are no foreign and strong odors;
  • white uniform color;
  • homogeneous consistency.

There should be no serum on the surface of the product. If it is present, then such kefir must be discarded.

It is preferable to buy a fermented milk product in a glass or cardboard container. Such packaging is harmless and reliably protects kefir during transportation.

How much is stored closed package of yogurt

All dairy products, including kefir, should be stored in a clean container away from sunlight. The container must be closed so that the product does not absorb foreign odors and does not lose its taste.

Store kefir should be in the refrigerator. In a closed container, it will not lose its usefulness for up to ten days, but on condition that during this time the expiration date indicated on the package does not expire.

The most favorable temperature for storing kefir ranges from zero to three degrees with a plus sign. Therefore, it is desirable to keep it on the shelves located closer to the freezer. Kefir has a feature: if it is made no more than two days ago, it can loosen the stomach. After three days of storage, the product acts fasteningly. The longer kefir is in the refrigerator, the more alcohol and acid components accumulate in it. Lactic acid bacteria is becoming smaller, and kefir is gradually turning into a simple food product.

It can be sent to the freezer, but not more than a week and a half. In thawed form, kefir is not worth drinking. It is better to use it for baking.

Kefir cooked on its own cannot be stored in the refrigerator for more than five days, as it starts to turn sour.

How to store kefir in open package

The unfinished package with kefir must be stored in the refrigerator, but not more than two days. If you do not hide the product and leave it at room temperature, it will turn sour for four or a maximum of six hours.

Spoiled kefir can be bitter, give vinegar or have a sweetish taste.

Proper storage of kefir not only protects it from damage, but also saves nutritional value. Minimal knowledge will help to use this fermented milk product with health benefits.

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