Jelly cakes without baking is a light and tender dessert for every taste. Selection of the best recipes for a jelly cake without baking

Jelly cakes without baking is a light and tender dessert for every taste. Selection of the best recipes for a jelly cake without baking

Desserts without baking are very popular today. Cooking is easy, and the result is amazing. In addition, this dessert is suitable even for those with a sweet tooth, who are forced to go on diets.

Jelly cakes without baking - the basic principles of cooking

The basis for the cake without baking can be ready-made cakes, which are sold in any store, or make a cake from cookies. For this, the usual cookies are suitable: “Jubilee”, “K kofe” or with the aroma of baked milk. It is broken and crushed to the state of small crumbs using a conventional rolling pin, or a blender. Then this crumb is combined with soft butter and stirred. The resulting mass is laid out in a form and spread by hand on the bottom, making low bumpers.

Cakes are prepared without baking and without foundation, using only jelly, fruit or berries.

Jelly for cake is prepared on the basis of sour cream, fruit juices, cream or whipped proteins. In one cake, you can use several types of jelly.

Especially tasty and beautiful is the dessert made from fruit and cream jelly.

Recipe 1. Milk jelly cake without baking


granulated sugar - 100 g;

milk - 750 ml;


gelatin - 30 g;

chocolate - 150 g

Method of preparation

1. Gelatin is soaked in cold water in proportions 1: 8, mix and leave to swell for forty minutes.

2. Grind chocolate grated with large holes. Pour the milk into a saucepan and bring to a boil over low heat. Add sugar and chocolate chips. Tomim until they are completely dissolved. We enter the swollen gelatin and keep it on fire until boiling.

3. Pour the mixture into molds and cool. We place before full hardening in the refrigerator. Before serving, dip the form briefly in hot water and turn it over on a plate. Pour fruit syrup.

Recipe 2. Jelly cake without baking with lime flavor


sprig of mint;

200 g of “Jubilee” cookies;

sour cream - half a liter;

bag of jelly “Kiwi”;

lime or lemon;

150 g of cottage cheese;

a bag of vanilla sugar;

100 g butter;

gelatin - bag;

granulated sugar - 120 g

Method of preparation

1. Grind the cookies into a crumb with a blender, or put it in a bag and roll it out with a rolling pin. Combine cookie crumb with soft butter and mix.

2. The bottom of a detachable form is lined with parchment and put into it the dough from the cookies. We distribute it along the bottom, slightly tamping. Sent for half an hour in the fridge.

3. Fill the gelatin with about 100 ml of water, mix and leave for ten minutes to swell. Then put it in a water bath and warm up until gelatin is completely dissolved. Cool

4. Curd mash through a sieve to the jelly consistency turned out homogeneous. Add to it sour cream, white and vanilla sugar. Squeeze juice from lemon or lime. All beat with a mixer to dissolve the sugar. Then pour the gelatin solution into the resulting mass and continue to beat another couple of minutes. Pour on the cake from the biscuit, and send in the refrigerator for another couple of hours.

5. Jelly “Kiwi” is prepared following the recommendations on the package, reducing the amount of water per 100 ml. Cool and pour on the frozen creamy cottage cheese layer. We stand another five hours in the refrigerator. Before serving, decorate the cake with lime slices and mint leaves.

Recipe 3. Unusual jelly cake without baking with strawberries


5 g lemon peel;

a glass of semolina;

100 g of cookies "Jubilee";

liter of milk;

? glasses of sugar;

a small bar of white chocolate;

170 g strawberry jelly;

100 g butter;

half a kilo of strawberries;


ice cream for serving.

Method of preparation

1. Cover the bottom of a rectangular detachable form with parchment, wrap the boards with cling film. Put the cookies on the bottom in a single layer. 2. Pour the semolina into cold milk, add sugar and cook the semolina over low heat with constant stirring so that there are no lumps. As soon as the porridge begins to boil, add lemon zest, vanilla, butter and chocolate. Boil a couple more minutes.

3. Immediately pour the semolina porridge over the cookies and smooth them. Wash the strawberries and lay them on the semolina, gently drowning the berries. Cool completely and refrigerate.

4. Dissolve the jelly in 750 ml of drinking water, let it cool slightly and pour over the strawberries. Leave the dessert in the fridge overnight. Cut into chunks. Serve with ice cream.

Recipe 4. Jelly cake without baking “Juicy orange”



25% sour cream - 600 g;

sugar - 130 g;

Cookies - 250 g;

three oranges;

gelatin - 20 g;

bag of orange jelly.

Method of preparation

1. Pour hot water over gelatin and let it swell for a while.

2. Following the instructions on the package, prepare the jelly and cool.

3. Crumble cookies. Cut off the peel from the oranges. Pulp cut into pieces. Put the cookies and citrus fruits on the bottom of the mold, pour over the jelly and leave in the fridge until it hardens.

4. In a bowl, combine sour cream with vanilla and sugar. Beat with a mixer. Continuing to beat, pour in the cooled gelatin.

5. Pour the sour cream mixture onto the orange jelly and again put in the refrigerator for a couple of hours. Briefly dip the form in hot water and turn the dessert on a plate.

Recipe 5. Dessert jelly cake without baking with peaches and yogurt



a bag of peach jelly;

half a liter of yogurt;

40 g sugar;

a glass of thick cream;

one ? st.l. gelatin;

half a pack of butter;

half a kilo of peaches;

150 g biscuit cookies.

Method of preparation

1. Chop the cookies into a crumb in any way convenient for you. Connect it with melted creamy fat, mix. Put the resulting mass in the form, pre-fastening it with parchment. Spread evenly over the bottom. Set to freeze in the fridge. 2. Wash peaches, peel fruits from thin peels. Cut in half and remove the bones. Pulp cut into pieces. Put in a bowl blender and perebeyte to a puree state.

3. Dissolve gelatin in hot water. Enter half into peach jelly, mix and place it on the biscuit cake. Put about ten minutes in the fridge.

4. In yogurt, add the zest and lemon juice, sugar, the remaining gelatin and whipped cream. Stir. Put the yogurt mass on the peach layer. Put it in the fridge again.

5. Top with beautifully sliced ​​peaches and cover with peach jelly. Soak in the refrigerator for at least another three hours.

Recipe 6. Jelly cake without baking “Confetti”


350 g biscuits;

150 g butter;

80 g white chocolate;

380 g of sugar;

two kiwis;

75 g cocoa powder;

a bag of vanilla sugar;

liter of fat sour cream;

45 g of gelatin;

four jelly ovens of different colors;

two bananas.

Method of preparation

1. Prepare jelly from three bags, following the instructions on the package. Pour into different plates and send to freeze.

2. Grind 250 g of cookies into a crumb with a rolling pin or a blender.

3. Melt the butter over medium heat. Add two spoons of sugar to it and keep on the fire, stirring constantly to prevent the oil from burning. Now add the cocoa and bring the mixture to a boil with constant stirring.

4. Line the bottom of the detachable form with parchment. Pour the mixture of butter, cocoa and sugar into crumb biscuits and mix. Put the resulting mass into the form, and form an even layer, crushing with a spoon. Put in the fridge.

5. Gelatin Pour 300 ml of water, mix and leave to swell.

6. Remove the frozen jelly from the fridge and cut into cubes. The remaining cookies break into pieces of arbitrary shape of medium size.

7. Peel bananas and kiwis. Banana cut into circles. One kiwi chop cubes, leave the second for decoration. 8. Dissolve gelatine in a water bath. Whip sour cream with white and vanilla sugar. Add pieces of biscuits, fruit and jelly cubes to the sour cream. Stir. Enter the warm gelatin and mix gently again.

9. Pour the mixture into the form over the cake. Put in the fridge for an hour.

10. After a couple of hours, pour the surface of the jelly cake, which is prepared from the fourth bag. At the same time reducing the amount of liquid by a third. Soak in the refrigerator for a few more hours and garnish with kiwi slices and white chocolate chips. Use a sharp knife to slide between the mold wall and the cake and remove the sides.

Jelly Cake Without Baking - Tips and Tricks

If you make a cake in several layers, then each new one needs to be poured only after the previous one completely hardens.

Fresh fruit strain better to jelly turned transparent.

As flavors, you can use the juice and zest of citrus or vanilla.

If you do not have a combine or blender to grind cookies, you can use a rolling pin. Put the cookies in a bag and mash with a rolling pin into a crumb.

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