Kulich in the oven: recipes for festive baking. Technology, step-by-step cooking, detailed recipes of Easter cakes in the oven

Kulich in the oven: recipes for festive baking. Technology, step-by-step cooking, detailed recipes of Easter cakes in the oven

Kulich is a mandatory attribute of the Easter holiday table. Muffin is not only elegant look, but also a stunning taste.

Of course, if it is prepared according to a proven recipe. Now you can find ideas for bread makers, multicookers, but the most delicious pastry is made in the oven. Let's bake?

Kulich in the oven - the general principles of cooking

• Yeast. In classic recipes, Easter cakes have always been used pressed live yeast. But if you fail to get them, you can take a dry concentrate, reducing the amount of 3-3.5 times. You can navigate according to the instructions on the package, usually is recalculated for flour.

• Flour. White flour is always used. Be sure to sift, soak in heat.

• Fluid. Milk, water, sour cream, kefir, it all depends on the recipe. Since the dough is yeast, all the ingredients are heated to 40 degrees. Sour cream can be simply kept warm.

• Fats. Kulichi cooked in butter. But more often you can find recipes with vegetable oil and even with margarine.

• Frosting. You can cook according to any recipe. Classic - whipped whites with sugar. 2 pcs. 1 cup of powder, 1 spoon of lemon juice. Sprinkle cakes can be confectionery sprinkles or dyed sugar.

Kulich in the oven: a recipe on sour cream

A simple, but very tasty cake in the oven, a recipe for dough on sour cream, also used raw pressed shiver, but you can take 17-20 g of dry yeast.


• 250 g sour cream of 20% fat and above;

• 300 ml of whole milk;

• 60 grams of yeast;

• 4 eggs;

• 200 grams of sugar;

• 120 grams of raisins;

• 120 grams of butter;

• 900-1000 grams of flour;

• 1 tsp. salts;

• vanillin.


1. Rinse the raisins, you can take other dried fruits, leave on a napkin to dry.

2. Heat whole milk, add two spoons of sugar and all the yeast to it. Dissolve, add 4-5 tablespoons of flour to make a talker. Remove to heat for 25-30 minutes. 3. Melt and cool the butter, can be mixed immediately with sour cream. Break eggs into a bowl, add salt and whisk or just shake with a fork.

4. Add sour cream, butter, eggs to a yeast and milk talker, stir. Add flour, add vanilla, raisins or other dried fruits, knead soft, but not liquid dough.

5. Cover, put in a warm place, stand up to a good lift.

6. Divide all the dough en pieces, roll the balls, spread out in prepared molds. It is not necessary that the dough exceed half the volume.

7. Give the cakes to rise. As soon as the edge of the dough and form equals, gently set in the oven. Bake until ready at 180 degrees.

8. Take out, cool, decorate with fondant and colored dragee.

Kulich in the oven: a recipe with cottage cheese and candied fruits

Variant of cottage cheese cake in the oven, the recipe is simple, but pastries turn out unusually tasty and fragrant. Vegetable oil can be completely replaced with butter. From these ingredients you get 2 large cakes or a few small ones.


• 150 grams of cottage cheese;

• 100 ml of whole fat milk;

• 2.5 cups of flour;

• 50 grams of vegetable oil;

• 5 tablespoons of granulated sugar;

• vanilla, salt;

• 70 g candied fruit;

• 1.5 tsp. ripper;

• one egg.


1. Grind the egg with sugar and a pinch of salt to white color and light skins.

2. Separately rub the cottage cheese, add to the egg, stir and pour the milk with butter.

3. Mix the flour and baking powder, add vanilla and candied fruits to them immediately. Or use raisins. Knead the curd dough.

4. In general, the mass does not need to stand, but it is better to leave for 30 minutes so that the flour swells. Mix again, sculpt the ball or several pieces, laid out in molds.

5. We bake immediately. Since the dough is on the ripper, it does not need to fit. Cooking at 170 degrees from 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the size of Easter cakes.

6. Take out, decorate with glaze.

A simple Easter cake: a recipe for milk

Milk for this cake should be used whole with fat content of at least 3.2%. Yeast dough, knead it should be at least 4 hours before cooking. Ingredients

• 500 ml of milk;

• 1 pack of butter;

• 250 grams of granulated sugar;

• 50 grams of raw yeast;

• 1 package of vanilla;

• 4 eggs;

• 1 tsp. fine salt;

• 2 spoons of vegetable oil;

• 130 grams of raisins.


1. Combine the milk with all the yeast, add half a glass of sugar, mix thoroughly and leave to stir for about fifteen minutes.

2. Break eggs into a bowl, beat together with the remaining sugar until light foam, add fine salt, stir.

3. Melt the butter and cool.

4. Combine the milk with the eggs, mix, pour in the cooled oil, re-mix.

5. Add vanillin (you can vanilla sugar), pour flour with raisins, which you need to wash and dry.

6. Knead the dough. At the end, pour in a couple of tablespoons of vegetable oil. Wash the mass until smooth, put in a large bowl or in a saucepan. Cover with a towel.

7. To sustain the dough until a good lift, then mash it with your hands, let it come up again.

8. Arrange in molds, leave for another 35-40 minutes until the cakes rise.

9. Bake in the oven until cooked. The optimum temperature for the dough is 180-1790 degrees.

Chocolate cake in the oven: a recipe with orange zest

Option stunning chocolate cake in the oven. Recipe with orange zest, but if desired, this ingredient can be eliminated or replaced with vanilla, saffron.


• 40 grams of raw yeast;

• 0.25 liters of whole milk;

• 0.5 standard pack of oil;

• 3 eggs;

• slightly incomplete glass of sugar;

• about 5 glasses of flour;

• 6 spoons of cocoa;

• 1 tsp. with a mountain of crushed zest;

• a large handful of raisins or candied fruit.

Frosting for cakes: 150 g of chocolate, 60 g of butter, 2 spoons of sour cream.


1. Beat eggs and sugar, add two pinches of salt, warm whole milk and yeast. Thoroughly dissolve everything, you can let stand for ten minutes.

2. Introduce butter, pre-melted and cooled to body temperature.

3. Mix four cups of flour with cocoa, chopped zest and immediately add the raisins. 4. Knead the dough of the two mixtures. In the process, add plain flour without cocoa.

5. Carefully knead until smooth, send in a warm place for an hour at 3-3.5. During this time, you need at least once to knead the mass that has risen.

6. Spread chocolate dough into molds, leave to rise for about another hour.

7. Bake chocolate cakes in the oven at an average temperature of about 180-190 degrees.

8. Muffle cool well. Then cover with glaze.

9. To make the glaze, melt the chocolate with butter and sour cream in a water bath. You can only cover the cold baking, otherwise the chocolate will flow.

Poppy cake in the oven (recipe for another test in milk)

Poppy cake is unusual, but amazingly tasty and festive! Together with poppy seeds, you can add a little nuts, seeds.


• 2 glasses of whole milk;

• 50 grams of yeast;

• kilogram of sifted flour;

• 7 eggs;

• 200 g of sugar;

• 7 spoons of poppy;

• salt, vanilla;

• 150 g of oil.


1. Heat the milk in a bowl, add sugar and yeast to it. We breed.

2. Separately, beat eggs, add to milk.

3. Melt butter, add dough for Easter cakes to the future. All mix well and put salt for taste, quite an incomplete teaspoon.

4. Combine the poppy with half a kilogram of flour, put vanilla in it, fall asleep in the dough.

5. Stir and add more flour as needed. Knead to elasticity, put the dough for cakes in the heat, wait for the full rise.

6. We crush, give rise again.

7. Divide the poppy dough into pieces, round and send into molds. We place on the baking sheet, waiting for a new rise.

8. We bake flavored Easter cakes in an ordinary oven at 180 degrees. We grease proteinaceous or any other glaze.

Butter cake in the oven: the recipe is old on the dough

Old recipe for kulich in the oven, the dough is prepared sponge method. Easter cakes get a lot, you can reduce the number of products.



• 700 g of flour;

• 100 g of sugar;

• 1 liter of milk;

• 100 grams of yeast.

In the dough: • 5 eggs;

• 3 glasses of sugar;

• 500 g sour cream;

• 300 g raisins;

• vanilla, salt;

• flour;

• 250 grams of margarine / butter.


1. Heat the milk for brewing, add sugar and raw yeast, mix everything well, add flour. It will take about 600-700 grams. It should make a lot, slightly thicker dough for pancakes.

2. Cover, leave for half an hour.

3. Beat the eggs and the rest of the sugar. The sand does not completely dissolve, but you need to dissolve it as much as possible. Add 0.5 tablespoons of salt, stir.

4. Introduce sour cream from the egg, then melted butter, mix.

5. Combine the brew with the rest of the ingredients, stir until smooth.

6. Enter the vanilla, washed raisins and flour, until you get a homogeneous, soft dough.

7. We send it to the heat, do not forget to cover. Withstand up to a good weight rise of about two and a half hours.

8. Next, we dissolve the cakes, remove the molds. Let's wait for a good climb.

9. We bake in the oven, the temperature for cakes is 180 degrees. Decorate the pastry baking.

Kulich in the oven - useful tips and tricks

• The smaller the cake, the higher the temperature should be in the oven. And vice versa. Large muffins are baked for a long time, so the temperature needs to be reduced.

• It is not necessary to put the dough forms close to each other. They should stand on the baking sheet freely, so that the cakes are evenly baked from all sides.

• Optionally bake cakes with only vanilla. There is a mass of interesting spices that will change the taste of the festive baking. The most common: cinnamon saffron, cloves, ginger, lemon and orange zest.

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