Mutton soup - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook lamb soup.

Mutton soup - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook lamb soup.

Lamb soup - general principles and methods of cooking

Russian soups have long been called stews, and only Peter 1 began to call foreign dishes soups, and later almost all stews began to bear this name. Today, there are about 150 types of soups in the world, they can be divided into almost 1000 types, and each of them is prepared by different nations in its variant. Mutton has long been considered an Asian preference, so soups from it are based on Asian roots, although the soup is considered a dish of only sedentary nations. The only exception is, perhaps, the Uzbek shurpa, which, although considered to be soup, is more like a main course. One of the important features of lamb soups is that they are served with lots of greens and spices. Their composition varies by region, but parsley, dill, cilantro and pepper almost always come in.

Lamb Soup - Food Preparation

For cooking lamb soups, besides various vegetables, much attention is paid, of course, to meat. As a rule, it is a bone taken from the scapula, neck and back. She asks for the soup - if you chop it across the bone, the brain fluid enters the broth and makes it more nourishing. Transparent soup broth is obtained from larger pieces. True meat experts advise taking the meat of a female sheep to the soup - it differs from the male in a darker color and less fat. The smell of female ram’s meat is more pleasant.

Lamb Soup - Cooking

Asian soups were cooked in a cauldron or pot, an ordinary enameled saucepan would do for a home kitchen. If you cook a thick soup, it will be more delicious in heavy dishes with thick walls. Sometimes for lamb soup meat is fried separately, for this we need a frying pan, and we can combine these procedures in a large cauldron - first fry the meat, and then finish cooking it in it. Mutton Soup - Best Recipes

Recipe 1: Traditional lamb soup - Shurpa

Probably, there is no more international dish than a real lamb shurpa. This full meal. It is believed that this is the first, combined with the second. Nourishing, tasty, in its origin, nevertheless, is a very Central Asian dish, truly, a pearl of oriental cuisine. Uzbeks also consider shurpu a healing remedy - thanks to a combination of lamb, onions and hot peppers, you can get rid of colds. And some nations do not put red pepper at all, but rather add fruit, which makes it softer. In nature, shurpa is prepared in a cauldron. It is also suitable pot on the fire, and at home a regular saucepan. You need to cook it for a long time, but as a result you will get a rich, rich-flavored soup with a unique spice aroma and garlic.

Ingredients: Lamb (1 kg), carrots (1-2 pieces), potatoes (3 pieces), onions (2 pieces), garlic (2-3 cloves), parsley, cilantro, salt, pepper.

Method of preparation

Cut the meat into portions. Shurpa is cooked in nature in a cauldron from the meat of the hip portion of a young one-year-old lamb. Lamb is by the rules. The main principle - the pieces should be large. However, it is not necessary to bring them to fanaticism and lay whole pieces half a kilo. Fill the meat with cold water about 2/3 on top and bring to a boil. Bulbs put entirely, carefully monitor the foam. Cook for about 1.5 hours. Carrots garlic, cook for another half hour. Next comes the potatoes. It is better to take varieties that are not inclined to boil soft, so that the soup does not turn out to be cloudy. Spices and herbs are placed five minutes before readiness. Nothing complicated, but what a flavor, and most importantly - greens. How are you our shurpa? You can pour on drinking bowls and start the meal.

Recipe 2: Azerbaijani mutton soup (Bozbash)

Bozbash is a dish of Caucasian cuisine. Authorship is almost impossible to define, it is found in many Caucasian and Asian countries, but only the Azerbaijani language has an exact translation of this name “bozba” - “gray head”, perhaps it means just lamb head, from which this soup turns out to be especially tasty. Our recipe is more likely to be called kyufta-bozbash, since meatballs loosely translated from many Turkic languages ​​sound “kyufta”. Ingredients: Lamb with bones, fat tail (30 gr), rice (half a cup), chickpea, cherry plum (1 cup), onions (2 pcs), seasonings (ginger, black pepper, dill, barberry, saffron, potatoes (4 pcs) .

Method of preparation

Diligent hostesses, intending to cook bozbash, soaked lamb peas in advance, in the evening. If you do not distribute time in this way, canned chickpeas from the grocery store are fine. First of all, separate the pulp, but leave it on the bones for a bit. Cooking minced meat - meat with onion - mince and add rice. Bones in the pan, pour water, remove the foam on time. After 40 minutes add chickpeas. Pour boiling water over cherry plum and free from stones. Now the most crucial moment - we are preparing a kufta - in the middle of the meat bun we put a few cherry plum pieces and roll the buns. When our broth becomes nourishing (about one and a half hours of boiling), run the boil into the saucepan. Next comes the potato in small cubes and chopped fat tail. Completes all greens, a lot of greens, part of it is served on the table in a separate plate. Readiness is determined very simply - our buns should float up, 20-30 minutes - the soup is ready. Fill yummy yummy cover with a lid and let stand a little more, then pour into plates. Spices and lamb broth give just a divine smell, and meatballs with cherry plum definitely raise it a notch above other soups.

Recipe 3: Mutton Soup in Pot

If on an ordinary private day you want something original - try the lamb soup in the pots! A simple recipe for a thick vegetable soup, you do not need anything to fry, stew, no foams and difficulties. A simple recipe for a tricky dish, for lamb in pots is nourishing and fragrant, and steamed vegetables in a pot will be, by the way, impossible.


Lamb (500 g), potatoes (50 g), eggplants (250 g), Bulgarian pepper (200 g), carrots (150 g), onions (20 g), salt, pepper, thyme. Method of preparation

Finely cut the onion, put the meat into the pots, top with a little onion, carrots, 3-4 peppercorns, fill with water, close the pots with a lid and send to the oven. We have 30 minutes until the meat is cooked in order to prepare the remaining ingredients. Eggplant cut into cubes, kids cherry cut in half, (regular tomatoes into cubes). Peel and dice.

We take out the pots and complement them in the following order: potatoes, tomatoes, 3 sprigs of thyme, eggplants, pepper, salt. Sent in the oven for another hour at 180 degrees. It turns out fragrant, nourishing, healthy thick soup. Place the eggplants can be used zucchini. It turns out 6 pots of about 400 grams - a real ready-made lunch. And, as always, - greens.

Mutton Soup - tips from experienced chefs

- In order to get white mutton broth, the meat at the beginning of cooking is filled with half the amount of water, after removing the foam, water is added and a small fire is set.

- A very tasty addition to the mutton soup will be garlic croutons, which you can cook yourself

- while the soup is infused, mix small sliced ​​pieces of bread with crushed garlic and send to the oven or microwave for 1-2 minutes, and then add directly to the plate. They will just melt in your mouth.

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