Dietetic cake - a delicacy harmless to the figure. The best recipes for dietetic cakes: jelly, cake without flour, Napoleon

Dietetic cake - a delicacy harmless to the figure. The best recipes for dietetic cakes: jelly, cake without flour, Napoleon

If it seems to you that a beautiful figure and eating sweets in the form of cakes are two incompatible things, then you are mistaken. In fact, there are many recipes for dietetic cakes, and their taste is practically no different from the taste of high-calorie “brothers”.

After all, even an abundance of creams, flour biscuits and chocolate can be made dietary by applying such tricks as replacing prohibited products with legal ones.

Dietetic Cake - General Cooking Principles

So, how to make a favorite treat available even on a diet. It's simple!

• Use whole grain flour or oatmeal to make a sponge cake. If you still take wheat flour, it is recommended to mix it with ground oat flakes in the ratio of one to one.

• Do not put sugar, you can easily replace this product with a sugar substitute, fructose, stevia or honey.

• If the recipe does not clearly indicate the use of egg yolks, take only proteins.

• Choose dairy products (cottage cheese, yogurt, sour cream, cream, etc.) that make up the biscuit or cream, with minimal fat.

• To add sweetness to the cake, use all sorts of low-calorie fruits, dried fruits, berries.

• Instead of milk chocolate bars, take either natural chocolate or 100% cocoa powder. Melt these foods by mixing with a small amount of water.

• Prepare low-calorie creams, for example, on cottage cheese or yogurt.

Dietary cake can be prepared without baking, using the wholegrain shortbread as a base. To give the cake pomp and tenderness, you can add swollen gelatin, fruits crushed to a puree, etc. to any cream you use.

1. Curd diet cake without baking


• 400 grams of cottage cheese;

• 400 grams of sour cream;

• 20 grams of gelatin;

• 100 grams of honey; • bitter chocolate;

• Whole grain cereal biscuits.


1. Mix well the sour cream with cottage cheese. We bring down the mass of a blender.

2. Dissolve gelatin in cold water, add to the cottage cheese mixture.

3. Add honey, mix everything thoroughly again.

4. Put cookies on the bottom of the cake mold in two layers, pour the base with prepared curd mass.

5. Sprinkle the diet cake with chocolate chips, send for 2-3 hours in the fridge.

2. Diet cake "Napoleon"


• 400 grams of low-fat cottage cheese;

• glass of water;

• 130 grams of sweet butter;

• three glasses of flour;

• two eggs;

• 400 grams of sour cream;

• sweetener;

• 1 tsp. vinegar.


1. Mix flour with softened butter.

2. In another container, dilute vinegar in water, drive eggs into this mixture.

3. Mix the flour mixture with the egg, knead the dough.

4. Remove the prepared dough for about an hour in the fridge.

5. At this time, beat the cottage cheese with sour cream, adding to the mass sweetener to taste.

6. Curd cream also sent to the refrigerator.

7. Divide the dough into pieces, roll each into a thin layer.

8. Bake cakes, laid out on a baking sheet covered with oiled parchment.

9. Grease each cake with cottage cheese filling, form a cake.

3. Carrot Diet Cake


• 4 eggs;

• 3 carrots;

• 5 Art. l oat bran;

• 1/2 tsp. baking powder confectionery;

• 300 grams of cottage cheese;

• ground cinnamon;

• citrus peel;

• fructose.


1. Beat 4 proteins with a pinch of salt.

2. Grate peeled carrots on a fine grater.

3. Mix carrots with yolks, ripper, bran and fructose to taste.

4. We mix whipped proteins into carrot mass.

5. Put the prepared dough in the form, bake.

6. Remove the finished big cake from the oven, cool it, chop it thinner.

7. We grease each cake with cottage cheese whipped with fructose.

8. Decorate the finished product with citrus zest, sprinkle with cinnamon.

4. Jelly diet cake with fruit

Ingredients for cream:

• 100 grams of condensed milk;

• 250 grams of sweet butter;

For sponge cake:

• 100 grams of sugar;

• 4 eggs;

• 60 grams of flour.

For impregnation:

• 30 grams of sugar;

• 30 ml of cognac;

• 80 ml of water.

For cream jelly:

• half a kilo of sour cream;

• 25 grams of gelatin;

• 200 grams of sugar.


• 2 packets of fruit jelly;

• 2 Kiwis;

• 60 grams of grape raisin;

• 5 strawberries;

• 40 grams of fresh or canned sweet cherries;

• orange.


1. In a large bowl, mix, and then beat two eggs and a half of sugar into a foam, add half of the flour. Knead the dough for biscuit neat movements from the bottom up.

2. We make a detachable baking mold with parchment paper, pour in the dough, bake at 120 degrees for half an hour. Readiness check toothpick.

3. Similarly, knead and bake the second cake. But we do not take him out of shape.

4. Cakes ready, let's do the impregnation: mix water with sugar and brandy. Bring the mass to a boil, simmer on low heat until sugar is dissolved.

5. Fill gelatin with water, let it swell, and then mix it well.

6. Whip sour cream with sugar and gelatin until smooth.

7. We saturate the cooled cake remaining in the mold, pour the soaked cake in a glass of cream jelly. We remove in the refrigerator.

8. Dissolve one bag of fruit jelly according to the package instructions, cool to room temperature, pour the cake in the fridge over the already set cream jelly.

9. As soon as the fruit layer of the jelly cools, we place the second cake on it, soak it in brandy, pour it with creamy jelly, first melt it a little over low heat.

10. Again, remove the cake in the fridge until the cream layer hardens.

11. Prepare all fruits and berries: wash, peel, chop.

12. Fill the fruit mass with a pre-cooked second bag of jelly. 13. Put the fruit on the cake on top of the frozen cream jelly.

14. Cool the cake in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours, then carefully remove it from the mold.

15. Decorate the sides of the finished diet cake with a cooked butter cream. You can do without this procedure - so the cake will turn out even less high-calorie.

5. Diet cake without flour


• 100 grams of peeled and roasted walnuts;

• 300 grams of applesauce;

• 150 grams of brown sugar;

• rind of one lemon;

• 300 grams of fine oatmeal;

• 20 ml of lemon juice;

• 1 tsp. ripper;

• dark chocolate bar;

• 50 ml of boiling water;

• egg;

• 2 tsp. Sahara.


1. Grind oatmeal, lemon zest and walnuts to flour.

2. Add sugar, freshly made applesauce and lemon juice, knead the dough.

3. Put the mass in a greased form, bake in an oven heated to 170 degrees for about 30 minutes.

4. Cool the cake right in the shape, then carefully remove it.

5. While the cake is getting cold, we put some chocolate into small pieces, pour boiling water over it and, stirring it, drown the mass on low heat.

6. Mix egg yolk with melted chocolate and whip protein with sugar.

7. Add the whipped protein to the chocolate mixture, mix well. We remove the chocolate mousse in a cold place.

8. Cover the finished cake with chilled mousse, remove for a couple of hours again in the fridge.

6. Berry diet cake


• 120 grams of shortbread;

• 220 grams of berry mix (cherry, sweet cherry, currant, strawberry, etc.);

• 350 grams of sour cream;

• 3 tbsp. l Sahara;

• a quarter pack of oil;

• 15 grams of gelatin.


1. By any convenient way, cookies to crumbs.

2. Mix the crumbs with butter so as to obtain a dense mass.

3. We spread the creamy-sandy basis with a layer on the bottom of the form laid with parchment.

4. In a small container, beat the sour cream with sugar, add pre-dissolved gelatin. Stir until smooth. 5. All berries thoroughly washed, removing, if necessary, the leaves and stalks, dry.

6. We shift the berries in the sour cream mass, mix it neatly.

7. We shift the berry mixture to the prepared sand base.

8. Remove the diet cake for a couple of hours in the fridge.

7. Easy diet cake


• 2 glasses of natural yogurt;

• one and a half glasses of oatmeal;

• half a cup of wheat bran;

• 2 egg whites;

• 2 yolks;

• 2 tbsp. l powdered sugar;

• 0.5 tsp. ripper;

• jam.


1. We grind oat flakes in coffee grinders, we mix with bran and a baking powder.

2. Beat whites until soft peaks proteins and caster sugar.

3. Mix yogurt with yolks.

4. Combine all three mixtures together, mix thoroughly until smooth.

5. Pour the mass onto a baking sheet laid with paper, bake in an oven preheated to 180 degrees for 20 minutes.

6. Cool the finished cake and cut it into three parts, grease each cake with jam, jam or any other filling as desired.

Dietetic Cake - Tricks and Tips

• In order not to use a large amount of oil to lubricate the baking pan, use parchment paper or separable molds.

• If you want to give your cake nutty flavor notes, remember that this product is high in calories, so for flavor it is better to put quite a bit.

• To make yoghurt cream, take natural, non-flavored yogurt. Change its taste to the desired by adding ground fruits or berries.

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