Sancho Pancho cake - a delicate sponge cake in the original design. Come visit with a juicy cake "Sancho Pancho"!

Sancho Pancho cake - a delicate sponge cake in the original design. Come visit with a juicy cake

The proposed selection of biscuit cakes differs from typical recipes with a special technology of formation and unusual application of cream. All the options below are made using sour cream and nuts, often used to tint cakes with cocoa powder and a layer of chocolate icing on top.

Sancho Pancho cake - general principles of preparation and main technological moments

• “Sancho Pancho” differs from other cakes in a special way of assembly, it is formed in the form of a slide. In the preparation of using biscuit cakes, some of which are cut into pieces and dipped into a cream, then spread on a biscuit base of whole cake.

• Biscuits for the cake to bake independently or use ready-made. Often, factory blanks replace cookies. Biscuit dough for cake “Sancho Pancho” is prepared on eggs, sour cream or kefir. It is left light or colored dark with cocoa powder. For contrast, when making one dessert, both light and dark cakes are used immediately.

• Traditionally, cream is prepared for this cake. The fermented milk product is mixed with sugar and whipped with a mixer until slightly thickened. When combined with sugar, sour cream tends to thin, so for the cream it is better to take a thick homemade product or purchased sour cream, with the highest percentage of fat.

• “Sancho Pancho” is decorated with main cream, decorated with icing, nuts, chopped chocolate on a grater, fruits, which are often interlayered biscuit layers.

Chocolate cake “Sancho Pancho” under chocolate icing


• large, fresh eggs - 6 pcs .;

• two glasses of wheat flour;

• 20% sour cream - 700 ml;

• 325 grams of sugar;

• 9% vinegar - 1/2 tbsp. l .;

• one third of a spoon of soda;

• 100 gr. thick homemade cream or butter;

• dark cocoa powder - 4 tbsp. l .;

• 80 ml of milk;

• a full glass of hazelnut or walnut kernels;

• canned peaches. Cooking Method:

1. Separate the whites from the yolks and collect the whites in a clean bowl and refrigerate. When well cooled, remove and bring to the pomp, beating with a mixer. Then, without stopping beating, gradually add a glass of sugar to the protein mass, followed by egg yolks.

2. Mix cocoa with flour and gently mix in the protein mass, add soda in vinegar and add the soda at the end of the process.

3. Cover the bottom of a clean, round shape with baking paper and pour the cooked dough into it. Bake the biscuit, maintaining the heat at 180 degrees for 40 minutes, then gently remove from the mold and cool.

4. With the addition of sugar, beat the cream. Do not pour all at once, add in small portions, pouring with a spoon.

5. Cut the cooled biscuit cake in half. Put the bottom part on the dish, it will become the base of the cake, and the top cut into squares, with a rib size of about 3 cm.

6. Lightly fry the nuts, cut the pineapples into small pieces.

7. On the basis of the future cake, pour a third of sour cream and gently spread it across the entire surface of the cake. Sprinkle the creamy layer with chopped pineapples, part of the roasted nuts, and place a third of the biscuit squares on it. Pour a layer of cream over the layer and, like the main cake, sprinkle with nuts and pineapples. Form a hill from the remaining pieces of dough, in the same way alternating each new “floor”.

8. Dissolve cocoa in hot milk, dissolve granulated sugar. Over low heat, stirring, boil the glaze for a couple of minutes until it begins to thicken. Enter the butter and immediately pour the icing on the cake.

Simple recipe: Sancho Pancho cake with prunes (on kefir)


• one egg;

• a full glass of flour;

• 200 gr. refined beet granulated sugar;

• small spoon of crystal vanillin;

• half a teaspoon of soda.

In cream:

• half a cup of fine sugar;

• 200 gr. soft pitted prunes;

• high fat sour cream - 400 gr .;

• any crushed nuts.

Cooking Method:

1. Mix slightly heated yogurt with soda and set aside for a while. 2. In a separate bowl, beat the egg with sugar until a lush white mass is formed, add kefir, vanilla sugar and, whipping intensively, add flour. Let stand for 20 minutes.

3. Sprinkle the greased form with flour and pour the kefir dough into it, place in the oven and bake the sponge cake. Cool and cut in half.

4. For ten minutes, pour the prunes with boiling water. Drain the berries, fold it in a colander, and cut across into thin strips.

5. Beat sour cream with sugar, add prunes to the cream, mix.

6. Leave the bottom of the biscuit cake intact, and cut the top into slices. Pour a little less than a third of the cream into a separate bowl, and lower the remaining pieces of biscuit and mix.

7. Cover the deep bowl from the inside with cling film and transfer the cream-soaked pieces of cake into it. Pour over the cream with the cream, cover with a solid cake and place in the refrigerator.

8. No sooner than four hours, remove, cover the bowl with a dish and turn it over. The cake itself will slip out of the “form”.

9. Rolling a rolling pin, crush the nuts roasted in a dry frying pan and sprinkle the cake with them. Rub the chocolate on a fine grater.

Sancho Pancho bicolor banana cake (on sour cream)


Light cake:

• 1.5 spoons of soda;

• two eggs;

• 200 gr. beet sugar;

• tablespoon vinegar;

• a full glass of high-grade flour.

Dark cake:

• the same products as for light, plus two spoons of dark cocoa powder.

For cream:

• half a liter of 20% sour cream;

• a glass of refined sugar;

• 100 gr. chopped walnuts.

For registration:

• two tablespoons of thick cream or butter;

• four large, unripe bananas;

• 100 gr. 70% chocolate.

Cooking Method:

1. Beat eggs with sour cream, granulated sugar and flour.

2. Pour soda into a small cup, fill it with vinegar and mix. When the mixture ceases to intensively bubble, pour it into the dough and beat it again well.

3. Grease a round shape with soft butter, sprinkle with semolina on top, and shake out the croup from it, which is not stuck to the oil layer. 4. Pour the cooked sour cream dough into a mold and place in the oven. Bake a biscuit for at least half an hour before you get sure to check the readiness.

5. Free the cake from the mold and place on the grid.

6. In the same way, prepare and dark cake. Cocoa add at the beginning of the batch, combining it with sugar.

7. Prepare sour cream. Stir sugar with sour cream until the grains are completely dissolved.

8. Chop nuts into a crumb, cut two bananas into thin rings.

9. Cut the cooled white cake in half. Cut the top and dark crust into two-centimeter cubes. Mix the biscuit cuts in a large bowl, add two thirds of sour cream, mix.

10. Place the bottom of the white cake on a platter, add cream and spread on it banana slices.

11. Use your hands to transfer the half of the dough pieces mixed with the cream onto the base and shape them into a hill. Sprinkle with nuts and cover with the remaining pieces of biscuits, lightly tamp, not breaking the dome-shaped form. Grease the top of the cake with the remnants of sour cream and sprinkle with nuts.

12. Melt chocolate with butter, placing them in a water bath, cut bananas along thin slices. Glue the bananas with a glaze to the surface of the cake, placing the plates along. Pour the rest of the composition with the remaining icing.

Sancho Pancho Cake, a recipe without baking with marshmallow


• three ready biscuit cakes;

• half a cup of powdered sugar;

• a small jar of canned pineapple slices;

• 100 gr. roasted, peeled peanuts;

• three glasses of fat sour cream;

• a small bar of dark chocolate;

• white, not wet marshmallows;

• half a can of condensed milk.

Cooking Method:

1. As in the previous recipes, put one cake on the dish. Break the other two pieces into a wide bowl. There add the sliced ​​marshmallow in centimeter cubes, mix.

2. Scete from a can of pineapple syrup.

3. Whip sour cream with condensed milk and powdered sugar, prepare the cream. To make the cream mass fluffy, add the condensed milk gradually, pouring over a spoon. 4. Lubricate the base of whole cake with sour cream, put half of pineapples and finely chopped nuts on it.

5. Pour two thirds of the remaining cream into a bowl of marshmallow and biscuit slices, mix, then place on a greased base and gently press it with your hands to form a dome.

6. With the remaining cream pour the whole cake on top and remove to soak for 6 hours in the cold.

7. After that, pour the dessert with melted chocolate and place the cake before serving back to the cold.

How to make an oatmeal cake “Sancho Pancho” with bananas


• oatmeal - 200 gr .;

• four very fresh eggs;

• 250 gr. Sahara.

In cream:

• one and a half tablespoons of cocoa;

• 150 gr. sugar sand;

• medium fat, light sour cream - 450 ml.


• two small bananas.

Cooking Method:

1. Pound half the sugar intended for the cake with the yolks, and combine the rest with the whites and whisk until fluffy. Transfer the frothy cap from the whites to the yolks and gently mix in, as when preparing a biscuit, with upward movements. Pour in the oatmeal and gently mix it in the same way.

2. Transfer the dough into a parchment-lined mold and bake at the usual temperature for about forty minutes, cool. Ready oatmeal biscuit is desirable to rest for a couple of days, but you can use it immediately.

3. Cut the cake in two, break the upper part into pieces.

4. Beat well the sour cream with sugar, the cream should slightly thicken. Cut bananas into centimeter cubes.

5. Approximately the third part of sour cream cream mold for decorating the cake.

6. Pour one third of the remaining cream mass into a dish, and place the bottom of the oatmeal sponge on it. Grease it with cream, gently spread the chopped bananas, half of the fruit. Place a slice of biscuit slices on a banana layer, moistening each well with sour cream. Put a layer of bananas again and close them with creamy slices of oatmeal dough, seal.

7. Take one and a half tablespoons of deferred cream and rub it with cocoa. 8. The remaining white cream gently grease the molded cake. Place the dark cream paste in the pastry syringe and decorate the cake by pressing it through the nozzle with a small hole.

9. Set aside the oatmeal cake soak for 12 hours.

Simple recipe for “Sancho Pancho” cake without baking from crackers


• a pound of sweet, medium-sized crackers;

• liter of fatty, preferably homemade, sour cream;

• 250 gr. sugar;

• 150 gr. dried apricots with prunes;

• 76% chocolate - 100 gr.

Cooking Method:

1. Whip homemade sour cream with sugar well using a mixer or whisk.

2. Add the crackers to the cream, put the sliced ​​bananas, mix.

3. Transfer the resulting mass to a bowl, the bottom and walls of which are pre-lined with food film. Flatten the surface as much as possible and place in the refrigerator overnight.

4. After that, decorate the cake with chocolate. Melt the chocolate bar, after breaking it into pieces, and apply the resulting fudge to the whole cake, then put it again in the cold for two hours.

Sancho Pancho cake - cooking tricks and helpful tips

• Nut or chocolate sprinkling will be well fixed, if applied to the cake immediately after the formation of the dessert. From the cooled cake, the crumbs will roll down.

• Do not water the cake with too hot icing, let the fudge cool slightly. Otherwise, sour cream will melt and it will drain.

• Dessert, before applying the icing, it is recommended to hold it in the fridge for some time, so that the top layer of cream will freeze.

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