It is better to refuse melamine tableware

It is better to refuse melamine tableware

Taiwanese experts from Kaohsiung Medical University have discovered the possibility of a negative impact of melamine tableware on human health. According to their new research, melamine can significantly increase the risk of kidney stones in people who regularly use tableware from this material.

The source of harm to dishes made from melamine are chemicals that are part of it. Being under the influence of high temperature, melamine begins to secrete them into the surrounding space, with the result that they fall into the contents of the dishes, and with it into the body.

Two groups of people who were supposed to eat hot soup from dishes of two different types took part in the study: the first group was made of melamine, the second group was made of ceramic. To determine the amount of melamine that got into the participants' organisms, experts took urine samples, first, before eating, and then every 2 hours for half a day after eating.

According to the results of the analysis, the scientists found that in the bodies of people who used melamine dishes, the amount of harmful substances reached an average of 8.35 micrograms, while in the other group of participants the similar indicator was 1.3 micrograms.

According to the authors of the study, melamine tableware represents the highest level of danger in cases when hot dishes are used from it. High temperatures stimulate the release of harmful substances that pollute food, which increases the harm to health. The amount of poisonous components emitted by melamine, according to the researchers, can vary indefinitely and depends both on the brand and on the quality of the dishes.

It is worth noting that the results of earlier studies conducted in different countries indicate the ability of melamine not only to increase the risk of developing kidney stones, but also to cause some types of cancer.

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