Sorrel soup in chicken broth - spring-summer menu. Sorrel soup with chicken broth - quick recipes for first courses with healthy rationalism

Sorrel soup in chicken broth - spring-summer menu. Sorrel soup with chicken broth - quick recipes for first courses with healthy rationalism

Sorrel is a valuable product, and green soup and soups are great! Love for the first dishes of sorrel, we have preserved in the genes. The first dishes of sorrel, and even on dietary chicken broth are charged with energy and health, without taking a lot of time to prepare them, without requiring much energy from the body to assimilate food.

The first tender leaves of vitamin greens raise the spirits, help in the fight against spring avitaminosis, automatically rebuild on the spring-summer diet. Ancestors discovered sorrel when there was no cabbage, then there was no place to store it, and, probably, it did not grow in the northern regions in the right amount. Therefore, the ancestors eagerly awaited spring, the appearance of sorrel, which was the main leafy vegetable for the cabbage soup, until the new harvest of cabbage.

Sorrel soup in chicken broth - basic technological principles

Every cook should be a little nutritionist, at least approximately to understand the properties of various products in order to cook them properly, with health benefits. After all, food is necessary for a person to restore strength and energy, which are added only when there is healthy and healthy food on the table.

The huge content of vitamin C and oxalic acid in sorrel, spinach, nettle is very useful, but on the other hand, the chef should take into account that these vitamin products can equally harm people suffering from disorders of the digestive system. Sorrel refers to products that need to be consumed in reasonable quantities.

The very first and tender shoots contain much less oxalic acid than the leaves of a later harvest, during the flowering period of sorrel. Therefore, cut the first leaves of sorrel for soup or soup, you can safely throw them in the pan, without blanching. More mature leaves need to be picked, cut off the hardened stems, scalded with boiling water and kept in hot water for 3-4 minutes. After that you can add them to the soup. Sorrel, due to the very delicate texture of the leaves, is added when cooking soups at the very least, undergoes a short heat treatment. The action of oxalic acid is neutralized by dairy products, since milk, in addition to lactic acid, contains large amounts of calcium, and the addition of dairy products to the main dishes with sorrel is due to the principles of healthy eating. The remaining components of soups and soup of sorrel are added according to recipes, technological principles of processing: more solid products are dipped into the broth earlier, tender leafy vegetables - last. Spices and spicy roots are also subjected to a brief heat treatment in order to preserve their flavor.

Chicken broth, as the basis of sorrel soups and soup, and one of the most dietary products, is an excellent choice for summer meals, providing additional lightness for the digestive system. This is very important when in hot weather it is necessary to provide the body with complete nutrition, at the same time, without overloading it - the more nutritious the food, the more energy is required for its absorption. Such loads in hot weather are useless. The summer motto for the family menu should, unequivocally, sound like this: minimum energy expenditure, maximum vitamins and energy.

But you can sometimes make an exception to the rule by adding more products containing fats, animal proteins to chicken soup from sorrel, because, in combination with vitamin C and oxalic acid, they are quite quickly broken down and absorbed by the body. The principle of healthy rationalism is preserved, even if fatty pork appears in the oxalic soup, which is necessary in the diet during heavy physical exertion. Here the choice of the components of the dish depends on the composition of the family and the physical activities of each of its members. But remember that dishes with sorrel, nevertheless, are not desirable for kids.

The assortment of sorrel first courses is very extensive and their preparation methods are varied. But it is better to try once than to tell. Take a look at the recipes - maybe from the proposed options you will like something, or they will inspire new culinary ideas.

1. Light, summer soup of sorrel in chicken broth


Potatoes 0.5 kg

Onions, green 200 g

Carrots 150g

Oil 90 g

Flour 30 g

Eggs 5 pcs.

Sorrel 300 g

Broth 2.4 l

Kitchen salt


Sour cream 150 g

Meat (chicken fillet) 600 g

Parsley, dill 70 g


Diced potatoes put in boiling broth and cook until soft. Add the carrots passaged with flour, chopped onion and spicy leafy greens, eggs. As soon as the soup boils, throw the chopped sorrel, season with spices, return pieces of meat fillet to the soup to warm. Serve the soup with sour cream, sprinkle with chopped parsley and dill.

2. Sorrel cream soup in chicken broth, with celery and cheese


Oil “Extra” 150 g

White onion 300 g

Broth 1.6 l

Sorrel (or spinach) 300 g

Cheese, soft 400 g


Potatoes 700 g

White pepper

Celery root 400 g

Lemon zest 25 g

Flour 70 g

Curly parsley for decoration


Pass the flour and chopped onion in the melted butter. Add potatoes, celery, sorrel, pour in a portion of the broth, simmer until soft. After removing from the heat, punch the soup with a blender, bring to taste with spices. Adjust the soup thickness with the remaining broth.

When serving in bouillon cups or tureen, add cubes of cheese and a sprig of parsley, sprinkle with fresh lemon zest.

3. Sorrel soup with chicken broth with nettle and spinach


Broth 1.5 l

Spinach, sorrel, young nettle - in equal parts of 600 g

Chicken fillet, boiled 750 g

Onion, 150 g

Fat, pork 70 g

Eggs, raw 3 pcs.

Milk (or cream) 250 ml

Potatoes 300 g


Dill 100 g

Bay leaf 2 g


Boiled eggs 3 pcs.

Sour cream 120 g


Mix milk with an equal amount of hot broth to get warm liquid. Bring the rest of the broth to a boil, boil potatoes in it, cut into small cubes. Chop onions randomly, combine it with pork fat and punch with a blender. Add the resulting mass to the broth. Salt the soup, add bay leaf, pepper. Blanch the spinach and nettle leaves; dip into the pan. Add sorrel to the soup fresh, chopped.

Beat raw eggs into a fluffy mass, combine with a mixture of milk and broth, heat the mass until thick, and pour it into the soup. Add to the dish fillet, diced, and chopped dill. Serve with boiled egg halves and sour cream. If desired, sour cream can be combined with a mustard spoon.

4. Sorrel soup in chicken broth with cream and lemon


Eggs 4 pcs.

Sorrel 700 g

Wheat flour 120 g

Cream (15%) 400 ml

Onion 300 g

Butter 160 g


White pepper

Lemon 1 pc.

Broth 1.6 l


Breast Chicken 150 g per serving

Spicy greens (leaves)


Fry the flour until creamy color, add butter to it, melt in a skillet, stirring rapidly with a spatula. Add chopped onion, stew, do not let brown.

In a small amount of broth blanch the prepared leaves of sorrel. Combine both parts of the cream soup, punch to a uniform consistency, adding the remaining broth and cream. Put the soup on the stove, bring to a boil. Add salt, nutmeg, pepper.

Serve the mashed soup on the table with the boiled breast cut across the fibers in batches, a slice of lemon, sprinkled with grated eggs and garnished with a sprig of dill or parsley.

5. Sorrel soup with chicken broth with tomato dressing


Tomato paste 80g

Onions 200g

Carrots 100 g

Fat 150g

Broth 2.4 l

Celery (root) 70 g

Ground hot pepper



Flour 50 g

Potatoes 600 g

Sorrel, canned 0.5 L

Sugar 40g

Eggs 3 pcs.


Onions and carrots, having prepared, passe with flour and fat. In the finished broth, boil potatoes, add spices, sugar, salt, tomato dressing and sorrel. Pour the beaten eggs into the boiling soup with a thin stream, quickly stirring the contents of the pan: rotate the mass in one direction, clockwise, pouring the eggs into one point - the brewed protein should be transformed into threads like noodles. Add immediately the chopped dill, cover the soup with a lid, remove from the stove. In half an hour, serve with sour cream and rye bread.

6. Sorrel soup in chicken broth with garlic-nut dressing


Chicken, boiled (wings, legs, thighs, breast) 1.6 kg

Muscat 10 g

Garlic 40g

Carrots 500g

White pepper

Flour 100 g

Onions 300g

Butter, melted 180 g

Broth (semi-finished product) 2 l

Cream (10%) 0.5 L + 100 g (36%)

Cilantro 80g

Sorrel 400 g


Almond 150 g + 50 g


Divide the chicken into portions. Add white pepper, ground nutmeg, salt to flour, roll meat in this mixture. Fry it until golden brown, in warmed ghee in a pan. Transfer the cooked meat to a ceramic pot.

Crush carrots and onions, passe vegetables in the same pan, until soft. Transfer the vegetable mass to a blender, add garlic, cilantro, roasted almonds, and punch through the mass with a blender, gradually pouring the broth combined with the cream. Season with plenty of spices and pour into the pan, to the meat, covering it from above. Bring the cream soup to a boil at the minimum temperature. Make sure not to burn. Cut sorrel and throw it in the soup. Remove the pan from the stove, soak the soup for a few minutes so that the sorrel will sweat slightly. Serve, sprinkle with almond flakes, add a spoonful of cream or sour cream to each serving and garnish with a sprig of greens.

Sorrel soup with chicken broth - useful tips

Salt soups and soup should be after the potatoes are cooked. Add sour ingredients after potatoes are ready. This vegetable, due to its high starch content in salty and acidic water, becomes more dense, which delays the process of cooking the first dish.

After cooking the first dishes do not forget to remove bay leaves from the saucepan. With prolonged infusion, it gives the dish an unpleasant bitterness. Add sugar to sour dressings and sauces. Contrast will improve the taste of the dish.

Vegetables, fish and meat, browned in butter, acquire a pleasant creamy taste and light nutty flavor. But butter has the property of quickly burning and splashing when heated. Start browning products at the lowest temperature, in the mode of languor, gradually increasing the heat. To prevent the butter from burning, pre-grease the pan with vegetable oil or put a pinch of salt. You can also pre-put the flour in a preheated pan to avoid splashing, if allowed by the recipe of the dish.

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