Pasta with minced meat: step-by-step recipes for a hearty dinner. Original pasta dishes with minced meat (step by step)

Pasta with minced meat: step-by-step recipes for a hearty dinner. Original pasta dishes with minced meat (step by step)

Pasta and minced meat can serve as a basis for delicious, hearty and extremely simple dishes, quite suitable for a quick dinner. The most famous version of the performance “Pasta in a navy style” is a classic dish of the Soviet culinary catering. Pasta with minced meat is baked in the form of rolls, stewed in various sauces, and pasta is even stuffed.

The article selected step-by-step recipes for pasta dishes with minced meat for the daily menu. The availability of products and the technology of preparation allows them to recommend to beginners.

Pasta with minced meat (step by step) - general principles of cooking

• In almost every case, pasta can be selected any, unless a specific product is specifically specified in the recipe. Large or small, curly, long or short pasta - in most cases does not matter. It is important that they are made from flour, ground from coarse wheat varieties. Such pasta does not boil soft and healthier in its composition, and the dishes from them look more beautiful.

• Pasta can be pre-boiled or used dry. Boil pasta according to the recommendations on the package. Water should be enough for the products to float in it. With a lack of liquid, it will be almost impossible to mix without damaging their shape. Pasta is dipped in boiling, slightly salted water and boiled with a slight boil. Duration depends on the type of pasta, and can take from three to seven minutes. Some housewives wash pasta with cold or warm water, and some skip this step. There are no special requirements - cook as you are used to, but it is worth noting that low-quality flour pasta is better washed, otherwise they may stick together.

• Minced meat can be any. The most commonly used mixed meat or chicken. It is better to grind meat by yourself, but if you prefer dishes from the convenience store, such a product will do. There are no clear recommendations on the choice, it is desirable only that it is not too fat. It is better to let the meat mass be dense than viscous. The more “liquid” semi-finished product you are offered, the higher the probability that it consists not only of meat. Most of the mass in such cases is the emulsion of the skin, by-products and ground fat. • Pasta dishes are cooked with raw and pre-fried minced meat. Meat mass must be salted and ground pepper added to taste. You can use other spices that do not interrupt the taste of the meat itself. Often, chopped onion is mixed in or fried with it, which gives the dish extra juiciness and taste.

• To prepare pasta dishes with minced meat according to step-by-step recipes, tomato paste or sour cream can be used - sauces are made on their basis. Optionally, tomato paste is replaced or supplemented with fresh tomatoes, sauce or ketchup, and sour cream with mayonnaise.

Pasta with minced meat: a step-by-step recipe for the simplest dish in a naval manner

Classic cooking - a step by step recipe for pasta with minced meat, in a naval manner. The ground meat is overheated with onions, and then mixed with boiled pasta. The stuffing is fried in butter, the dish is nourishing and nutritious. Reduce calories by using vegetable oil and the selection of more dietary minced chicken, beef, veal.


• white, large onion;

• half a kilo of mixed ground beef;

• 250 gr. pasta;

• high-quality butter - 70 gr.

Cooking Method:

1. Clean the onion, wash with water and cut into very small cubes. Melt the butter in a pan, dip the onion in it. Fry, stirring regularly to softness and changes in color - the slices should lose their matte shade and even lightly brown.

2. Put the minced meat in the pan. Add salt and a quarter of a teaspoon of ground pepper. Stirring, leveling across the bottom of the pan and close the lid. Fry the mince, stirring occasionally, for a quarter of an hour. When frying, the pieces of ground meat tend to clump together to get a more homogeneous mass, they must be constantly broken with a fork.

3. Boil the pasta. Bringing to a boil and a half liters of water, dissolve in it half a spoonful of salt. Omit the pasta, stir and wait for re-boiling. Reduce heat, boil for seven minutes, until tender. Pasta should not sprawl, so we maintain the temperature for a slight boil. Finished pasta is reclined in a colander, well washed with hot water and leave it for about five minutes. This time is enough for the excess water to drain through the holes. 4. Put the dried pasta to the minced meat and mix thoroughly. Turn on the heat, warm up for at least five minutes on low heat.

Pasta with minced meat: a step-by-step recipe with mushrooms in creamy tomato sauce

In the proposed step-by-step recipe for pasta with minced meat in a creamy tomato sauce with mushrooms, dry pasta is used. The sauce is prepared on the basis of diluted cream with the addition of tomatoes. Tomatoes, if desired, can be replaced by tomato paste. For a light tomato flavor, the recommended amount of food is three tablespoons of pasta.


• Mixed minced meat - 400 grams, can be replaced with chicken;

• tomatoes - 800 gr. fresh or canned in their own juice;

• medium-sized raw champignons - 250 g;

• garlic;

• sweet ground paprika, oregano, dry thyme, basil - to taste;

• 200 g glass of cream, with fat content up to 22%;

• three spoons of refined oil, can be replaced with butter.

Cooking Method:

1. We wash the mushrooms. Cut the mushrooms into small slices.

2. Remove the rind from tomatoes. To remove the skin from fresh tomatoes, they should be immersed in boiling water for a minute, then quickly cooled under running cold water. From canned tomatoes, it is removed without much difficulty. Cut tomatoes into slices and blender in mashed potatoes.

3. Pour three spoons of butter into the pan, heat the fat over a low heat, then drop the mince into it. Fry, trying to stir more often, eight minutes. The meat mass will have a more uniform consistency, if crush the meat gathered in clumps with a fork.

4. Put the champignons in the pan with minced meat, fry everything together for another five minutes. Pour the liter of drinking water into the pan, add the cooked tomato puree. Pour in the cream, pour in the spices, add some salt. Add a small clove of garlic that is pressed through or crushed on a grater and mix the sauce thoroughly. Pour out dry pasta into the pan, again mix the contents of the pan well. Cover with lid and leave to cook pasta in sauce over medium heat until cooked.

Pasta with minced meat roll: a step-by-step recipe

We recommend a simple step-by-step recipe for a hearty pasta roll with minced meat. Boiled pasta wrapped in a layer of minced meat, the dish is baked in the oven. It is recommended to use a dense meat mass, for an even better bundle of meat pieces an egg interferes with the stuffing. The meat mass after kneading should be well repelled, so that it becomes more homogeneous.


• a pound of any ground meat;

• 100 grams of large pasta, ideally take feathers;

• small potato;

• 50 gr. bread crumb;

• large white onion;

• a raw egg;

• two spoons of breadcrumbs;

• 40 gr. sweet cream butter;

• half a cup of carbonated mineral water;

• spoon of vegetable oil.

Cooking Method:

1. Boil pasta in lightly salted water until cooked. We rinse well and shake it in a colander so that all the excess moisture is gone. It is important not to digest the pasta, it is desirable that they retain their shape and not spread.

2. We put breadcrumbs in a plate, pour water on it, let it stand for ten minutes. Putting minced meat in a bowl. Soaked bread well wring hands and lay out to the stuffing.

3. Peel the potatoes and onions. Cut vegetables into slices, twist in a meat grinder, passing through the grill with the smallest holes.

4. Put the vegetable mass in a bowl of meat. Here we pour the egg and soda. Add freshly ground pepper, thoroughly knead and add. Then we collect all the meat mass with our hands, lift it up and throw it abruptly on the bowl. Repeat the procedure of beating several times. Pieces of ground meat are better fastened together, and the roll will have a more uniform structure.

5. We moisten a linen towel with water, press well and spread it on the table. We spread minced meat on a damp cloth and flatten it so that we get a rectangular layer, centimeter thick.

6. From the boiled pasta in the center of the reservoir lay out a neat mound. We do not impose a slide, but, on the contrary, lay it flat, in separate macaroni, in several layers. 7. Having lifted the loose sides of the meat layer with the help of the cloth, we wrap them on macaroni. Hands, wetted in water, connect the edges, and give the product a neat shape.

8. Put the roll on a towel to a greased baking sheet and gently shift it onto it. Smear with melted butter, sprinkle the surface with breadcrumbs and make several punctures on it with a fork.

9. Stir the roll into a hot oven (180 degrees), cook 40 minutes. Cut into pieces and serve.

Pasta with minced meat: a step-by-step recipe for stuffed products in sour cream and tomato sauce with cheese

Step-by-step recipe for pasta with minced meat involves the use of special pasta designed for stuffing. It can be large pasta in the form of pipes or shells. Ordinary macaroni with large openings is prepared in this way. But they will need to first boil a little - this will greatly simplify the stuffing.


• one egg;

• a pound of chicken or mixed meat minced meat;

• large onion;

• three spoons adjika;

• 250-300 gr. pasta for stuffing;

• tomato paste;

• sour cream with fat content not lower than 20%;

• spices “For minced meat products”;

• tablespoon of vegetable oil;

• 150 gr. cheese, varieties “Dutch” or “Russian”.

Cooking Method:

1. Prepare the filling. Peel the onions, grind on a large grater and mix with the minced meat. Add one spoon of adjika, season with salt, season to taste with spices. We break an egg into a bowl with meat weight and mix it thoroughly.

2. Pasta, do not boil, fill with minced meat. Fill, slightly tamping, but not too tight. We spread the pasta in one row in a thick-walled skillet with high sides, it is convenient to use a saucepan for this recipe.

3. Cooking sauce. Mix sour cream with tomato paste, the proportions can be chosen by yourself. Optimally take two spoons of tomato on one spoonful of sour cream. In the resulting mixture lay the residue adzhika, pour the oil, add a little spice, salt. All well stirred and diluted with a glass of water.

4. Pour the cooked sauce into the pan with pasta and, if required, add water. Stuffed products must be completely covered. 5. Put the pan on a moderate fire, cover with a lid. As soon as the sauce starts to boil, we set the heat just below. When the pasta is soft enough, sprinkle the dish with grated cheese and leave on the stove for another five minutes.

Tricks of cooking pasta dishes with minced meat on step-by-step recipes - tips and tricks

• Step-by-step recipe for pasta with minced meat in a naval manner, involves roasting minced meat with onions. The dish will taste better if you fry onions initially and then add meat to it. Onion slices should be well-brown, but not dry. It is desirable that at the time of introduction of minced meat they had a pleasant golden hue. Transparent onion will be stewed in meat juice and will not be well roasted.

• When frying, twisted meat tends to become lumpy, it is convenient to break them up with a fork. The more homogeneous the meat roast, the tastier and even more outwardly effective the dish will turn out.

• If pasta is not pre-boiled, and cooked in a sauce, make sure that it completely covers them. Pasta quickly and in large quantities absorb moisture and, if the sauce is small, they do not boil down. Prepare the sauce a little more in advance so that at any time it can be added to the cooking dish.

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