Yoghurt cream: healthy filling or light dessert? Recipes yogurt cream for sweet teeth and those who are on a diet

Yoghurt cream: healthy filling or light dessert? Recipes yogurt cream for sweet teeth and those who are on a diet

Yoghurt is a sweet tooth salvation and a gift to those who follow a weight loss diet. This unique dairy product is very healthy, tasty and contains so few calories that you can eat it every day, without fear of a figure. That is why the appearance of yogurt cakes was enthusiastically perceived by the girls. Still would! You can occasionally indulge yourself with a real cake and not worry about the waist.

The basis of this cake is light yogurt cream. It has a light texture, delicate taste, spicy milky sourness, and also perfectly emphasizes the taste of berries. Raspberries, cherries, strawberries, black currants in duet with yogurt cream gain a deeper flavor. Their union can even become a separate dish! Magic berry-yogurt desserts, especially with a minimal amount of sugar, are another women's joy permitted by many diets.

Yoghurt cream - general principles of preparation

The basis of any yoghurt cream is actually yoghurt, home or industrial, gelatin and cream. Thanks to gelatin, the cream keeps its shape when it hardens and does not spread. Replace animal thickener can unique plant agar-agar - extract of brown and red algae. Agar-agar freezes already at room temperature, does not require pre-soaking, and perfectly gel any liquid product.

Whipped cream gives greater lightness to the yoghurt cream. However, with too much active whipping, the cream may exfoliate, forming a liquid and oily flakes. Therefore, the main rule of whipping cream - vigorously, but in moderation. As soon as the dense “cap” appeared, the mixer can be turned off.

The advantage of yogurt cream over other sweet masses for sandwiching cakes (butter, custard, protein) - not only in low calorie content. Low fat content does not harm the walls of blood vessels. Yogurt, especially homemade, is a truly living product, beneficial to the gastrointestinal tract. Its ability to normalize digestion makes the use of fermented milk product one of the rules of healthy eating.

Yogurt cream “Sea foam”

Delicate air cream can be made from yogurt and cottage cheese. The combination of related dairy products mutually enriches their taste, giving the yogurt depth, and cottage cheese - tenderness. Yoghurt cream for the cake “Sea foam” is the best for biscuits, on its basis you can prepare homemade useful “Kinder Pingvi”.


• a pound of fresh village or high-quality store cottage cheese;

• 40 grams of natural yogurt;

• 20 grams of gelatin;

• half a cup of sugar (you can increase the amount of sugar to taste or use sweetener);

• two-thirds cup of water or juice.

Cooking Method:

Pour gelatin with cold water or juice. Leave for swelling. Domestic gelatin “dissolves” longer - you have to wait at least half an hour. Gelatin of foreign production reveals its properties in literally five minutes.

Make the curd curdle whipped with a mixer. If the curd is granulated, it must first be rubbed through a sieve to make a pasty.

Introduce yogurt into a soft curd mass, rub well, achieving absolute homogeneity.

Pour sugar, grind again. When combined with sugar, the cottage cheese becomes more moist, which makes it easy to turn it into a lush curd cloud using a mixer or blender.

Heat the swollen gelatin on low heat until completely dissolved. It is very important to properly dissolve the gelatin. You must constantly stir the mixture, but do not let it boil. If this happens, the cream will remain liquid: it simply does not freeze in the refrigerator. To achieve the desired effect, novice hostesses should use a water bath - gelatin is guaranteed not to boil. Once the last solids have dissolved, the gelatin solution should be immediately removed from the heat and allowed to cool to room temperature.

Having removed gelatin from a fire or water bath and completely cooled down, you should again take up the sweet curd-yogurt mass. It should be vigorously whipped, while a thin stream of pouring in melted gelatin. As soon as the mass became homogeneous again, stop beating. Send the yogurt cream cake in the fridge. After waiting for the curd-yogurt mass to set, put it on the baked cakes and spread gently on the surface. The pieces of cake remaining after the treat should also be stored in the refrigerator.

From the remnants of the cream, you can prepare a separate delicious dessert. Put the curd-yogurt mass in a portioned vase, beautifully lay out the pieces of juicy fruits or berries to taste, sprinkle with grated or pour with melted chocolate and cool on the shelf of the refrigerator until thick.

Yoghurt cream “Creamy fantasy”

Delicate delicate taste has a cream creamy yogurt cream cake. For its preparation, you can use store-flavored yogurt and juice with the same taste or experiment, mixing different tastes and flavors of yogurt and juice.


• a pound of yogurt;

• 300 grams of heavy cream (at least 30 percent fat);

• three or four tablespoons of powdered sugar;

• 30 grams of gelatin;

• a glass of freshly squeezed or store juice.

Cooking Method:

Gelatin pour juice, set aside for swelling. It is important to understand that the store juice from the bag already contains a lot of sugar. Therefore, the amount of powdered sugar needs to be adjusted.

Mix fat cream with a mixer. It is very important that the cream was designed specifically for whipping (there should be special markings on the packaging of the store product) and be cold. Warm cream can not be whipped: it will remain liquid.

Pour the icing sugar into the creamy mass, mix well.

Melt the gelatin and gently pour it into the yogurt.

Combine whipped cream and yogurt with gelatin. Pour gelatin mixture gently, in a thin stream, and stir constantly.

Collect the cake, sandwiching it with yogurt cream, and send it to a shelf for freezing on the shelf. If the top layer is not high enough, you can layer the cream in several stages.

Yoghurt cream “Summer in the countryside”

More budget option - yoghurt cream for cake "Summer in the village." For its preparation, rather expensive cream is not needed, and instead of drainage, clean drinking water is used. To give the creamy mass the taste and aroma, you need to take a few spoons of syrup from any jam that can be found in the buffet of any hostess.


• 400 grams of natural homemade yoghurt (store fits as well);

• three tablespoons of syrup of cherry, pear, apple or strawberry jam;

• three quarters of a glass of water;

• One and a half tablespoons of gelatin.

Cooking Method:

Let the gelatin swell in warm, but not hot water.

An hour later, send the gelatin on the stove and dissolve on low heat.

Connect syrup with gelatin, without removing from heat. Avoid active boiling gelatin, otherwise the cream does not thicken. To sue

Combine yogurt and cooled gelatin syrup, mix and immediately begin to assemble the cake. Pour the yoghurt cream cake, laid in a form with high boots, and send in the cold. The higher the layer of cream mass, the tastier the result will be.

You can coat the cakes with jam, whipped cream or the same jam from which the syrup is taken.

To decorate the cake, you can put circles of your favorite fruits, berries, candied fruits, nuts on its top, and only then pour them with yogurt cream. When the mass finally hardens, the cake will be decorated with a fruit and berry souffle.

Yoghurt cream “Dessert”

The original yoghurt cream cake “Dessert” includes can be prepared on the basis of yogurt, milk, gelatin and eggs. This option is very good for self-dessert, although it is perfect for decorating biscuit or sand baking.


• a jar of store yogurt or 120-130 grams of homemade;

• five tablespoons of milk;

• four spoons of thick syrup;

• a teaspoon of lemon juice;

• single egg white;

• thirty grams of gelatin.

Method of preparation

Prepare the gelatin: pour water over half an hour and pour a spoonful of water and dissolve on low heat, not allowing to boil. Chill. In the cooled gelatin base enter yogurt and syrup, mix well.

Beat cold protein to a strong elastic consistency, carefully pouring lemon juice.

Spoon spread the protein mass in a container with yogurt, mix gently.

Use cream to decorate baked biscuits or as a separate sweet dessert.

Put the cooked yogurt cream in portioned vases and refrigerate for three hours. When the mass hardens, decorate it with fruits, berries, chocolate, liven up a drop of syrup and serve to the table.

Yogurt cream without gelatin

It is a decent yogurt cream can be prepared without the use of gelatin. You need fatty cream and berries - cherry, black currant, raspberry, blueberry. This option can be used to decorate the cake, but you need to keep in mind: the mass without gelatin is more tender, but the form holds a very short time.


• a glass of fresh or frozen berries;

• half a cup of heavy cream;

• half a cup of natural yogurt;

• three tablespoons of sugar;

Cooking Method:

Berries fall asleep with two spoons of granulated sugar, mix gently and leave for 15-2 minutes.

Beat the cream with the last false sugar until a thick, airy elastic mass is obtained.

Combine whipped cream and yogurt.

Put the resulting yoghurt cream on top of the cake or in a separate ice cream bowl.

Drain the extracted berry juice into a separate dish, decorate the cake with berries or creamy yogurt dessert.

Oriental Prince yoghurt cream

The ideal supplement for any cream is cocoa powder, which goes well with butter and yogurt. Yogurt cream cake "Oriental Prince" has an original taste with a distinct touch of oriental luxury. Use in the formulation of strong drinks - rum, brandy, brandy liqueur - will come a yogurt basis noble shade. Deepen the oriental “character” of the spice cream.


• 400 grams of yogurt; • two tablespoons of cocoa;

• three spoons of powdered sugar;

• dessert or two teaspoons of any strong alcohol;

• a pinch of vanilla or cinnamon (do not use together!).

Cooking Method:

Combine cocoa and icing sugar so that the mixture does not form lumps.

Add cinnamon or vanilla.

In sweet yogurt mix cocoa powder with spices, at the end add brandy (rum, brandy, liqueur).

Mix all the ingredients again.

It is possible to use such a yoghurt cream to soak the layers of the cake, since the mass will not hold the shape without gelatin. A layer of cream can be additionally sprinkled with chocolate or grated or melted in a water bath.

Yogurt Cream - Tricks and Tips & Tricks

  • You shouldn't be fanatical about caloric issues. For the preparation of yogurt cream, it is better to take not all fat-free products, but yogurts of average fat content, for example, 5 percent. It is from them that you can get quite a thick plastic cream. If yogurt is cooked at home, you can use milk with fat content of up to 3.2 percent. But the amount of sugar should be limited.
  • To add the cream of pomp to the cream, you can sift icing sugar, as skillful housewives do with flour. The mass was more airy.
  • The whipping time of yogurt and powdered sugar is about seven minutes. Work at medium speed.
  • To get an excellent thick cream on yogurt, you need to dissolve the gelatin in half of the total cream in a water bath, cool it. Then start beating, gradually adding the remaining cream until a thick, beautiful cream mass is formed.
  • Yoghurt cream can be stored under the film in the refrigerator for about a week. You can use it not only for biscuits. The cream is good in combination with puff, semolina, sand dough.
  • Yoghurt-based cream can not only be turned into a separate dessert dish, but it can also be filled with fruit salads or decorated with ice cream.
  • For coloring the cream, you can use a variety of dyes. The scope for experimentation is unlimited. In addition to chemical dyes, you can use natural dyes: carrot or beet juice.
  • To use agar-agar instead of gelatin, you need to know some of the features of working with this plant product. Agar-agar powder should be diluted only in warm water (gelatin is soaked in cold). Instead of water, you can use warm juice, warm milk or cream. For one teaspoon of agar agar you need to take exactly a glass of warm liquid. Pour powder, you should wait quite a bit - five to ten minutes. Then bring to a boil (unlike gelatin, which is absolutely impossible to boil) and wait until complete dissolution.
  • You can check the correct proportions of agar-agar using a simple test. You need to send a teaspoon of solution into the freezer for literally half a minute. If the liquid is frozen during this time - you can not worry about the cake: the cream will surely harden. If the prepared agar-agar solution remains liquid, you need to dissolve some more of the extract and pour it into the prepared mass.
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