Valentine's day salads are the best recipes. How to properly and tasty salads for Valentine's Day.

Valentine's day salads are the best recipes. How to properly and tasty salads for Valentine's Day.

Romantic celebration - Valentine's Day! How many lovers of hearts are waiting for this day to share the holiday of all lovers on Earth with their chosen one! It is on this day that girls in love most often hear those cherished words - Marry me ... Only on this day you want to collect all the tender and kind words from all over the world and address them to one person. If it's enough for guys to send a beautiful SMS recognition and congratulations on a romantic holiday to their beloved, then the girl is ready to put much more on the altar. A clever and resourceful girl will not only prepare a surprise for her beloved one, but also think carefully about the menu of a romantic dinner. Who knows, maybe this step will make them a couple closer and more inseparable.

The menu for Valentine's Day should not include everyday recipes, which on a daily basis also had enough time. These should be unique and tender dishes that can fully decorate the evening of lovers. Particular attention should be paid to salads, since it is with their design that you can experiment a little, fantasize and create romantic images.

Since a romantic dinner is planned only for two people, you can use recipes with the entry of exotic, possibly expensive ingredients. For example, seafood salad can be decorated with caviar, having issued a yin-yang symbol, take caviar of different colors. You can also make a delicate salad based on fruit. In general, there is something to think about, and we will offer the most unusual and unique recipes of salads worthy of decorating a romantic evening for lovers.

Valentine's Day Salad Recipes

Recipe 1. Salad Pomegranate Heart for Valentine's Day

The peculiarity of this dish is that the main role here is played by the shape of the salad - the heart. If necessary, the list of ingredients can be easily changed. You can prepare this salad in addition to hot dishes, that is, we are talking about a well-prepared romantic evening with red wine, and not with a glass of juice!

Ingredients Required:

• 300 g - chicken fillet;

• 100 g - walnuts;

• 200 ml - mayonnaise;

• 1 PC. - Garnet;

• 150 g - cheese;

• 100 g - beets;

• 4 things. - an egg.


Boil chicken fillet, beets and eggs. Only meat is boiled separately. After the fillet is cut into cubes, peeled eggs into squares, and the beets are rubbed on a fine grater. Cheese also rub on a fine grater, which will make the salad more airy. Pomegranate pre-disassemble into seeds. So, as mentioned earlier, the salad is made in the form of hearts. For this you can use special molds, and you can manually form a symbol of lovers. Layers of salad: fillet, mayonnaise, eggs, cheese, walnuts, mayonnaise, beets, mayonnaise and pomegranate grains in the final. As you can see, creating a themed salad for a romantic evening is a snap.

Recipe 2. Valentine's Day salad with crab sticks

If someone did not know, crab sticks and avocado juice are natural aphrodisiacs, which is just the way for a case like Valentine's Day. Crab meat with avocado sauce will set lovers on auspicious romantic wave.

Ingredients Required:

• 250 g - crab sticks;

• 1 PC. - avocado;

• 1 pinch of black pepper;

• 1 tsp. - salt;

• 1 PC. - lemon;

• 150 ml - sour cream;

• 1 tsp. - mustard.


To begin with, let the crab sticks gradually defrost at room temperature. Avocados are peeled and diced, and then finely ground in a blender. Then we send sour cream, a bit of black pepper, lemon juice and mustard into the bowl. The salad is placed in special glasses for this kind of dishes. Thawed crab sticks cut into two strips, and then cut into plates. Put the crab sticks in the glasses, and carefully pour the avocado sauce on top.

Delicious and unusually beautiful cocktail salad is ready.

Recipe 3. Valentine's day salad with bacon, apples and avocado

Oddly enough, this recipe also uses such a wonderful ingredient as avocado. Perhaps it is precisely in the evening of all the Lovers that the property of aphrodisiacs of this fruit will be most welcome. The cooking process does not take much time, you can still devote time to preparations for the upcoming celebration of yourself beloved.

Ingredients Required:

• 1 PC. - avocado;

• 2 pcs. - an Apple;

• 250 g - bacon;

• 4 tbsp. l - lemon juice;

• 1 tsp. - sugar;

• 1 pinch of grated nutmeg.


1. A very original cooking apples. We divide the apples into slices, peel the seeds and put them in a saucepan. Here we also add 3 tablespoons of water, pour grated nutmeg and 2 spoons of lemon juice and sugar. Tomim fruit a few minutes.

2. Crushed avocado, dressed with olive oil and lemon juice.

3. Cut the bacon into plates and fry in a hot frying pan, without adding oil.

4. We make a salad, first go apples, then chopped avocado, and roasted bacon on top.

Rest assured, this is such an amazing salad. Your chosen one will be delighted. This is another chance to conquer his heart with his culinary tricks.

Recipe 4. Valentine's day salad with broccoli and nuts

This salad is for those who love broccoli and simply do not want such a significant celebration to pass without his participation. There is a huge amount of broccoli-based salads that deserve to be part of the upcoming romantic evening, but we will offer a light and romantic option - broccoli with nuts. As is known, the main property of the nut is to strengthen the male power, which may be useful on the evening of St. Valentine's Day. Ingredients Required:

• 600 g - broccoli;

• 100 ml - orange juice;

• 3 tbsp. l - soy sauce;

• 100 g - walnuts;

• 3 tbsp. l - olive oil;

• 1 PC. - paprika;

• 100 g - leek;

• 2 tbsp. l - ketchup.


Broccoli is divided into inflorescences, from which the hard part is cut, which must be crushed, and not touch the inflorescences. Wig, better than red, cut into strips. Leek circles. You can begin to roast. First fry broccoli in a pan, send onions in 2 minutes, and a couple of minutes later send walnuts to the pan. Fry broccoli with nuts for a few minutes, then add ketchup, orange juice and soy sauce. Knead the salad and remove from heat. Beautiful salad that can be served with potatoes or rice.

Valentine's day salads - secrets and useful tips from the best chefs

You can create a romantic setting not only with the attributes of the interior, for example, balls, candles, but also with interesting salads that not only allow you to eat, but also easily continue the romantic evening.

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