Korean pork ears is a delicacy that will be appreciated by lovers of unusual spicy dishes. How to cook pork ears in Korean: recipes, subtleties

Korean pork ears is a delicacy that will be appreciated by lovers of unusual spicy dishes. How to cook pork ears in Korean: recipes, subtleties

Pork. Perhaps it is pork that is a favorite when choosing meat for many housewives when cooking various dishes. Tenderloin, ribs, ham, backs - hundreds, thousands of recipes from these parts are popular and loved. Experienced housewives do not pass by and indulge in seven dishes from other parts of the pork: tongue, legs, liver, cheek.

But not everyone can boast with the ability to cook another pork dish.

But have you ever tried pork ears? Yes, yes, it is the ears. Not? In vain. It is from them that an excellent original snack is produced, which lovers of spicy dishes will appreciate - pork ears in Korean.

Korean Pork Ears - General Principles

Korean-style pig ears are prepared quite simply: the ears are thoroughly washed, soaked in cold water: the exposure time depends on the size, degree of contamination and the age of the pig and usually takes from 2 to 5-6 hours. Next, the ears, if necessary, scraped with a knife, boil, after pickling, adding a large number of Asian spices and oils.

For marinade usually use standard seasoning for Korean carrots, chili powder, garlic, paprika, coriander, vinegar. You can experiment and bring something new and new to the recipe.

Basically, ready-made pork ears are used as an excellent snack for strong alcoholic or foam beverages. Often this ingredient is added to vegetable salads, hot dishes. For example, a salad of pickled ears, peas, eggs, barrel cucumbers, potatoes turns out so tasty and fragrant that, having tried it once, you will certainly want to cook an unusual appetizer again. And such familiar and favorite hot dishes, like julienne or ordinary pasta casserole, with Korean pig ears will definitely play with new flavoring colors, stimulating the appetite with their original pungent smell.

In addition, pork ears in Korean will be an excellent addition to a side dish of legumes, potatoes, rice.

1. Korean Pork Ears


• a pair of pig ears;

• 2 tbsp. spoons of soy sauce;

• pinch of granulated sugar;

• spice for Korean carrot - 30 g;

• hot pepper - 1 tsp;

• apple vinegar - 30 ml;

• vegetable oil - 80 ml.


1. Ears pour cold water for 60 minutes.

2. We clean the soaked ears. Ears will be cleared faster and easier if a small incision is made with a knife on the thick part. Flush. If there are hairs and bristles on the ears, we remove them, keeping the ears above a small flame.

3. Pure white little ears are placed in a metal container and boil in water for 2 hours (when cooking, you can put 2 donkey leaves and peppercorns).

4. 25 minutes before the end of boiling we add some salt to the water.

5. Ready ears take out and cool.

6. Cut the cooled ears into thin strips.

7. We shift the prepared product into deep dishes, pour in soy sauce, pour in sugar and Korean spice with a small amount of hot pepper.

8. Squeeze the garlic cloves through the press, mix well.

9. Pour apple cider vinegar, mix again, leave for 24 hours.

10. In a day, heat the oil in a frying pan and pour it into a snack, mix well and leave for another 24 hours in the refrigerator.

11. Serve at the table as an independent cold snack.

2. Korean Pork Ears with Vegetables


• coriander powder - 10 g;

• leaf of laurel;

• a pair of onions;

• 3 tbsp. spoons of cooking oil;

• 3 carrots;

• a little hot pepper and fragrant powder;

• fresh parsley - 7 stems;

• 2 pig ears;

• juice of one lemon;

• coarse salt - 20 g;

• 50 ml of soy sauce;

• a few cloves of garlic.


1. Ears are well cleaned, washed, the remaining hairs are burned over a gas burner.

2. Cook the ears in water with Lavrushka and peppercorns a little over an hour.

3. Cooked ears cool.

4. Meanwhile, peel the onions and cut them into strips, fry in oil until golden brown.

5. Carrots are also cleaned, washed, dried, ground on a grater and fried for four minutes with onions. 6. Put the roasted vegetables in a deep cup with the chopped ears and chopped garlic, lemon juice, sauce and ground peppers.

7. All mix well, leave for 8 hours.

8. Put the pickled ears with vegetables on a portion plate, decorate with parsley leaves.

3. Korean Pork Ears for Salads


• 4 pig ears;

• carrots - 2 pcs .;

• some cooking oil;

• half a cup of sesame oil;

• hot pepper powder - 30 g;

• ground paprika - a pack floor;

• salt - 35 g;

• pinch of granulated sugar;

• acetic acid 70% - 30 ml;

• ground coriander - 20 g;

• a few cloves of garlic;

• at the tip of the knife monosodium glutamate;

• Fresh cilantro - 1 bunch.


1. Boil clean ears in water for 2 hours.

2. While the ears are boiling, chop the cleaned carrots grated for Korean carrots, add some salt, pour in the vinegar and mix.

3. Pour red pepper, paprika in a frying pan with hot oil, stir and heat over low heat. When foam appears, turn off the heat and cool.

4. Boiled cooled ears cut into strips and mix them in a deep bowl with carrots and chopped garlic.

5. Add sugar, coriander to the ears, add a little vinegar, mix thoroughly.

6. Pour in the oil with pepper and paprika, as well as sesame oil.

7. Pour some glutamate and chopped cilantro greens, mix and leave for half a day to infuse.

8. Serve on the table, laid out in a salad bowl.

4. Pork ears in Korean in a hurry


• a pair of pig ears;

• 30 ml of vegetable oil and the same amount of soy sauce;

• salt - 20 g;

• dried garlic in powder, coriander - 1 teaspoon each;

• black pepper fragrant powder - 10 g;

• juice from half a lemon;

• seasoning for Korean carrots - half a pack.


1. Well cleaned and washed ears boil 2 hours.

2. Cut boiled, cooled ears into thin strips, put into a deep bowl.

3. Pour Korean seasoning, dried garlic and allspice in powder, squeeze juice from half a lemon (instead of juice, you can take apple or wine vinegar), pour in the sauce, stir and leave for 2 hours. 4. Heat the oil in a skillet and fill the ears with it, mix well.

5. We spread in a portion dish, put parsley and feathers of green onions on top.

5. Korean Pork Ears with Spices


• pork ears - 5 pcs .;

• hot pepper, coriander powder, cloves dry - 20 g each;

• allspice - 5 peas;

• 2 laurel leaves;

• 120 ml cooking oil;

• 30 ml of vinegar 9%;

• 20 ml of soy sauce;

• pinch of granulated sugar;

• seasoning - 20 g;

• a few cloves of garlic.


1. Put the clean pig ears into the pan, cook for 2 hours.

2. 20 minutes before readiness we throw into the pan the leaves of Lavrushka, allspice and cloves.

3. A thin portion of the cooled ears cut into strips.

4. Put the ears in a deep dish, add some sugar, pour in vinegar, seasoning, stir until sugar is completely dissolved.

5. Put garlic, crushed with a knife, in a frying pan with butter, fry a little, remove the garlic, and pour the oil into the ears.

6. Serve in a salad bowl, sprinkle with chopped parsley.

6. Korean Pork Ears Fried with Carrots


• 3 pig ears;

• 3 large carrots;

• onion head;

• 2 laurel leaves;

• 1 tsp. Bitter and allspice;

• allspice - 6 peas;

• coriander - 20 g;

• some cooking oil;

• Vinegar 9% - 3 tsp.

• a few cloves of garlic;

• 3 tbsp. spoons of soy sauce;

• Korean seasoning - a pack floor.


1. Put the cleaned and washed ears into a saucepan with water along with bay leaves and peppercorns, cook for a little over an hour.

2. We rub the carrot on a Korean grater, cut the onion into thin straws.

3. Put the carrot, onion and boiled ears, cut into strips, on a frying pan with butter and fry for 1 minute over high heat.

4. Shift to another deep dish, add seasoning, coriander, chopped garlic, add some salt, pour in soy sauce, vinegar and put in the fridge for a few hours.

5. Serve on the table in a salad bowl as a snack for beer.

7. Korean Pork Ears with Cabbage


• 200-250 grams of pork ear;

• half a head of red cabbage;

• pinch of dry coriander;

• laurel leaf;

• a teaspoon of turmeric;

• half a teaspoon of sesame;

• Bulgarian pepper;

• large onion;

• 120 ml of sunflower oil;

• 3-4 tsp. vinegar;

• 3 cloves of garlic;

• salt and spices;

• carrot.


1. Boil prepared ear, after chopping with a thin strip.

2. Peppers, onions and carrots peeled and chopped. Pepper thin straws, onion half rings, carrots three on a Korean grater.

3. Chop cabbage finely, put it in a large bowl and press it with your hands.

4. Pour into the cabbage previously cooked vegetables and garlic passed through the garlic press. We mix.

5. Add pork ears.

6. Cooking marinade: mix butter with vinegar and all spices in a scoop. We warm the mixture on low heat for 40-50 seconds.

7. Fill the marinade with vegetables and ears, mix well.

8. Insist pig ears for half an hour, serve, sprinkled with sesame.

Korean Pork Ears - Tips

• The most convenient way is to scrape the bristles with a special knife for cleaning vegetables. Some prefer to clean the stubble with a regular new razor.

• If you are worried that your ears are not sufficiently cleaned, simply hold them over the flame.

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