Homemade meat blankets: step-by-step recipes. The rules for making dough and minced meat, the secrets of modeling and step-by-step recipes of meat whisk and meat

Homemade meat blankets: step-by-step recipes. The rules for making dough and minced meat, the secrets of modeling and step-by-step recipes of meat whisk and meat

Beljash is the most delicious meat pie. Its preparation will require some time, but in the end the result is waiting. Yes, even what!

Here you can find the best step-by-step recipes for home-made meatballs with meat that will surely delight you with taste.

Belyashi with meat - the general principles of cooking

For classic meat whites preparing yeast dough on water or on water with milk. Below are both step-by-step recipes. The dough is never put in a sponge manner, since excessive pomp and abundance of bubbles are not necessary. It is enough to knead the usual dough, leave it for a couple of hours to rise well. Next, it will lie on the table, it will fit even when modeling, it will take about three hours.

What else do they put in the dough:

• salt and granulated sugar;

• butter;

• yeast;

• flour.

Cover the kneaded dough so that it does not dry on top. Maintain it in a warm place until it rises very well. In winter and if the room is not very warm it is better to do two lifts.

Stuffing for belyashi traditionally prepared from meat and onions. Garlic and spices are added to taste. You can break one egg into mincemeat, which will hold it all together. When everything is ready, you can start sculpting products. Below is a step-by-step recipe for meat whites with meat. The process of forming open and closed whites is described in detail.

Roasted belyashi always in vegetable oil in a skillet or in a saucepan. But there are craftsmen who bake them in the oven, but this is no longer correct.

Classic Meat Bowls: Step by Step Recipe

A simple, step-by-step recipe for meat whites from ordinary yeast dough on water. If there is no pork and beef. Then take any other types of meat for the filling.


• 550-600 grams of flour;

• 280 ml of water;

• 1 tsp. dry fast yeast;

• 30 grams of oil cl. or margarine;

• 30 ml of vegetable oil;

• 2 tsp. Sahara; • 1 tsp. salt.

For the filling:

• 170 g of beef;

• 200 g pork;

• 120 g onions;

• 5 g garlic;

• salt pepper;

• 1 yolk.

Additionally, you will need vegetable oil for frying. Not all step-by-step recipes of meat whitewash are specified, it is also impossible to accurately determine the quantity, since the diameter of the pan or stew-pan may differ, as well as the density of the laying of products during frying.


1. You should always start cooking the whites from the dough, as it will take about two hours for the rise. Yeast dough always knead on warm water 38-40 degrees, that is, the liquid should be slightly warmer than body temperature. Measure out the right amount, pour into a large bowl for kneading dough, or use an enamel saucepan.

2. Add two teaspoons of sugar to the liquid. It is necessary to activate the yeast, make them work. Sugar also gives a beautiful golden color to baking, but it is important not to overdo it. In some step-by-step recipes of whites you can see 2-3-4 spoons of sugar. Such dough will burn quickly, and the filling will not have time to prepare.

3. Now we enter dry yeast, we stir. It is better to leave them for five or ten minutes, so that the grains are soaked with liquid and dissolved.

4. Add an incomplete teaspoon of salt. If the dough is not salted, it will be tasteless.

5. Enter the melted butter, stir and begin to pour the wheat flour. Before kneading dough, it must be carefully sifted. This will make it easier to connect with the liquid.

6. As soon as almost all the flour will be introduced, add vegetable oil. You can use sunflower oil with or without the smell.

7. Continue to knead soft and smooth dough. Which will crawl slightly on the table. If you score a lot of flour, then after frying the belyashi will be hard. We mix the kneaded dough with a linen cloth, let it work well.

8. Now you can cook the stuffing. We wash both types of meat. Wipe, cut into pieces. Grind in a meat grinder.

9. Peel the onions. It can also be twisted through a meat grinder, but it is better to chop it with a knife into small pieces. Shifts to the meat. 10. Add chopped garlic to the mince, put salt in for taste. We throw one pinch of black pepper and egg yolk. If the egg is small. So you can add it entirely. Stir the filling thoroughly, put it in the fridge for an hour, let the stuffing ripen.

11. As soon as the yeast dough for whites well rises, will increase three times, divide it in small pieces. We make koloboks, the size of small apples. We spread on the table, leaving between them by 4-5 cm. Let them stand a little more, rise a little. To the top of the crust does not dry out, you can cover the top with a light towel.

12. Remove minced meat from the fridge. Re-stir, as the juices leave the vegetables, the liquid exfoliates.

13. Immediately prepare the pan or saucepan. We need them to float freely, not touch each other, as well as the bottom of the pot. Therefore, pour about two centimeters of vegetable oil into it. You can immediately put on the stove and turn on the fire, but not much, let the pot and oil warm up little by little.

14. Now back to the test. Pieces at this point rose. Take one and turn it over. Spread hands in a big cake.

15. Put the stuffing. You can immediately flatten all the dough into cakes and split the mince between them so that it turns out evenly and nothing is left. We also flatten the filling and spread it, making a small circle in the middle.

16. Below is a step-by-step recipe for meat loafers with a hole. Now we just collect all the tips in one pile, pinch it and flatten it again, but it is a full-fledged belyash.

17. We sculpt all the meat with meat. As soon as they are ready, add fire. Making the temperature a little more than average.

18. Dip the whites and butter in the butter. If the dough gets into hot fat, it will increase. Therefore, do not put tight, leave some space.

19. Fry from two sides for several minutes. If the fire is big. Meat does not have time to get ready. If the fire is small, then the dough will begin to actively absorb the oil. Here you need to catch the middle ground. Belyash should roast, but not burn. 20. We put the finished products on paper to get rid of excess fat.

Leaky meatballs with meat: a step-by-step recipe from dough on milk

In fact, in this step-by-step recipe of meat whites with meat, the dough is prepared from a mixture of milk and water. It is undesirable to use only milk. Sculpt we will whitewash with holes. They turn out very fragrant, perfectly baked.


• 200 grams of water;

• 200 grams of milk;

• 2 tsp. yeast;

• 1 tbsp. l Sahara;

• 50 grams of drained oil .;

• 2 tbsp. l oils grow .;

• 1 egg;

• flour and salt.

Stuffing for whites:

• 500 g mixed minced meat;

• 2 onions;

• 1 small egg;

• a pair of cloves of garlic;

• spices.


1. Mix milk and water. We heat up. Or simply dilute the prescription milk with hot water from the kettle. But do not forget to measure the amount. We send everything to the bowl.

2. We mix sugar with yeast, we send all this into liquid, we fall asleep a teaspoon of usual salt, we stir.

3. The butter needs to be melted or very well softened to make it melt. Add it to the future of the dough.

4. Sift the flour, pour it into the prepared liquid with yeast. First stir everything with a large spoon. As soon as it becomes more difficult to do, we introduce more flour and launch hands. Stir the dough thoroughly. As soon as the consistency becomes suitable, pour in a couple of spoons of vegetable oil. Knead until smooth and send a lump in a high saucepan.

5. Cover the dough on top so that the crust does not dry. We put in the heat for two hours.

6. Grind a pound of meat in a meat grinder or chop very finely with knives. Add chopped onion and add the garlic, put a small egg, but you can cook without it. But without spices it is impossible. Mince salt, seasoned with pepper. Stir until smooth. Leave alone, let it stand and mature, you need to stir it again before cooking.

7. Did the dough rise well? You can do modeling open whites with a hole. We divide the whole mass into portioned balls, lay them on a table greased or lightly powdered with flour. Lai a little rise. 8. Roll a cake out of one ball. You can just stretch your arms.

9. Put some stuffing in the center, spread a uniform circle with a fork. We make the thickness of the mince no more than half a centimeter, this will be enough for the whites.

10. Now we take in hands one edge of a flat cake, we start to collect it in a heap around, at the same time pinching together. It should make a round pie with a hole in the middle.

11. Sculpt in this way all the rest of the meat with meat.

12. We warm up a layer of 1.5-2 centimeters of oil in a convenient for frying pot.

13. Take one belyash in your hand and put a hole down on the oil. Repeat this with the rest.

14. As soon as one side of the whites is fried Turn over. You can not begin to fry products from the closed side, in this case it will not work, the filling will start up a lot of juice and will shoot heavily.

Belyashi with meat - useful tips and tricks

• The filling for the whites will be juicy and tasty if you add a little water or broth to the mince. This is especially necessary when using beef or similar meat with a low fat content.

• Chop the onion in minced need to be very fine. Large pieces will not have time to bake in the dough, they will crunch, they will spoil the taste of white trash.

• In many step-by-step recipes of the whitewashing table, it is recommended to sprinkle with flour. In fact, it is better to lubricate the surface with oil, and also to handle the hands. The flour particles will burn in the pan, form smoke, spoil the taste.

• For frying homemade whites, it is best to use a cast-iron griddle or other thick-walled dishes. In it, the oil warms up evenly, the belyash will bake well.

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