Chicken liver souffle - dietary dish? Steamed and oven-baked chicken liver soufflé

Chicken liver souffle - dietary dish? Steamed and oven-baked chicken liver soufflé

A liver, especially a bird's, and so tender product, well, and in such a recipe as a soufflé, it has no equal. Gentle, high-calorie dish to taste kids, and even parents rarely refuse such treats. Of course, a little more than just fry the liver pieces, but the souffle is worth it, you can be sure!

Chicken liver souffle - general principles of cooking

• Chicken liver soufflé is prepared in two ways: steamed or baked in the oven. In both cases, forms will be required: for steam soufflé, small flexible molds for baking cupcakes made of silicone are better suited. They do not require oiling, which has a very positive effect on dietary dishes. In addition, to extract a gentle steam souffle, without violating its integrity, of these forms is not difficult.

• Bake in the oven liver souffle can be in any refractory containers. Their walls must be greased and lightly sprinkled with flour, semolina or white breadcrumbs finely ground.

• To make a tasty chicken liver souffle, special attention must be paid to the quality of the main product. Liver must be checked before use for the presence of gallbladder. If you accidentally crush or leave it, the dish will be spoiled. The washed chicken liver is twisted through a meat grinder or interrupted by a blender into a uniform stuffing, and then mixed with other products.

• Mandatory component of any souffle - eggs. They are never added entirely. The soufflé base, in the form of liquid liver mince, is first combined with the yolks, and only then whipped proteins are gently mixed into it. This protein foam gives the liver soufflé a special tenderness.

• To shade the taste of chicken liver and add a dish of originality, the souffle can be cooked with vegetables or mushrooms. To get a more crumbly dish, boiled rice is added to the souffle mass, which is sometimes replaced with buckwheat. • Steamed chicken liver soufflé is served warm. Baked in the oven dish, it is desirable to use slightly cooled.

• As a side dish, you can serve fresh vegetables, crumbly cereals or pasta. Cut into thin slices, baked in an oven souffle, put on sandwiches.

Simple recipe - chicken liver souffle for oven


• a pound of chicken liver;

• two eggs;

• mid-size carrot;

• ground pepper;

• five tablespoons of baking flour;

• two small bulbs;

• milk or low-fat liquid cream - 100 ml.

Cooking Method:

1. Rinse the treated liver thoroughly with plenty of cold water. Peel the vegetables, wash them and cut them into large pieces.

2. In a meat grinder, set the fine grid and pass through it all the prepared products: onions, carrots and liver, mix the minced meat.

3. Add cream, eggs whipped with salt, pepper slightly, add more salt if necessary. Pour all the flour and, carefully breaking its lumps, mix with a whisk. Sugar mass in thickness should be similar to the dough for the fritters.

4. Form one to two liters in volume, cover the inside with butter or vegetable oil and transfer the liver mass into it. If the container is made of silicone, it is not necessary to lubricate.

5. Put the liver soufflé in the oven and bake at 180 degrees for 40 minutes.

Souffle from chicken liver and vegetables - “Mosaic”


• cooled chicken liver - 380 gr .;

• three spoons of semolina;

• one third spoonful of fine salt;

• one sweet pepper;

• two spoons of sour cream;

• medium sized onion;

• one egg;

• small onion head;

• sunflower, highly refined oil.

Cooking Method:

1. Finely chop the onion, peppers remove the seeds from the seeds, rinse with water and cut into small-sized slices. On a large grater chop carrots.

2. Put the processed and washed liver into the blender bowl. Add sour cream, add semolina, pour in the egg and smash to a pasty state. 3. To your taste, pepper, add a little salt, temporarily set aside.

4. Fry chopped vegetables, adding a little vegetable oil, but not too much. At medium heat, bring the pieces of vegetables only until softened.

5. Transfer lightly cooled vegetables to the liver mass. Stir and pour into prepared form.

6. Move it to the baking sheet and set to bake for half an hour, setting the oven temperature to 180 degrees.

Recipe for airy soufflé of chicken liver for multicooker


• 700 gr. fresh chicken livers;

• one large onion;

• teaspoon factory ripper;

• 200 ml of pasteurized, low-fat milk;

• a teaspoon of salt and ground pepper;

• semolina - 3 tbsp. l .;

• four eggs;

• half a spoon of pounded nutmeg.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut the peeled onion into pieces and twist in a meat grinder. Then add to the onions, chopped liver in the same way, mix.

2. Season everything with ground pepper, add nutmeg with semolina and lightly salt. Pour in cold milk, stir and set aside for twenty minutes. Manka should well swell.

3. After this, break the egg into the liver mass, add the ripper and whisk. It is better to pre-mix the egg with a fork or whisk.

4. Lightly moisten the inner surface of the cooking bowl with vegetable oil and pour the liver mixture into it.

5. Set the timer for one hour and start the baking program.

6. Remove the bowl with the ready soufflé from the case, place it on the stand and leave for a while. When the dish cools down, carefully remove and cut into portions.

How to cook a steam soufflé of chicken liver for a baby


• one egg;

• 350 gr. chicken liver, preferably not frozen;

• a quarter cup of milk;

• a small slice of loaf, about 40 grams;

• some salt;

• we do not add spices!

Cooking Method: 1. Treat the chicken liver: remove any fat, film, and gallbladders, if any. Then rinse the liver with cold water, transfer, shaking off moisture, into the bowl of the blender.

2. From the loaf, cut off all the crusts, break the crumb into pieces and add to the liver. You can replace the bread with a tablespoon of semolina.

3. Smashing the egg, separate the white from the yolk. Drain the protein in a clean bowl, and the yolk loose and pour into the bowl to the rest of the products. Smash the contents of the bowl with a blender in the turbo mode for about two minutes.

4. Beat the protein into a stable foam, add it to the liver mass. Spoon, cautious movements from the bottom up, mix in protein. Do this very carefully so as not to disturb the airiness of the protein mass.

5. Pour the liver mixture into silicone cupcake trays and place them in the steamer basket.

6. Cook the liver souffle for a couple of half an hour, then remove from the molds and serve.

Delicate chicken liver soufflé with mushroom slices (in the oven)


• Fresh chicken liver - 450 gr .;

• a large spoonful of flour;

• a glass of heavy cream;

• fresh, small champignons - 6 pieces;

• a small pinch of nutmeg powder;

• two eggs;

• butter, 82% butter - 25 gr .;

• breadcrumbs, white, finely ground;

• A pair of tablespoons of vegetable oil for frying.

Cooking Method:

1. Rinse the mushrooms, cut into large pieces. In a frying pan over high heat, warm a couple of tablespoons of butter and dip the pieces of mushrooms into it. As soon as the water is gone, reduce the heat to medium and continue frying for another 10 minutes, stirring occasionally,

2. Carefully inspect the liver for the presence of gallbladders, if there is - carefully remove. Do the same with the remnants of fat and film, rinse, dry and chop. You can kill the liver with a blender or grind with a meat grinder.

3. Carefully breaking up, divide the eggs into yolks and proteins. Ensure that there are no yolk residues in the whites. 4. Add nutmeg, a little ground pepper and a couple of pinch of fine salt to the minced liver. Put the soft butter here, whisk. Add flour and repeat the beating.

5. Whip cream separately, until the increase in volume almost doubled, whites to obtain a tight foam.

6. Gently pour the cream into the liver mixture, then gently mix in the protein foam.

7. Cover the form from the inside with a thin layer of oil. Powder semolina or breadcrumbs and fill the liver mass. Consider that the souffle will rise a couple of centimeters, so do not fill the container to the top.

8. Place the fried mushrooms on the surface of the soufflé in random order and, pressing your fingers, immerse the pieces in the liver mass.

9. Place the form with the souffle on a baking sheet with high sides, cover it with foil. Pour water into the pan so that it half covers the mold, and gently move the roaster to the oven. Cook the souffle for 45 minutes.

10. Next, put on the surface of small pieces of butter and place back in the oven for five minutes, but without foil and water. As soon as the top is lightly browned, the dish is ready.

How to make crumbly chicken liver soufflé (with rice)


• fresh chicken liver - 600 gr .;

• a third cup of rice;

• two eggs;

• three spoons with a pile of flour;

• bitter onion head;

• to taste - garlic and spices;

• spoon of vegetable or sweet cream butter.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut off the excess from the liver, wash it in cold water, dry it.

2. Cut the peeled onion into slices and, together with the liver, twist in a meat grinder or beat with a blender. From a more homogeneous mass, the liver soufflé will be more tender.

3. Wash the rice to clean water and boil the grits in lightly salted water until half cooked. Then put in a colander, rinse with running water, dry.

4. Separated from the yolks whites for a quarter of an hour, place in the common chamber of the refrigerator. Mix yolks and dried rice with minced liver. Add milk, season with spices. Lightly salt the liver mass, add all the flour and mix, paying special attention to the flour lumps - they should not be. 5. Beat the cooled proteins until a dense foam is obtained and gently mix it into the suflean mass. Do not whisk, otherwise the airiness of the proteins will be broken, and the liver soufflé will not be lush.

6. Cover the bottom of the form with parchment paper, apply vegetable or butter on the walls. Carefully transfer the hepatic mass into the prepared container and place in the oven for half an hour.

7. Serve chilled, cut into portions.

Chicken liver souffle - cooking tricks and useful tips

• Used chicken livers should not be light yellow or dark in color. The presence of blood clots and violation of the dense structure of the tissue is also not welcome. Such a by-product may be frozen or not fresh.

• When chopping chicken liver with a meat grinder, use the finest grate. The more homogeneous the liver base is, the more tender the soufflé will turn out.

• Proteins should be whipped chilled and with a small amount of salt. This will speed up the process.

• Interfere with protein foam in the liver mass very carefully. If the airiness of the proteins is disturbed, the soufflé almost does not rise and will not turn out tender.

• When filling out forms, be sure to note that a soufflé, especially when baking, rises a couple of centimeters. When cooling the dish, as a rule, settles a little.

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