Carrageenan E407: effect on the body

Carrageenan E407: effect on the body

There are quite a few food additives that allow you to achieve the desired viscosity of products. Among them - the stabilizer E407, which is also known as carrageenan - a natural saccharide, which is obtained by alkaline treatment of algae. This substance is a suspension, which has excellent gelling properties and in our bottom is quite widely used in the food industry.

How is carrageenan useful?

A wonderful natural gelling agent, carrageenan not only increases the viscosity of the products, but also turns them into a homogeneous substance. In addition, E407 is quite a powerful preservative, as it has antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Foods that contain this stabilizer, have a longer shelf life and at the same time retain their taste and commercial appearance. It is also proven that stabilizer E407 can hold liquid and increase the mass of food, which leads to a decrease in their cost. Among the beneficial properties of E407, the ability of this substance to excrete heavy metal salts from the human body should be noted, cleansing the internal organs of all kinds of slags.

Scope of carrageenan

Initially, stabilizer E407 was synthesized as an additive for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. However, over time, the scope of this substance has expanded significantly due to the fact that many countries in the world allowed the use of carrageenans in the food industry. Currently, E407 is added to meat and dairy products, all kinds of canned food and desserts - creams, jellies, cakes and pastries. The additive E407 has also proven itself in the production of chocolate, as it allows the required viscosity and density of this product to be. Plus, carrageenans that are able to clean the body of toxins are often added to children’s and dietary foods today.

E407 stabilizer is also valuable because it helps retain moisture in ready-made foods. For this reason, nowadays it is added not only to various sausages, wieners and sausages, but also to marmalade, marshmallows, all kinds of mousses and marshmallows, which tend to dry out and decrease both in mass and volume.

What is the harm of E407?

It is considered that this food additive is completely safe, as it is made from natural raw materials. In addition, the ability of carrageenans to remove toxins from the body is highly appreciated by both physicians and nutritionists. Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of this substance also did not go unheeded. However, recent scientific studies have shown that carrageenans, due to the content of ethylene oxide, can cause the formation of malignant tumors. It is also proven that in large quantities this harmless food supplement has a very negative effect on the work of the gastrointestinal tract and can provoke an exacerbation of diseases such as an ulcer or gastritis.

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