Matsoni: useful properties

Matsoni: useful properties

The secret of Caucasian longevity has been trying in vain to unveil more than a dozen years. Who knows, maybe people live in the Caucasus for so long, because they often love to pamper themselves with a delicious sour milk drink, called matsoni (in Armenia this drink is known as matsun) ?!

The word “matsun” in translation from Armenian into Russian means “sour milk”. However, this drink has several differences from the traditional yogurt and airan, first of all it has a sharper taste and a slight gas formation. Due to its original taste, the drink is used as a self-sufficient product, and as a savory additive to the dish. Often, matsoni is the basis for first courses and sauces, hot vegetable and meat dishes are also poured over them, and, finally, they are used in preparing dough for khachapuri, and also as an excellent alternative to sour cream. It is possible to list dishes where matsoni is used as the main ingredient for a long time, but this is not the main topic of today's conversation. Today we want to talk about the composition, calorie content and benefits of matsoni.

Maconi: composition and caloric content

As mentioned above, matsoni is made from milk, and both cow and goat and even sheep are suitable. Sour milk with the help of adding a special starter, resembling yogurt, on a special temperature regime. The result is a dietary and very useful for digestion fermented milk product. Matsoni is rich in vitamins D, A, K and PP. In addition to vitamins in the drink in large quantities contains calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and other vital elements.

Matsoni is not only a healthy drink, but also, which is even more pleasant for those who watch their figure, low-calorie. 100 grams of matsoni contains about 55, 46 kcal.

Useful properties of matsoni

About the beneficial properties of the drink became known in the last century. Thus, the scientist Mechnikov, studying Caucasian longevity, found that practically all centenarians (people over 100 years old) used matsoni every day throughout their entire life.

It is believed that the drink is capable of:

• Fight against pathogenic intestinal microflora and at the same time fill it with beneficial bacteria;

• Improve the functioning of the liver and pancreas;

• Normalize digestion;

• Rejuvenate the body, inhibit all aging processes;

• To clean the body of toxins, salts of heavy metals, remove harmful cholesterol;

• Reduce blood sugar levels in the body;

• Increase the tone and improve well-being.

Matson will be appreciated by people who welcome an active lifestyle, because the drink perfectly quenches hunger and thirst. In addition, the proteins that make up the beverage have an anabolic effect on the tissue, which means that while enjoying the taste of a fermented milk product, you can also increase muscle mass. Drinking a glass of yoghurt before bedtime will calm the nervous system and promote easy sleep. Irreplaceable dairy product in the period of fasting days or diets. In addition to the beneficial effects on the human body, matsoni sometimes becomes the basis for skincare cosmetic products that can prolong youth and restore beauty. So, the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity make masks based on matsoni, they wipe their face before going to bed.

Who may be harmful to matsoni

And finally. Despite all the benefits of matsoni with caution it should be used by patients who complain about the condition of the intestines and stomach. Patients with diagnoses of gastritis with high acidity, pancreatitis, hepatitis, peptic ulcer disease, cholelithiasis and erosive gastritis will also be helpful to consult with a nutritionist regarding the consumption of yogin.

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