Acidophilus: benefit and harm

Acidophilus: benefit and harm

Even children know the benefits of dairy products, the range of such products in modern supermarkets is quite diverse for a wide range of consumers. Yoghurt, kefir, yogurt, acidophilin and many other dairy products are recognized as a popular and useful dairy product. Acidophilus, in turn, is useful for both adults and children due to the participation in its mowing of special bacteria.

Useful fermented milk drink

As early as the beginning of the twentieth century, a particular lactic acid culture was singled out, its participation in the fermentation of cow's milk contributes to the preparation of a dairy product that is unique in its properties. The stick was called acidophilic, and the product obtained with her participation was acidophilus. Laboratory experiments have shown that such a stick interacts much better with the intestinal flora than its predecessors, has a bactericidal property, and suppresses destructive processes of fermentation and rotting. The intestinal microenvironment is greatly improved as a result of the ingestion of this useful stick into it, which is especially important for those who experience discomfort during digestion, having a history of liver disease, colitis. Nutritionists actively recommend the use of dairy products with acidophilic cultures to patients using antibiotics. Against the background of taking such potent drugs, there is a risk of developing dysbacteriosis, digestive disorders. Eating dairy products with acidophilus lactic acid bacillus minimizes this risk.

The composition of acidophilus

Milk drinks based on acidophilus sticks are rich in the content of various vitamins: vitamin A, a number of vitamins of group B, vitamin C, microelements and useful nutrients. A large number of acidophilic drinks contain minerals. Contains acidophilus and rare vitamins, beneficial effects on the work of many systems and organs. In the process of maturation of the drink, milk sugar undergoes fermentation, it becomes absolutely harmless and safe even for people with lactose intolerance.

Acidophilus is not recommended ...

Useful fermented milk product has practically no contraindications, moreover, it is recommended for use even for small children. Health workers only warn against excessive consumption of a drink - more than two liters per day. Such an amount can affect the state of digestion, increase the level of acidity. As a result, there is heartburn, a feeling of heaviness in the stomach. In some rare cases, an allergic reaction to the product, manifested in the form of urticaria, is diagnosed. In this case, eating acidophilus is not recommended in order to avoid complications.

Product caloric content

Dietitians actively recommend their patients the inclusion of acidophilus in the diet. In addition, this drink will restore the intestinal microenvironment that is experiencing stress during the change of eating habits, but the caloric content of this drink will not allow for an increase in body weight. One cup of this product has no more than 80 calories, since doctors do not recommend drinking large amounts of acidophilus, the risk of exceeding the daily dose of calories while consuming acidophilus is reduced to a minimum.

Acidophilus and adolescent nutrition

Adolescence in itself is considered problematic: the habits, character, and behavior of the child change. Hormonal restructuring of the body is reflected in the appearance, first of all, the skin of the face deteriorates: there is acne, inflammatory formations. Cosmetologists along with cosmetic procedures during this period recommend to pay attention to the diet and the state of the intestine. It is recommended to include a sufficient amount of fermented milk products in the diet, and acidophilus in this case will be indispensable. Highlighting particular types of antibiotic bacteria, this product, getting into the intestine, actively fights against pathogens that cause the processes of decay, fermentation, thereby preventing the release of degradation products into the blood. This has a beneficial effect on the skin condition of the adolescent, gradually helps to bring the appearance to normal.

Acidophilus and babies

Pediatricians often face the problem of dysbacteriosis in their young patients, manifested in a disorder of the chair, disorders of the digestive functions. That is why those babies who are artificially fed start to eat fresh dairy products from the age of six months. Acidophilus, which is an effective antimicrobial natural product, will also be useful for babies. Acidophilus for children is usually made sweetened and the shelf life of such a product is strictly limited to three days. After this period, the lactic culture loses its activity, and the drink - its therapeutic and prophylactic properties.

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