Homemade tincture of apples - quickly, useful, affordable, magical! The main methods of cooking homemade tincture of apples

Homemade tincture of apples - quickly, useful, affordable, magical! The main methods of cooking homemade tincture of apples

The story of the appearance of tinctures, without exaggeration, is connected with magic, because the ancient healers were considered sorcerers and magicians - most likely, they were inspired by the idea of ​​preparing medical potions that were made from herbs, roots, leaves and fruits. At first it was water infusions.

Later, with the advent of alcohol began to prepare medicinal tinctures with a longer shelf life.

The peak of the spread of medicinal tinctures fell on the Middle Ages, and their secret recipes, coming out of the walls of the monasteries, gradually changed to such an extent that a new function has grown to their therapeutic purpose - to serve as an element of the feast, to bring fun and pleasure.

During this period, the range of tinctures expanded to such an extent that this category of drinks practically cannot be accurately classified.

In addition to tinctures, for example, liqueurs and balsams are known - alcoholic beverages similar in preparation technology to tinctures.

Appearing in the tenth century on the territory of our country, as a medicine, the technology of tinctures over time began to be used to improve the smell of moonshine.

Continuing to serve as a medicine, the tincture turned into a new, improved alcoholic drink, and the list of ingredients for its preparation expanded significantly - except for herbal ingredients, fruits and berries, honey, were added to the drink.

Homemade apple tincture - basic technological principles

The essence of the process of preparing tinctures consists in the extraction - the dissolution of substances that make up the composition of plant materials, in alcohol, vodka and other strong alcoholic beverages. The higher the degree of an alcoholic beverage, which plays the role of a solvent, the faster and better the color and aroma of the plant components will turn into an alcohol-containing liquid. This is the main essence of the process.

In order to prepare homemade tincture of apples, one should also get acquainted with other methods, which make it possible to speed up the extraction process and significantly improve its quality.

Raw material preparation

Dried herbs, roots, spices, as well as fresh leaves, flowers and fruits are used as plant components. In addition, the ingredients of the tinctures can serve as fruit juices, syrups, fruit extracts - they help to improve the taste, flavor the drink, and with the help of liquid components, water or fruit-based, the strength of the tincture is regulated.

Fruit tinctures, as a rule, are created on the basis of one fruit component, although they are often allowed to be combined with spicy additives. For example, homemade apple cinnamon tincture is a classic compositional combination. There are other examples - apple and rowan, apple and mint. An apple is a fruit that has a neutral taste and aroma; therefore, it is not difficult to choose components for it.

To prepare the tincture, the raw materials must be carefully picked, washed and dried if we are talking about fresh raw materials. The next stage is the grinding of vegetable ingredients. It is important. The smaller the parts, the better and faster all the substances contained in them are extracted into the alcohol base.

Mix juices and syrups thoroughly enough with the alcohol base, and after a few hours, the drink, called alcoholized juice, is ready for use. Alcoholic juices are also instant tinctures, although according to the technology, this type of tinctures is more like mixing (preparing a cocktail), rather than extracting.

Ways to speed up extraction

In addition to the preliminary grinding of plant and fruit raw materials, there are other ways with which you can speed up the process of maturation of the alcohol extract.

Additional mechanical method acceptable at home - mixing or, to use professional language, centrifugal extraction. Ideally suited for this purpose - stationary blender. But it can be used only at the first stage of preparing a homemade tincture of apples. Along the way, a blender will additionally grind apples. But the blender does not close so tightly as to prevent the leakage of aromatic substances and vitamins. Therefore, it is not permissible to keep a drink in it for the whole ripening period, and the constant infusion of tincture from the storage tank into a blender does not contribute to improving the quality of the tincture. But this method can be used if you place a mixture of alcohol and herbal ingredients in a tightly closed jar and stir it periodically by shaking. In addition, a jar of extract can be placed in a pot of water, and speed up the extraction of tincture heated. This method is also used in the industrial production of tinctures.

Duration of infusion - from 7-10 days to 2-6 months. Such periods are due to the density of the extracted raw materials, the method of its processing, the strength of the solvent (alcohol). High concentrations of tincture can be achieved by gradually adding components.

The finished alcoholic extract is subjected to thorough filtration, after which it is diluted with water and juices and brought to the desired strength.

The final touch of any tincture is sweetening. For this, sugar and honey are used. Sometimes for the preparation of homemade tinctures from apples, stevia and fructose are used as sweeteners, so that the infusion can be used by people with diabetes. The amount of sweeteners, in fact, depends on the originator of the particular recipe. But in general, tinctures are bitter, semi-sweet and sweet. That is, sugar in the tincture can not add at all or adjust the amount to taste. In the homemade tincture of apples, sugar is present in any case, as it is in the fruit, from 10 to 20%. That is, the homemade tincture of apples can not be bitter. The ratio of sugar and alcohol in homemade tincture of apples can be adjusted, as the volume of apples and alcohol, and the additional introduction of sweeteners. In addition to the sugar content, tinctures are classified by strength. Typically, the alcohol content in tinctures - 18-25%, for medicinal tinctures and balms, this figure can reach 50% and above.

1. Homemade apple cinnamon tincture, semi-sweet


  • Vodka (40%) 0.7 l
  • Apples, sweet 1 kg
  • Sugar 150 g
  • Cinnamon - 1 stick


Pour the vodka into a jar (2.0 l), add sugar and cinnamon stick. For homemade tincture of apples, it is desirable to choose mature and fragrant fruits. They need to be washed, coreed, damaged and cut into small cubes, or thin plates. Immediately, as you cut, put the pieces in a jar of vodka, preventing them from oxidizing. Cork the jar tightly and keep it on the shelf in one of the kitchen cabinets, not forgetting to shake the contents daily. It is advisable to do this more often, 2-3 times a day. In a month you can taste the drink. If you do not like the flavor, then add a peel to the jar, taken from a new portion of apples, and hold the jar for another month. Add sugar if desired. If the cinnamon flavor is bright enough, remove the cinnamon stick from the jar. When the taste is fully satisfy the requests, skip the contents of the jar through a tight filter. You can squeeze the thick. Pour the tincture back into the jar. Let it stand for 2-3 days so that you can make sure that the filtration was carried out qualitatively. If sediment occurs, repeat filtration. After pouring the finished tincture into the bottle.

2. Homemade tincture of apples and rowan


  • Rowan berries 0.5 kg
  • Sugar 300 g
  • Apples peeled (with skin) 1 kg
  • Alcohol (70%) 0.5 L

Cooking Procedure:

In the enameled bowl, put the washed and sorted berries, “without tails”. Add thinly sliced ​​apples and sugar. Let the fruit mix stand for the juice to stand out. Heat the mass to a temperature of 35-40 ° C and, having transferred it to the jar, pour it with alcohol. Jar immediately close the lid. Heat the tincture for a week, but avoid boiling. After cooling, remove to a dark place. After a week, pass the tincture through the filter, again pour into the jar, and let it stand for another 2-3 days. If sediment appears, remove the tincture carefully, using a plastic or rubber hose, dropping it 2 cm above the sediment and pumping the tincture into another container.

3. Homemade tincture of apples and grapes, sweet


  • Apple-grape cake 1 kg
  • Raisins, red 250 g
  • Vodka 1.0 L


After making juices, there is always cake, which is full of vitamins. This valuable waste can be recycled again by preparing an infusion from it, according to a very simple recipe. Fresh cake from the juicer shift into the jar, immediately fill with vodka and add the washed raisins. All - tincture is ready. After 2-3 weeks, strain it. Bring to taste, add sugar and stir until completely dissolved. Let stand, just in case, another 3-4 days to make sure it is transparent. If a precipitate appears at the bottom, pour the tincture gently into a clean dish.

4. Homemade tincture of apples with oranges for the New Year's mood


  • Apple juice 0.5 l
  • Sugar syrup 150 g
  • Cognac 0.5 L
  • Orange zest (fresh) 100 g
  • Vanilla 3 g

Working order: Heat the clarified apple juice and dissolve the sugar in it. Soak orange peel in cognac for 15-20 days. Strain cognac and combine with sweet juice. Add the vanilla. Shake the jar to mix the juice and brandy well. A day tincture is ready.

5. Homemade tincture of apples and anise, sweet


  • Vodka 0.5 L
  • Apple juice 250 ml
  • Anise (star anise, star) 3 “asterisks”
  • Honey 200 g


Insist vodka for two weeks with the badie. Pour into a jar and add honey with apple juice. Take a drink a day. This tincture can be used for colds, cough.

6. Homemade tincture of apples with mint on honey, strong


  • Apples (Drying) 200 g
  • Kalina 5-6 bunches
  • Mint (fresh) 100 g
  • Honey 200 g
  • Vodka 1.0 L

Preparation Method:

Wash dried apples. Kalina take over, wash, lightly dry, mash with a spoon. Mint chop. Put all components in a jar, close the lid, mix and heat in a water bath. Let it brew for 7-10 days, strain. Use the finished tincture of 50 ml per day - in the cold season and during the flu epidemic - this is an excellent tool to support immunity.

Homemade apple tincture - tips and helpful tips

For making homemade tincture of apples, there is no need to use whole apples. All the most valuable vitamins and minerals, as well as aromatic substances found in apple peel. Therefore, when preparing an apple dish, where the technology provides for the removal of the peel, do not throw it away. Place a jar of alcohol somewhere close at hand, and add fresh apple peel to it each time. When the jar is tightly filled, squeeze out the alcohol, peel off and throw the alcohol back into the jar. When it will exude a rich apple flavor, just add sweet apple juice to it - you will get a new tincture recipe. This alcohol can be added as an odorant to apple dishes, in sweet apple pies, charlottes, pie, apple desserts.

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