E471 Emulsifier: Effect on the Body

E471 Emulsifier: Effect on the Body

The food additive E471, also known as mono-and diglycerides of fatty acids, has been used in the food industry for several decades. Until now, there is no evidence that this emulsifier adversely affects human health. However, certain groups of people should not eat foods that include E471.

What are fatty acid mono-and diglycerides and where are they used?

E471 stabilizer is an extract of vegetable fats and glycerin and looks like a transparent, creamy mass with no color, smell or taste. This filler includes a wide variety of fatty components, making it easily absorbed by the body.

It is worth noting that today E471 is very widely used in the food industry, being a cheaper alternative to vegetable oil and animal fats. The fact is that such a stabilizer increases the shelf life of products and at the same time gives them density, fat content and viscosity. The presence of E471 does not affect the taste of such popular delicacies such as ice cream or yogurt. Artificially derived mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids are used today by many countries of the world. This stabilizer is added not only to dairy products, but also to mayonnaise, margarine, some types of vegetable oils. Plus, the E471 emulsifier has proven itself in various baking varieties, it is used in the manufacture of not only muffins and cakes, but also in the production of crackers, crackers and cookies. Also, the emulsifier E471 can be found on the packaging of various sauces and creams, in chocolates and foods high in fat, as well as in some varieties of baby food.

What is dangerous E471 emulsifier?

Studies of mono-and diglycerides of fatty acids have shown that they are not able to cause special harm to the human body. Unless, of course, to observe moderation in food and not to abuse the products, which include E471 emulsifier. Relatively harmless and does not cause food allergies, it does not have a maximum allowable dosage than many manufacturers use with success today.

Of course, this “eshka” does not have a direct negative impact on the human body, however due to the presence of an emulsifier, the fat content and caloric content of absolutely any food significantly increase. Therefore, people who are overweight, their use is best to give up. In addition, it is proved that mono-and diglycerides of fatty acids inhibit metabolic processes in the body, which leads not only to the formation of fat deposits, but also to disruption of such vital organs as the liver, kidneys and pancreas. Therefore, people who already cannot boast of an ideal endocrine system should refrain from using products with E471. With regard to infants, the mixture with this emulsifier well contribute to weight gain, but also can cause obesity.

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