The benefits and harms of popcorn

The benefits and harms of popcorn

Today no pop-show can do without popcorn called popcorn. The tradition to eat specially prepared corn kernels came to us from the USA, where such a delicacy is very popular. But is popcorn as safe as it seems at first glance, and should it be eaten regularly?

What is the use of popcorn?

Proponents of popcorn are united in the opinion that there is nothing healthier and tastier than popcorn. Indeed, this product contains a huge amount of B vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates. In addition, the popcorn contains potassium, which has a very positive effect on the work of the cardiovascular muscle. By its nutritional value, popcorn is often equated to germinated grains of oats and wheat, which have unique dietary properties. Indeed, popcorn is a very low-calorie product, and many celebrities even include it in their daily diet. This is not surprising, since the energy value of 100 g of popcorn is only 375 kilocalories. True, this is a pure product without any additives. However, they can not be avoided if you buy a ready-made treat at the cinema, supermarket or during a city holiday.

Thus, in order to be 100% sure of the benefits of popcorn, it is best to fry it yourself, without adding salt, sugar and all sorts of spices to the corn. But at home to prepare popcorn is not easy. To do this, you need to buy a special semi-finished product that does not contain additives and flavors. Typically, these products are labeled “Nature”, but are not often on sale. Therefore, many are content with the finished product, not even suspecting that, instead of being good, they cause irreparable damage to their health.

What is dangerous about popcorn?

The harm of popcorn lies precisely in all sorts of additives and fillers, which are abundantly flavored with popcorn sellers, wanting to attract as many buyers as possible to their goods. Sweet flavors added to corn have a negative effect on the liver and pancreas, and also contribute to the formation of fat deposits. Salty supplements not only cause a feeling of thirst and make many of us drink a treat with soda, but can also cause serious kidney problems. In general, the combination of popcorn and soda is the worst enemy of our stomach. Especially if you forgot to eat tight before using this dangerous mixture. As a result, popcorn lovers suffer not only overweight, but also gastritis, and even an ulcer, complain of problems with digestion and defecation.

Separately, it should be said about all sorts of dyes that are added to popcorn and represent a real threat to human health. It has been proven that they are capable of destroying brain cells, which leads to the development of dementia even in young people, not to mention the elderly popcorn lovers. This is due to diacetyl, which is contained in these supplements and is deposited in the brain in the form of plaques, which destroy the structure of this vital organ and cause its dysfunction. No less harmful and cheap vegetable oils used in the preparation of popcorn. They are a source of carcinogens that lead to the development of various forms of oncology.

Who is popcorn contraindicated?

First of all, children who just love popcorn, and are ready to eat it in unlimited quantities. Therefore, if you are driving your baby to the cinema, better get some fresh fruit to help your child get away from popcorn. Well, if it is impossible to do this, then before going to the movies a baby should be well fed. However, the advice is not to eat popcorn on an empty stomach is applicable to all, and it is especially relevant for people who are overweight or have problems with digestion. You should also refrain from consuming popcorn to women during pregnancy and lactation, as harmless, at first glance, popcorn with chemical additives can cause irreparable harm to the health of the baby.

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