Bozbash - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook Bozbash.

Bozbash - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook Bozbash.

Bozbash - general principles and methods of preparation

The characteristic features of Caucasian cuisine evolved over millennia. Everyone who visited the Caucasus knows that a real food cult prevails there. This is not surprising - the food in the Caucasus is so tasty that it is truly worthy of worship. Original and original dishes have gained great popularity in many countries around the world. Spicy taste, spice, spices and greens - all combined to distinguish many international dishes that were born in the mountains and moved for centuries far beyond the Caucasus. Bozbash - one of these dishes. What is the secret of its popularity? Meat soup made from fat lamb, easy to prepare, perfect for holidays and everyday life.

Very fond of bozbash Caucasian men. No wonder he was considered the main dish of the Caucasian Khans. Ideally, it is prepared from the head of a ram (bozba - a gray head), the required ingredient is lamb peas (nohut, chickpeas, nat). A distinctive, but optional element - chestnuts, they can be replaced by ordinary potatoes. Cooked soup from various parts of lamb or beef - for example, brisket, ribs, front legs, as well as a large number of vegetables. Bozbash has several varieties. According to the season it is divided into summer and winter. By region, it has many varieties - Yerevan, Sisian, Echmiadzin, Shusha New and Shusha Old.

Bozbash - product preparation

The amount of meat and water in different soup recipes is almost the same, the difference lies in the vegetables and fruits used and in the set of herbs. The technological scheme of cooking is almost the same - first boil the meat, then add strong vegetables and spices (basil, tarragon, mint, saffron) to the lamb broth. Boiled and washed mutton can be further fried.

Vegetables can include turnips, tomatoes, sweet peppers, carrots, zucchini, sour plums or cherry plums, apples, eggplants and dried fruits, green beans, depending on the season and region. Kufta is a meatball dish. Despite the fact that lamb is quite fatty meat, it contains 2-3 times less fat than pork. Lamb is chosen today by those who care about their own health, because it is less caloric than pork. Mutton bozbash is cooked easily and quickly, while it is nourishing and very tasty. Bozbash - the best recipes

Recipe 1: Bozbash spicy in Armenian

Having planned bozbash for lunch, do not forget to soak the lamb peas in the evening. Spicy soup is given by bitter pepper pods, which you need to fry completely and add to the pan at the very beginning of cooking.

Ingredients: lamb (500 grams), potatoes (500 grams), chickpeas (100 grams), onions (100 grams), ghee, greens, chilli pepper (100 grams), salt.

Method of preparation

Cut the pieces of lamb into large pieces of 60 - 70 g, then pour in cold water in a saucepan, put the soaked peas and cook for 1-1.5 hours, removing the foam. Cut and pass vegetables (onions and tomatoes), peel and cut potatoes into slices - send everything to the pan. Roast bitter pepper whole, add to the soup with chopped greens and seasonings. Another 20-30 minutes on a quiet fire and - done!

Recipe 2: Beef Bozbash with Young Beans

Bozbash can be a training ground for culinary activities, variations of nutritious dishes depend on the availability of products. Beef with beans and eggplants is something special.

Ingredients: beef pulp (500 g), pods of young beans (250 g), eggplants (2 pieces), onions (3-4 pieces), clarified butter (2 tbsp), hot pepper (2 pcs), tomatoes (6 pcs), potatoes (8 pcs), parsley, cilantro, basil, dill (200 g), salt to taste, black pepper, garlic.

Method of preparation

Chop the meat into pieces weighing 50 grams. Fill with cold water and boil the broth. Lay the pepper, onion in half rings, cook on low heat for 1 hour. Do not forget to remove the foam first. We clean the potatoes, cut into 4 parts and drop into the broth. Ready potatoes can be kneaded directly in the plate. Remove the skin from the tomatoes (scalded them), grind through a sieve. Eggplant cut into pieces, salt and leave in order to remove the bitterness. Fry them in a pan together with peppercorns, sliced ​​pods of green beans, add everything to the soup, bring to a boil, turn off the heat and leave for 20 minutes.

Recipe 3: Kyufta-bozbash

The soup of lamb meatballs or meatballs turns out to be very tender. Cook yufta from meat, cut with stones, rice and beaten egg. Before cooking meatballs, it is desirable to keep the meat in the cold for at least 15 minutes. Stock up in the same cherry plum without stones - when cooking meatballs, purified cherry plum is put inside. Ingredients: mutton with a bone (500-700 grams), 1 egg, cherry plum (20 pcs.), Onions (2 + 2 pcs.), Salt, ground black feather, dry mint, peas (2 tablespoons spoons), potatoes (2-3 pieces, or 16-20 small chestnuts), fat tail (20 grams), saffron (1 tbsp. spoon), basil, tarragon, parsley.

Method of preparation

Separate the flesh from the bones, make the minced meat, cook the broth from the bones. Cooking kufta - combine minced meat with onion minced through a meat grinder, add beaten egg, boiled rice, spices, salt. Keep in the fridge for 15 minutes, and cook meatballs - balls the size of small eggs, in the middle of which is hidden cherry plum without a stone. Separate the ready-made broth with boiled peas from the bones, lay in it kyufta, potatoes, boiled chestnuts, and finely chopped onions. Bring to a boil and cook over medium heat for 7 minutes. Season with toasted fat tail and spices.

Bozbash - useful tips from experienced chefs

- An interesting taste of the soup can be obtained by adding prunes and apples. In this case, add a little tomato to give the bozbash characteristic acidity. In addition, it requires meat and peas, some spices.

- Brocade-bozbash - Azerbaijani warming soup with cherry plum and quince. Fruits, peas, vegetables (onions, carrots, potatoes) and spices (mint, saffron, ginger) - and again you get a completely new soup, very traditional in Azerbaijan. Try it, it is very tasty.

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