Chicken with avocado - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty chicken with avocado.

Chicken with avocado - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty chicken with avocado.

Avocado, tasty and healthy, has recently been exotic for us, is increasingly being used by mistresses in salads or sandwiches. Its fruits give a special flavor to festive dishes, they are quite appropriate in the everyday menu.

Chicken with avocado - food preparation

At this stage, many are interested in how to peel avocados. If the fruit is ripe, make it easy.

Take a sharp knife, cut the avocado along. When making this incision, try not to touch the bone.

Roll the two halves of the avocado in the opposite direction. As a result of this action, they are easily separated from one another.

You just have to pry the bone with an avocado with a knife and remove it.

The final stage is peeling. It can be carefully removed by prying the edge of the skin with the tip of a knife.

Remove the pulp of avocado by using a teaspoon.

Avocado Chicken - Best Recipes

Recipe 1: Chicken with Avocado

It is cooked easily and quickly, does not require a special set of products, looks more festive and appetizing on the table.

Ingredients Required:

- chicken fillet (700 g),

- half lime,

- avocado (1 pc.),

- Tomato and onion - also one by one,

- two cloves of garlic,

- basil leaves,

- soy sauce,

- black ground pepper, salt - to taste,

- butter (40 g).


Onions, avocados, garlic peel.

Cut all the vegetables.

Finely chop the garlic and basil.

All the ingredients, folded in a deep bowl, salt and season with pepper.

Preheat oven. The temperature inside bring to 190 degrees.

Prepare chicken fillet: wash, dry with a napkin, divided into two halves.

One side of the fillet repel.

Lightly watering the battered side of the fillet with soy sauce, rub it in.

Leave on for ten minutes so that the chicken absorbs the taste and flavor of the sauce. Housewives practicing the use of soy sauce, know that the time of its impact is only to the benefit of meat, making it more fragrant and tender. So, having the opportunity, it is desirable to extend the “communication” of chicken with sauce.

On the edge of the fillet put a few spoons of prepared vegetables.

Minimize chicken fillet roll. You can fasten them with wooden skewers. Grease the form (preferably with a non-stick coating) with butter.

Put the rolls with vegetables, pour them with soy sauce, sprinkle with pepper.

For full readiness, three quarters of an hour is enough.

When serving, roll out the remaining chopped vegetables.

This recipe is not immutable. If someone does not like soy sauce, it can be replaced with mustard, curry.

Spices and herbs can be any of those that fit chicken meat.

Want more nourishing rolls - add bacon or sausage to vegetables.

Shortly before the readiness, you can cover the surface of chicken rolls with cheese. Having melted, it will decorate them with a ruddy crust, will add another touch of taste.

Recipe 2: Chicken with Avocado and Shrimps

Salad consists of products, each of which is tasty in itself. Combining them into a composition, you will get an unusually appetizing dish that everyone will like. The submission form is quite original.

Ingredients Required:

- a pound of champignons,

- canned shrimp (two cans),

- juice of one lemon,

- white chicken meat (400 g),

- avocado (15-20 pieces),

- one banana,

- lettuce leaves

- spinach,

- mayonnaise,

- salt, pepper, sugar.


Boil the meat, finely chop.

Avocado divided into halves, remove the pulp and sprinkle it with lemon juice. Avocado slices save - these are tins for a future snack!

Cut banana, shrimps, avocado pulp into small pieces. Some shrimp must be left whole - for decoration.

Chop salad, spinach into straws.

Mayonnaise to fill with sugar, salt, pepper.

All chopped ingredients are mixed with mayonnaise.

The resulting mass to fill all the slices of avocado.

Top with greens, put the shrimp.

Recipe 3: Layered salad with chicken and avocado

This dish, with its original decoration, cannot be called anything other than festive! Include it in your arsenal, it is worthy to become your signature salad.

Ingredients Required:

- fried mushrooms (300 g),

- boiled potatoes (5 pcs.),

- boiled chicken breast (300 g),

- avocado (6 pcs.),

- prunes (100 g),

- boiled eggs (5 pcs.),

- hard cheese (150 g),

- mayonnaise.

For the original decoration of the salad must also bake pancakes.

Preparation: Grate potatoes and cheese.

Avocados, eggs, cut chicken meat.

All ingredients are layered, smearing each with mayonnaise. For this dish should use flat dishes.

To decorate the salad will need pancakes. Cut them into strips, twist each in the form of roses.

To diversify this "rose garden", you can tint their beetroot, carrot juice.

After smearing the top of the salad with mayonnaise, decorate with the resulting roses.

Colorful and tasty salad is ready!

Recipe 4: Salad with Avocado Chicken and Mandarin

Delicious, tender, juicy and healthy salad. Mandarin and avocado give it a special touch.

Ingredients Required:

- boiled chicken fillet (400 g),

- two mandarins,

- two celery stalks,

- a small red onion,

- two avocados,

- peeled sunflower seeds (2 tbsp. spoons),

- salad,

- green onions.

In addition, the filling will require: olive oil (half a glass), Dijon mustard (half a teaspoon), sugar (pinch), rice vinegar (3 tbsp.), Pepper, salt.


Chicken fillet cut into pieces.

Lettuce, celery, green and red onions, chop the avocado flesh.

Peeled mandarin divided into segments.

Prepare refueling. All ingredients prepared for her mix, whisk whisk.

All products folded in a deep bowl, mix, pour dressing.

Serving better in portions, sprinkling seeds on the surface.

Chicken with avocado - useful tips from experienced chefs

Avocados used for salads must be ripe. How to determine their degree of maturity? Press lightly - the ripe fruit will give in under the pressure of your fingers.

If you still have unripe fruits, do not worry - this can be easily corrected. Wrap each of them with paper and leave for a couple of days in a warm place.

So that the cut avocado fruit does not darken, waiting for it to be sent to your meal, you should sprinkle it with lemon juice.

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