Coffee with milk: good or harm

Coffee with milk: good or harm

True coffee gourmets believe that in order to feel the aroma and taste of coffee you cannot fully add sugar to it, much less milk. However, there are quite a few people who can’t imagine how to drink coffee without milk or cream. Today we will talk about whether they are doing the right thing, whether this drink is useful or, maybe, it is dangerous. By coffee with milk, in this conversation, we will understand not latte or cappuccino, but brewed in a coffee machine or in a Turkish coffee, in which a little milk has been added.

The benefits of coffee with milk

So as not to be skeptical about coffee with milk people, the drink is quite useful. Many may exclaim: “Useful? It also contains caffeine, which washes calcium out of the body! ”We agree, but milk easily compensates for the loss of this substance. Therefore, even older people who are afraid of osteoporosis can safely drink their favorite drink. The above-mentioned caffeine is able to increase the concentration of the hormone serotonin, which is known only as the hormone of happiness, so this drink will help get rid of bad mood and get out of depression. Well, about the toning properties, as well as the fact that the drink improves performance, stimulating the brain, and relieves fatigue, of course, is completely known to all. Due to the low calorie content (about 60 kcal per 100 ml of drink, this is if coffee without adding sugar) girls who are watching their figure can indulge themselves with a couple of cups of coffee with milk a day, without fear that extra ones will be added to the waist centimeters As for the use of coffee with milk in pregnant women, this question still does not have a definite answer. Some doctors say that coffee can provoke a miscarriage, others believe that drinking the drink within reasonable limits does not pose any danger to the fetus.

Coffee with milk: harm

The useful properties of coffee with milk have figured out, but now you should talk about its reverse side. The harmful properties of the drink can manifest itself in the event of excessive consumption, but some still have to drink. So exclude from the diet of coffee with milk should be hypertensive, because coffee is known to increase blood pressure. Coffee and milk drink is contraindicated even in the most minimal portions of people with diseases of the cardiovascular system. Coffee has a stimulating effect, and therefore, you do not need to drink it before bedtime, because it can cause problems with falling asleep. Refuse coffee with milk will have to those who have intolerance to the components. With lactose deficiency, the drink can cause diarrhea. Some nutritionists believe that as a result of mixing milk protein with tannin, a harmful emulsion is formed that adversely affects the liver, therefore, if you have problems with this internal organ, limit coffee consumption. And most importantly - the purine alkaloids that make up the drink, such as caffeine, theobromine and theophylline, with regular use, are addictive, reminiscent of drug and alcohol addiction. At the end of the conversation I would like to inform you that if you like to indulge in a cup of coffee with milk, then this drink will be most useful in the first half, but you should not drink it on an empty stomach . And if you want to get real pleasure from coffee, then choose a real grain coffee, because it will give you a pleasant aroma, characteristic taste and will be characterized by all those useful properties, about which we have spoken so much.

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