Cake with marshmallows is a delicate treat. How to bake a cake with cream or soufflé of marshmallows, how to make it without baking

Cake with marshmallows is a delicate treat. How to bake a cake with cream or soufflé of marshmallows, how to make it without baking

These sweets resemble marshmallow or marshmallow. They are made to put in hot chocolate or coffee, but also they are great for making various desserts.

We collected the best recipes for marshmallow cakes.

General principles for making marshmallow cakes

For cakes, marshmallows can be a layer or decoration. Also, from these small marshmallows you can make a cream or souffle, for which they are melted, mixed with butter, sour cream, cream or cottage cheese.

In most recipes, the basis of such cakes is sponge cake or shortbread dough. There is also an option where the oven will not be needed.

Cake with marshmallow biscuit

In this recipe, marshmallow will be the basis for a delicate cream. And for the interlayer, you can take any confiture to taste.


For cake layers:

five eggs;

30 grams of butter;

70 grams of flour and sugar;

a pinch of salt;

10 grams of baking powder and starch.

For cream:

150 grams of marshmallows;

20 grams of butter;


half a glass of water.

Method of preparation

We divide eggs into white and yolk. Squirrels should be cold, so they will be easier to beat. Add to them a little salt, whisk. You need to get a strong foam.

Add sugar to yolks, grind. Enter the flour, baking powder, starch. Then pour in the pre-melted butter. We mix.

Now it is necessary to gently mix the proteins into the resulting mass.

From this dough we need to bake three cakes. 40 minutes in the oven, the temperature is 180. We do not open the first half hour. Then you can check the readiness with a wooden skewer.

Finished cakes must be completely cooled.

Meanwhile, prepare the cream. Marshmallow put in a bowl. Add water. And melt them in the microwave. You can also do this on the stove in a small saucepan.

We add to the candy mass soft butter. We mix. The cream is ready.

We collect the product. On each cake we put confiture and cream. Coat the side and top of the cake with cream. Optionally, you can decorate the top with several marshmallows.

Cake with honey marshmallow

Biscuit with a touch of honey and cream. Marshmallow will serve for interlayers and decorations, you can also take at will any berries, for example, raspberries.


For two cakes:

12 eggs;

two glasses of sugar (incomplete, minus 2 tablespoons of each);

two glasses of flour;

4 tablespoons of honey;

For cream:

700 ml of sour cream;

three quarters cup of sugar;

two bags of thickener for cream and sour cream.

Impregnation for cake layers:

a cup (300 ml) of black strong tea;

two or three tablespoons of sugar


200 grams of marshmallows;

chocolate bar;


Method of preparation

The oven immediately set to 180 degrees.

First let's do the test. The ingredients are better divided into two parts, for each cake to cook them separately, it will be more convenient.

Eggs must be whipped with a mixer. Add sugar and honey. Well whip at high speed, it will take about ten minutes. The mass should be air, and its volume will increase by 2 times.

Sift flour into portions in the egg mass, gently mix with a spatula.

For baking, we take a split form. It should be greased with butter. Parchment parchment. Lay out the dough in the form. In the oven, the cake will spend about forty minutes. Then we get, we cool a little. Remove the form.

We do the same for making the second cake. Both should cool down completely. After that, each cut along in half to get four cakes.

For impregnation we brew strong and very sweet tea. Let it cool down for now.

We are engaged in cream. We add thickener and sugar to sour cream. Whisk. Thick cream is ready.

It's time to collect the cake. The first cake is laid so that the cut looked up. We soak in moderate tea. Apply the cream. Close the cut of the second cake. Again, soak, cream and put a little marshmallow in this layer. In the same manner we put the two remaining cakes, soak it all and coat it with cream. We cover them with the top and sides of the cake. It's time to send the product in the fridge.

Three chocolate bars through the grater. We get the cake. We decorate it with chocolate chips. Top lay out marshmallows and berries. To keep the marshmallows well, you can pre-dip each into a cream and stick it.

Cake with marshmallows and lemon

In this recipe, marshmallows will turn into a light souffle. The base will be served again biscuit, this time lemon.


For sponge cake:

100 grams of flour;

80 grams of butter;

5 grams of baking powder;

100 grams of sugar;

4 eggs;

10 grams of lemon peel;

100 grams of starch.


Half a lemon;

sugar with vanilla - 4 tablespoons;

90 ml of water.


200 grams of marshmallows;

0.5 liters of heavy cream (33%).

Method of preparation

Beat the eggs firmly with sugar, use a mixer for this. Put in a lot of lemon zest. Then pour sifted flour, baking powder, starch.

The next step is to melt the butter. Pour it into the rest of the ingredients. Dough is ready. It remains to put it in a butter-coated form and bake a biscuit (40 minutes, 180 degrees). Cooling down.

We make syrup for impregnation. Bring water to a boil in a small saucepan, pour in vanilla sugar, stir until dissolved. Turn off. Cooling down. Add lemon juice. Saturate the sponge cake with syrup.

Getting down to the soufflé. In a skillet, half the cream is heated on a weak flame along with marshmallows until the marshmallows dissolve. Beat the remaining cream until frothy. Pour in cream with melted marshmallows, whip it all together.

Biscuit placed in a suitable size. Top pour the mixture for souffle. Now the cake needs to be frozen in the fridge until ready. Jewelry - to your taste.

Cake with marshmallows and curd

Again a marshmallow souffle, but this time with the addition of cottage cheese. The finished cake can be decorated with whipped cream.



A glass of flour and sugar;

six eggs;

on a bag of vanilla sugar and baking powder;

salt - a pinch.


A pound of cottage cheese;

200 grams of marshmallows.


0.5 liters of cream (33%);

150 grams of powdered sugar;

30 grams of gelatin;

bag of sugar with vanilla.

Method of preparation

Beat eggs with sugar, add salt, vanilla sugar. Gradually add flour, baking powder. Stir.

We bake biscuit cake in the same way as in previous recipes. Cooling down. We cut in two, we get two cakes. Now the souffle. We grease a suitable bowl with vegetable oil. We spread marshmallows and soften them a little in the microwave, from 30 to 60 seconds, sweets should be melted, become soft. Mix them. Add the cottage cheese. Stir until a homogeneous mixture.

Cream. Gelatin is left in warm water for half an hour before swelling. Then cook on low heat until all the lumps dissolve. We remove. Cooling down. Whip cream with a mixer. Gradually sprinkle icing sugar, sugar and vanilla. Pour gelatin. How should all whisk.

We collect the cake. Put the first cake, top souffle, then the second cake. We coat with cream, put in the refrigerator for several hours. You can decorate and serve.

Cake with marshmallows and chocolate

Chocolate cake, on the surface of which baked marshmallows will create a beautiful pattern that resembles specks on the skin of a giraffe. Often this cake is called “Giraffe”.


Two eggs + two yolks;

milk chocolate bar;

two bars of dark chocolate;

100 grams of sugar;

three quarters cup of milk and cream;

70 grams of butter;

100-150 grams of marshmallows;

60 grams of starch and powdered sugar;

a glass of flour;

cocoa powder - two tablespoons;

half a bag of vanilla;

a quarter of a teaspoon of baking powder.

Method of preparation

Combine flour, starch, cocoa powder, baking powder, vanillin.

Oil, taken out of the refrigerator beforehand and softened, is whipped. Fall asleep icing sugar. Then one yolk, followed by the second. Whip constantly. Now pour in flour with the rest of the dry ingredients. Knead dough, it turns out soft. We form a bun out of it. Wrap cling film, put in the fridge. Enough of twenty minutes.

Next, we need a detachable form, diameter - 20 cm. We forge the parchment. Distribute the dough, make it the sides. Top - foil, pour peas into it (so that the cake does not lose its shape). It's time in the oven. About a quarter of an hour, 180 degrees.

Heat the cream with sugar in a skillet. Do not boil. Then put hot chocolate into pieces in hot cream. And stir until it melts. Beat eggs and pour in slowly in chocolate. We mix. With the shortbread remove the foil and peas, pour on him a chocolate mixture. Bake another twenty minutes.

It remains to put on almost ready-made marshmallow cake and brown a couple of minutes in the oven. Cool the cake, leave it in the fridge overnight.

Cake with marshmallows without baking

This recipe is much easier previous. The dough here is replaced by a mixture of butter and biscuits, the best is shortbread.


3/4 packs of butter;

300 grams of cookies;

a pound of cottage cheese;

50 grams of powdered sugar;

400 grams of marshmallows;

a spoonful of lemon juice;

200 grams of sour cream.

Method of preparation

We turn cookies into a crumb. You can grind it with a blender. Mix with melted butter. We spread the mass in the form, it is better to take the plug. We ram the foundation and send it to the refrigerator for half an hour to freeze.

Making soufflé. Combine cottage cheese, rusk powder, sour cream. Whisk together. Marshmallow put in a bowl, soften in the microwave. Time - from 30 seconds to a minute.

It remains to mix the curd mass, lemon juice and soft marshmallows. Beat until smooth. Mix for souffle ready. Pour it into the mold on the cake, after slightly smearing the walls with vegetable oil, and overnight in the refrigerator to set. It only remains to remove the form and decorate.

Cake with marshmallows - secrets and tricks

• To speed up the process of making a cake, sponge cakes can be baked the night before. Then they will cool well, and you will not need to spend time on it.

• If a cake with a marshmallow soufflé is badly out of shape, move the knife with a thin blade along the sides.

• You can add flavor and color to the cake by choosing different marshmallows: pink, yellow, green, strawberry, vanilla.

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