Harm to melamine sponge

Harm to melamine sponge

Many housewives sleep and see how to make their lives easier by reducing the time for cleaning the house. Their faithful assistant in resolving this issue is the melamine sponge, which copes well with many tasks. She can wash dishes by quickly and efficiently removing scale, grease and burnt food residue. In addition, melamine sponge copes with rust, can remove various stains, acting on the principle of an eraser, and can even easily absorb dirt. When cleaning it does not drain water, and when you add a little amount of detergent a thick foam is formed. In short, it is very easy and convenient to do cleaning with such a sponge, as evidenced by the numerous reviews of women from different countries of the world.

What is harmful about melamine sponge

True, against the background of dithyrambs against the melamine sponge, today more and more often there are warnings about the advisability of its use in the household. They are based on the fact that such sponges are made of melamine - a substance that is considered very toxic and can cause a wide variety of diseases. However, scientific studies prove the opposite - the melamine sponge can be absolutely harmless, if used correctly, with the observance of certain precautions. From the fact that you take it in hand, nothing terrible will happen, even if you are from birth have a tendency to allergies. For the same reason, the ingress of water from the sponge to the mucous membrane of the eyes or the oral cavity is not capable of causing harm. It is much worse if the melamine particles get inside, which can lead to serious health problems. But, again, this has nothing to do with the toxic properties of melamine, which is not capable of causing poisoning or provoking a headache, an attack of vomiting or diarrhea. True, there is one small nuance that completely negates all the arguments that such a sponge is completely safe. It is connected with the fact that microscopic melamine particles are able to settle in the kidneys, causing the development of urolithiasis. That is, melamine, accumulating in the kidneys, under the influence of acids, forms a rather dense and solid substance, the removal of which from the body is possible only by surgery.

How does this substance can get into the human body when it comes to the usual household sponge? Through dishes and cutlery, if they are washed using this indispensable assistant. The thing is that the melamine sponge tends to rub off, and its microscopic particles settle on any surface, be it a plain plate or a tile in the bathroom. However, if the probability that particles of melamine can get into the body from a ceramic tile or a mirror surface is practically zero, then everything is much more complicated with dishes. It is for this reason that melamine sponge should not be used in the kitchen, otherwise over time you can get serious health problems. However, if your favorite pot is too bloated or a characteristic limescale has appeared inside the kettle, from time to time you can still resort to using a melamine sponge. However, after cleaning, the dishes should be thoroughly rinsed with running water in order to completely prevent particles of melamine from entering the gastrointestinal tract. For the same reason, in no case should the melamine sponge be given to young children who strive to taste any thing. In addition, it should be kept in a place inaccessible to domestic animals, whose body is also able to accumulate melamine in the kidneys.

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