We change the usual snacks, try the arrows of garlic in Korean. Diversify lenten menu with Korean garlic arrows

We change the usual snacks, try the arrows of garlic in Korean. Diversify lenten menu with Korean garlic arrows

Garlic shoots, only at first glance, not so hot what product. But economical Korean cuisine claims the opposite: thrifty housewives have created many recipes that are similar in taste, but varied in taste. Provided and blanks “for the winter” and salads and simply spicy side dishes for meat and fish dishes.

The content of vitamins in this low-key greenery, which many consider to be simply tops, is a separate topic. Very rich arrows and microelements. Far Eastern healers attributed to these shoots the miraculous properties of aphrodisiacs, it is believed that the dishes from them enhance the healing properties of Ginseng root.

Korean Garlic Arrows - General Cooking Principles

• Korean garlic arrows - a seasonal dish. It is prepared from young shoots, often in everyday life referred to as "pipes". But if garlic arrows harvested for the winter are stale in the freezer, you can make such a dish out of them.

• For fresh shooters, be sure to remove the buds and cut a small piece of the bottom. Then rinse well with water and dry with a towel. Too long "pipes" are cut into sticks, and short ones are left entirely. The size of the sticks must be at least three and no more than ten centimeters. Mature stems must be blanched or allowed in a small amount of oil under the lid until softened. Young enough soft in themselves.

• Korean-style garlic arrows are a spicy pickled dish, and therefore acidic liquids are poured into it. For example, balsamic (wine, table) vinegar or freshly squeezed lemon juice.

• For spiciness, it must be richly flavored with spices. You can pick them up yourself or take advantage of special factories - “For Korean salads” or “For Korean carrots”.

• Salt with a dish of salt or soy sauce at the end of cooking and then brew well. Often the dish is sweetened with sugar or honey. • Arrows of garlic are prepared independently or with additional products. These can be meat, fresh vegetables (onions, carrots, cucumbers) or bows and carrots tangled together with arrows.

• Garlic arrows in Korean are combined with any side dish, it is especially good for them to serve potatoes or boiled rice.

Korean Garlic Arrows with Pork


• 600 gr. garlic stelae;

• 400 gr. fresh pork (pulp);

• three large spoons of non-flavored soy sauce;

• a teaspoon of potato starch;

• seasoning “For Korean salads” - 3-4 pinches;

• two medium onions;

• half tsp. sesame oil.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut the onion in thin half-rings, chop the garlic arrows with chopsticks up to five centimeters long, pork - across the fibers, into thin straws.

2. Lower the meat pieces into the pan in a well-heated oil and fry with minimal heat until cooked.

3. Add the onions, drizzle with sesame oil and continue cooking until the onion half rings become transparent.

4. Dilute soy sauce with 150 ml of water, add seasoning, starch and whisk well.

5. In the skillet with meat, lower the sliced ​​arrows, pour the cooked sauce and, stirring well, simmer on low heat for seven minutes.

Korean Garlic Arrows


• three medium bundles of arrows of garlic (approximately half a kilo);

• one tsp. wine light vinegar;

• garlic;

• 3 leaves of dry lavrushka;

• a couple of pinches of unrefined sugar;

• “Seasoning for carrots and Korean salads” - 1 full spoon.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut chopsticks, about 3 centimeters long, fresh garlic arrows.

2. Pour sunflower oil into the frying pan with a centimeter layer and put on medium heat. When it is well heated, lower the arrows of garlic and fry. They should not fry much, you need to bring only to soften.

3. To the softened pieces of arrows, add sugar, laurel leaves. Pour in wine vinegar and add seasoning to taste. 4. Bring to the desired taste with fine salt, sprinkling it with small pinches and constantly removing the sample.

5. Stew the dish over moderate heat until the sauce of the resulting juice and vinegar thickens. Then turn off the stove and press the garlic into the dish with a press. Mix well and cool.

Korean Garlic Arrows with Cucumber


• a pound of fresh garlic arrows;

• garlic - 3 small teeth;

• onions - half of the average head;

• some very hot pepper pulp;

• a small spoon of vinegar;

• ground coriander - pinch;

• medium ground cucumber;

• fresh cilantro.

Cooking Method:

1. Rinse the not long 10 cm sticks of garlic arrows well and place them on a linen towel.

2. Finely chopped onions and pepper cut into medium-sized slices in a well-heated oil for a minute.

3. Add the sticks of garlic arrows and fry for three minutes. Garlic should not burn and change colors (darken), so it should be mixed as often as possible.

4. After the arrow sticks are soft, put them in a deep plate, add about half a teaspoon of sugar, vinegar and finely wiped garlic. Season the salad with coriander, add some salt if necessary and gently mix in the refrigerator for half an hour.

5. Then add the cucumber (without peel), grated for Korean carrot, add salt and mix again.

Korean Garlic Arrows with Soy Sauce


• garlic steles - 3 bunches;

• one big carrot;

• seasoning “For Korean vegetable dishes” - 1 tbsp. l .;

• light salty soy sauce;

• 5 ml of table vinegar;

• two large leaves of lavrushka;

• high-quality olive oil.

Cooking Method:

1. Rub carrots on the most, as far as possible large, grater, young arrows of garlic cut into sticks 5-6 cm in length.

2. Put the chopped carrots and garlic arrows on the pan, in a centimeter layer of well-heated oil and fry. 3. When they are well softened, add Lavrushka, seasoning “For Korean carrots”, sweeten and pour in vinegar.

4. Stir well and bring to desired salinity by adding soy sauce.

5. Warm the salad over low heat and turn off the stove when the liquid is slightly evaporated.

6. Then add chopped garlic or pressed garlic and mix it thoroughly with the salad.

7. Put the finished salad in glass jars and store in the refrigerator under tightly closed capron lids.

Korean garlic salad with vegetables


• a large bunch of young arrows of garlic;

• two medium carrots;

• onion head;

• juice from 2/3 of lemon;

• two sweet red peppers;

• 50 ml of vegetable (corn, sunflower) oil;

• three cloves of garlic;

• hot pepper “Chile” and seasoning “For Korean salads” - to taste.

Cooking Method:

1. Young arrows do not need heat treatment and cutting into pieces. It is enough to remove only a small, only nascent bud and a small piece from below. But if you took the arrows of medium maturity, then be sure to cut the stem into five-centimeter pieces and put on the blanch for two minutes.

2. After blanching the sticks of garlic “pipe” cool. Add to them a large shabby carrot, onion cut into half-rings, and a medium-sized bell pepper.

3. Season the vegetables with spices, salt and pepper. Add lemon juice and rast. butter. Stir the salad and leave to warm for two hours.

4. Then arrange the salad in banks and refrigerate for a day. Stir the salad several times during this time.

Korean Garlic Arrows - Quick Recipe


• average bunch of young garlic "pipes";

• garlic - 2 slices;

• juice from 1/2 tonkoshkurovy lemon;

• three tablespoons of lean high quality oil;

• onion head;

• carrot - 1 pc. large size;

• a small piece of the pulp of hot chili peppers;

• a mixture of aromatic ground peppers. Cooking Method:

1. At the arrows of garlic, cut the buds, divide into 3-4 cm pieces and fry a little in oil. No need to fry too much, only slightly soften. Therefore, this should be done under a lid, no longer than 10 minutes and with the very minimum heat.

2. After the “pipes” are soft, add the onion, chopped into half rings, mix, and continue to fry for three minutes. Then remove from heat and transfer the contents of the pan to a bowl.

3. Add chopped hot peppers, spice them up with seasonings, selected to taste. Add the pepper mixture, add some lemon juice and squeeze garlic at the very end.

4. Stir and leave to marinate on the table for half an hour, you can and more. When insisting vegetables stir at least four times.

Korean garlic shoots for winter with sesame


• 600 gr. young garlic stalks;

• 55 ml of light soy sauce;

• teaspoon of coriander;

• to taste - hot peppers;

• 75 ml of refined sunflower oil;

• spoon of table vinegar or rice;

• 10 gr. sesame seeds;

• ten pepper peas;

• 8 umbrellas studs.

Cooking Method:

1. Pour all the prepared butter into a deep cauldron and let it warm up well.

2. Pestle finely grind the cloves with coriander and peppercorns. Add the chopped pulp of hot peppers and once again, mash everything well.

3. Then transfer the spices from the mortar to the roasted vegetable fat. Stir, add garlic stalks, chopped into large chopsticks, almost immediately and continue cooking until soft.

4. Sprinkle with soy sauce, sweeten and continue to fry until light olive shade is formed.

5. Then pour in the vinegar to the arrows, sprinkle them with sesame seed, mix and immediately remove from heat.

6. Spread the cooled stalks of garlic in containers, and cover with nylon covers. Put the prepared product on the shelf in the refrigerator or cellar.

Korean Garlic Arrows with Honey


• arrows of garlic - a big bunch;

• six cloves of last year's garlic;

• eight heads of young onions;

• spoon of balsamic vinegar;

• fresh greens of young dill and decorative parsley;

• two tsp. liquid honey, light;

• three large spoons of dark soy vinegar;

• medium-sized pod “Chile”;

• to taste - ground coriander and a mixture of dried herbs.

Cooking Method:

1. Heads of young onions well wash and cut along in half, and the stalks of garlic with small sticks.

2. To make the onions and garlic arrows soft, fry them for a while on lean, refined oil, stirring them systematically.

3. Add honey and soy sauce to vegetables. Season with spices, pour in balsamic vinegar. Salt lightly with soy sauce. Lower the cooking temperature and continue to simmer for 2 minutes.

4. Add crushed garlic, chopped greens. Stir and, removing from the stove, let it brew well.

Korean Garlic Arrows - cooking tricks and helpful tips

• Do not over-garlic arrows in a pan or in hot water, otherwise they will become too soft and turn into porridge.

• To remove bitterness from the pipe, you can soak the arrows for a minute or two in hot water. Then quickly cool under running cold water and dry.

• A sesame seed added to it or an oil change to sesame oil will add an Eastern touch to the dish.

• Frozen jibs may not be thawed, they will quickly thaw in water when blanching or in a pan in oil.

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