Cake with canned cakes - table decoration! Juicy cake cake with canned food and vegetables, cheese, eggs, chopsticks, caviar

Cake with canned cakes - table decoration! Juicy cake cake with canned food and vegetables, cheese, eggs, chopsticks, caviar

Snack cakes are different. Here are very interesting options with canned fish and various other additives. At the exit you get wonderful cakes that delight in taste, juiciness and appetizing look. They will be a wonderful decoration of the table and will surprise the guests.

Cake with canned cakes - general principles of cooking

You can collect cakes from the finished wafer cakes. They are great for this, below there are a couple of such recipes, but still the most delicious layer cake. You can buy ready-made puff cakes in the store or take the dough, roll it and bake it. Below will be described in detail how to do it better so that there are no bubbles and nothing crumbles.

Canned fish is used for the filling. It can be pink, tuna, saury and any other species. It is only important to take fish in its juice or in oil, the product is not suitable in tomato sauce.

What else may be present:

· Cheese;

· Eggs;

· Fresh and canned vegetables;

· crab sticks;

· Caviar

As in any festive salad, sauce is used to lubricate the crust, mostly this favorite mayonnaise. You can dilute it a little with sour cream. Snack cakes are always decorated on top. It is best not to do it immediately, as the products dry up, vegetables and greens will wither. It is best to let the cakes soak and decorate just before serving.

Cake made from Napoleon canned cakes

For this cake will need ready-made puff cakes. They are intended for sweet Napoleon, but do not contain granulated sugar. Cakes sold in the grocery store. For the filling you need a big can of pink salmon.


· 4 puff cakes;

· 2 carrots;

· 3 eggs;

· 2 bulbs;

· Oil and greens;

· 1 can of fish;

· 300 g of mayonnaise;

· 100 grams of cheese.

Method of preparation

1. You need to start cooking with vegetables, as they will take a little time to cool down. Chop the onions, lightly fry, then add the grated carrot to it. Cook over medium heat until softened. Cooling down. 2. Immediately cook the eggs, chop finely, but you can also grate, mix with vegetables.

3. Open the pink salmon, spread in a bowl and carefully rub with a fork with liquid. Shift to vegetables with eggs, stir thoroughly, and then taste. Add salt and other spices at your discretion.

4. Lubricate one cake with mayonnaise, spread the filling on it, the third part should go. Then put one layer cake again and repeat. And again we do the same.

5. We cover with the last cake, just grease it from all sides, remove the cake for at least four hours soak.

6. Get the cake out of the fridge, put a fresh layer of mayonnaise, then sprinkle all sides with fresh chopped greens. A little hand pressed to it stuck. Top sleep with grated cheese. For decoration use whole twigs of greenery. Pieces of egg.

Cake with canned cakes (with pastries)

For this cake will need puff pastry from the store. The peculiarity is to use the product without yeast. Otherwise, the cakes will be very thick, and the cake curves. This option is with eggs and boiled carrots.


· 400 g of dough;

· 2 carrots;

· 1 can of saury;

· 4 eggs;

· 350 g of mayonnaise;

· 1 bunch of green onions;

· Spices to taste;

· 110 grams of cheese.

Method of preparation

1. Put the stewed carrot, it is best to cook the roots in the peel. Eggs are cooked separately. And immediately proceed to the preparation of cake layers. Turn on the oven at 220 degrees.

2. The dough usually has the shape of a rectangle. We roll it out, take a long ruler or a centimeter tape, measure and divide in half first the length and then the width. Cut the rectangle into four pieces by swiping an intersecting cross.

3. Put the dough on the sheets for baking. We pierce all cakes with a fork many times, the number of bubbles will depend on it.

4. We bake cakes for the cake at a high temperature so that they do not crumble. You also do not need to keep them in the oven for too long. As soon as they become a pleasant wheat color, remove and cool well. 5. Make a simple filling: rub the boiled carrots and eggs in a bowl, add chopped green onions and mashed canned food. We rub the third part of the prescription cheese with small chips and spread it too. We fill the filling with mayonnaise, stir and try.

6. Lubricate the cakes, stacking each other, it is important that they cool. Decorate the cake with grated cheese, leave in the fridge so that the puff cakes are soaked.

Cake with canned cakes (with wafer cakes)

For such a cake with canned food you need waffle cakes, they are in almost all grocery stores. For the filling you need cream cheese and potatoes. You can use sausage cheese.


· 2 potatoes;

· 300 g of mayonnaise;

· 300 g melted cheese;

· Wafer cake layers;

· 1 bunch of dill;

· 1 can of canned fish;

· 0.5 onions.

Method of preparation

1. Potatoes need to boil and peel, then rub together with melted cheese in a large bowl. Add canned fish, carefully rub with a fork.

2. Chop half of the onion. You can replace the green onions, it is also chopped finely. Add to the filling, dressing with mayonnaise, to get something like a cream. The sauce can go less, it all depends on its thickness, as well as the amount of oil in the fish.

3. We grease the plate or flat dish in the central part with mayonnaise so that the cake sticks and the cake does not slide. We grease the first wafer layer with a filling, it is not necessary to apply a lot, we make a thin layer. Repeat until the filling is over. Cover the cake with a simple cake and then cling film. We put in two hours in the fridge.

4. We take out, we smear the cake with mayonnaise, sprinkle with dill, decorate to your taste.

Cake made from cakes with canned food and crab sticks

For the preparation of such a cake again need puff cakes. Either buy them in the store, or bake them yourself from the dough. How to do this, you can see above. You can take any fish for the filling, but it is especially successful with tuna and pink salmon.

Ingredients · 200 g of chopsticks;

· 200 grams of cheese;

· A clove of garlic;

· Four cakes;

· Bank of fish;

· 0.3 liters of mayonnaise;

· 1 bunch of dill;

· 6 eggs.

Method of preparation

1. Cook eggs. We clean and rub two pieces in different bowls.

2. Free sticks from the film, finely chop or rub it too. We shift in one bowl with eggs.

3. Open the fish, knead, send in a bowl with other eggs.

4. In the third bowl we rub cheese, we leave a little (about 50 grams) for registration.

5. We fill all three fillings with mayonnaise, additionally squeeze garlic into the curd.

6. Lubricate one cake with a mixture of crab sticks, cover, apply fish stuffing, and send the curd to the last cake.

7. Top the cake coated with mayonnaise, fall asleep with a mixture of cheese and chopped greens. You can additionally decorate with chopped chopsticks, for example, lay out flowers from them.

Cake made from canned food (tuna) and caviar

Another version of the cake with wafer thin cake and canned fish. Additionally, you will need caviar, you can take a simulated product.


· 1 can of tuna;

· 4 puff cakes, as for the cake “Napoleon”;

· 160 g of cheese;

· 50 g of caviar;

· Mayonnaise (how many will leave);

· 3 eggs;

· 1 fresh cucumber.

Method of preparation

1. Rub boiled eggs, add cucumber, cut into small cubes.

2. Open the can of tuna, knead. If there is a lot of liquid, it is better to remove the part immediately. We shift the fish in the total mass.

3. Immediately rub the cheese, leave 3-4 spoons for sprinkling the sides of the cake, everything else is put in the filling.

4. Fill the paste with mayonnaise, stir.

5. Putting the cake, promazyvaya puff cakes with fish stuffing.

6. From above, just grease the cake with mayonnaise, sprinkle it with cheese on the sides. Cover up and set for three hours in the fridge.

7. We take out a cake, spread red caviar on top, serve a snack to the table.

Cake made from cakes with canned food, olives and tomatoes

A very interesting version of the cake from canned cakes. Tomatoes make a juicy snack, they are combined with any fish, and olives will add a snack of elegance. Ingredients

· 1 bank of pink salmon or other similar fish;

· 200 g of mayonnaise;

· 5 puff cakes;

· 2 tomatoes;

· 200 grams of cheese;

· 3 boiled eggs;

· 1 bunch of dill;

· 1 can of olives.

Method of preparation

1. Cut the tomatoes in neat circles, and then in half into slices. Eggs and cheese grate, mix with mayonnaise, it will be a cream for the cake.

2. Remove the fish from the jar, we do not need liquid, break the product into small pieces, you do not need to mix it with anything.

3. Cut half of the olives into circles, the rest will be used for decoration.

4. We grease one cake with the prepared cheese mixture, lay out the fish pieces, cover with a new cake layer. We also lubricate it, spread the slices of tomato and olive. Repeat the layer with fish and tomatoes.

5. Last cake covered with mayonnaise. Give the snack soak, then sprinkle with chopped dill. Cut the remaining olives in half, spread on top.

Cake with canned cakes - tips and tricks

· To decorate a snack cake, you can use only those products that are inside or are ideally combined with them.

· If the mayonnaise is liquid, then it will drain off the cake layers. You can thicken the sauce with grated fine cheese, but not very much to add, otherwise the cake will soak for a long time.

· It is not necessary to add a lot of salt to the filling for the cake, as canned fish, mayonnaise, cheese and some other products already contain it.

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