Soups for gastritis with low and high acidity. Recipes of meat, fish, vegetable, cereal soups for gastritis

Soups for gastritis with low and high acidity. Recipes of meat, fish, vegetable, cereal soups for gastritis

Gastritis is so common today that it is difficult to find someone who is not familiar with this disease.

Of particular importance for patients with gastritis is the menu.

It must necessarily include soups, but not ordinary, but cooked according to special recipes.

They are boiled on the basis of meat, vegetable or fish broth, milk, with the addition of cereals, potatoes and butter.

A special feature of soups with gastritis is their particular lightness.

Often, the first dish has the consistency of puree, due to which the effect of enveloping the damaged stomach is achieved.

Recycle this food to the body is much easier.

Soups for gastritis - the general principles of cooking

The broth, which is used for cooking soups during gastritis, should be weak, unsaturated. For cooking, no bones, fatty meats, hot spices or seasonings are used.

General cooking rules are as follows:

• Ingredients should be cut as small as possible, and best rubbed into mashed potatoes;

• vegetables are boiled directly in the broth, they can not be digested;

• in order to give the soup a tighter consistency, you can add overcooked white flour or whipped egg white protein into it;

• not only spices, but also mushrooms must be completely excluded;

• butter, whenever possible, should be replaced with vegetable oil;

• favorable use of cauliflower, broccoli, pumpkin, zucchini;

• special importance should be given to the mucous soups, adding oat flakes or rice groats to them.

All types of soups with gastritis should be non-greasy. The optimum flow temperature is from 15 to 60 degrees.

Rice-milk soup with gastritis

Delicious and delicate dish that provides satiety and benefits for a sick stomach. The tender consistency of this dish will appeal to many people. Ingredients:

• one hundred grams of lean boiled beef or veal;

• one and a half glasses of any vegetable broth;

• half a cup of boiled white rice;

• half a cup of skim milk;

• one egg yolk.


Boiled rice rub through a sieve.

Meat the meat by passing it twice through a meat grinder with the smallest grill or by grinding a blender.

Combine meat and rice puree.

Pour broth and milk, put on a slow fire and bring to a boil.

In the process of boiling the soup can give foam: it needs to be removed.

As soon as the soup boils, turn it off and leave it under the lid to cool and infuse.

You can fill the dish with a spoon of butter.

Potato soup for gastritis

Easy dietary soup with gastritis provides normal secretion of gastric juice. Due to the potato, the dish is quite satisfying.


• four medium potatoes;

• two small carrots;

• two eggs;

• three tablespoons of olive oil;

• water;

• some fresh dill and parsley;

• two pieces of stale bread.


Rinse vegetables thoroughly and peel.

Cut the carrots and potatoes into small cubes, add water and bring to a boil.

Greens chop up.

As soon as the water begins to boil, pour olive oil into the vegetables and add chopped greens.

Slightly salt.

Beat eggs.

While the vegetables are boiling, cut the bread into small cubes and dry in the oven.

When the carrots and potatoes are soft, turn off the fire.

Pour the beaten eggs into the broth, stirring the soup continuously.

Serve it with crackers.

Rice mucous soups for gastritis

Mucus soups are particularly preferred for diseases of the stomach. Beneficial effect on the state of this body rice groats.


• 200 grams of lean boneless meat;

• water;

• 50 grams of parsley root;

• one carrot;

• parsley; • half a cup of boiled rice;

• half spoonful of butter.


Meat pour two liters of water.

Peel root vegetables, cut into large pieces and add to meat.

Bring the water to a boil over medium heat, then reduce the power of the fire and cook the meat with the vegetables until it is ready.

Boiled beef, carrots and parsley root mince or mash in a blender.

Broth strain.

Boiled rice rubbed through a frequent sieve.

Return the meat, vegetable and rice puree to the broth.

Cut the greens and also put in the pan.

Bring to a boil, lightly salt and steam over low heat for 20 minutes.

Season some cold soup with butter.

Chicken soup for gastritis

Delicious diet chicken soups are good for recovering from an illness. You can use them during gastritis.


• chicken carcass a little more than a kilogram in weight;

• five potatoes;

• average carrot;

• two or three branches of dill.


Chicken skinned.

Meat pour water, lightly salt and boil until cooked.

Remove the chicken, strain the broth.

Bring the broth to a boil, throw in pieces of carrot.

Twenty minutes later, add chopped potatoes.

While the vegetables are boiling, remove the bone meat from the bones and mince it or grind it with a blender.

Vegetables removed from the broth and also puree.

Dill chopped.

Return the meat and vegetable puree to the broth, put the greens and bring to a boil.

Turn off, allow to cool slightly and serve.

Milk soup with potatoes and green peas for gastritis

It is not recommended to drink whole milk during gastritis. However, it can be used to make original vegetable soups.


• two medium carrots;

• three potatoes;

• liter of milk;

• teaspoon butter;

• half a can of canned green peas Preparation:

Carrots cut into slices, potatoes - slices.

In salted water, boil the vegetables.

When the carrots and potatoes are soft, drain the water.

Milk bring to a boil.

Pour milk over vegetables, add peas and butter.

Salt and boil again.

Insist and serve with homemade fresh croutons.

Pumpkin puree soup for gastritis

Beautiful, tasty gastritis soup is cooked quickly and easily from fresh pumpkin. Vegetable is well kept, so the dish can be served both in summer and in winter


• 300 grams of pumpkin;

• two liters of any vegetable broth or water;

• a spoon of white flour;

• teaspoon butter;

• two spoons of sour cream.


Pumpkin free from the skin and seeds, cut into small cubes.

Pour the pumpkin slices with a small amount of vegetable broth and stew until soft under the lid.

Ready to pumpkin rub through a sieve or mash with a blender.

Prepare a white sauce: fry the flour and butter in a frying pan, dilute with a few spoons of vegetable broth.

Boil the sauce for three to five minutes, then strain.

Pumpkin puree and white sauce mix, pour vegetable broth.

Bring the cream soup to a boil and turn off the heat.

When the soup has cooled down a little, season it with sour cream and serve.

Fish soup broth for gastritis

Delicious analogue soup is prepared very quickly and it turns out delicious. For cooking should be selected fish low-fat varieties.


• a piece of sea bass;

• small parsley root;

• average carrot;

• one onion;

• egg.


Fish wash.

Cut onion into four parts.

Cut carrots into small pieces.

All components combine, add water, bring to a boil and cook until the carrots.

Take out the fish and vegetables.

Broth strain.

Beat the egg.

Bring the broth to a boil and pour the egg into it with vigorous stirring. Salted and served with croutons or breadcrumbs.

Sorrel soup with gastritis with low acidity

Gastritis soups can be cooked using a variety of vegetables. One of the most original recipes involves the use of sorrel. This dish is perfect for the diet of patients with low acidity.


• three hundred grams of fresh sorrel;

• one hundred grams of boiled lean meat;

• some green onions;

• three potatoes;

• one carrot;

• some cooking oil for frying;

• two tablespoons of flour;

• sour cream for refueling;

• a bunch of fresh dill.


Sorrel wash, pour a little water, bring to a boil and boil for five minutes.

Onion feathers and potatoes cut.

Sorrel drain.

Put the sorrel, potatoes, onions in a separate saucepan, add water, boil with a slow boil until vegetables are ready.

Meat cut into small pieces.

Grate carrots on a fine grater.

Fry carrots and flour in butter in a pan.

When the potato is almost ready, add the frying in the pan, stir and salt.

When serving, fill the soup with sour cream and chopped dill.

Oat-fruit soup for gastritis

Sweet, useful, unusual recipe for soup with gastritis from dried fruit and oatmeal noticeably enlivens the idea of ​​diet cuisine.


• half a cup of rolled oats;

• one apple;

• one pear;

• five prunes;

• butter.


Hercules flakes pour one and a half liters of water.

Cook oatmeal.

Cut the apple, pear and prune into very small pieces.

Add the fruit to the oatmeal, add a little salt, add a spoonful of sugar.

Boil the soup for another five minutes.

Cool slightly, spoon with butter and serve.

Soups for gastritis - tricks and helpful tips

  • In diseases of the stomach, it is very important to introduce soft and soft vegetable and cereal dishes into the diet. Ideal for this purpose various soups during gastritis. Vegetable soup does not affect gastric secretion, and therefore it can be used for any type of disease.
  • For gastritis, slimy soups are made from rice, millet and other cereals with the exception of semolina and ground cereals. Groats fall asleep in broth, boil soft, and then filter through a sieve. The remaining porridge is immediately rubbed and returned to the meat, vegetable or fish broth.
  • Chicken soup with gastritis is useful in that it normalizes the acidity of the gastric juice. Therefore, during the exacerbation of the disease, it is this type of soups that should be preferred, it should be eaten with increased acidity of the gastric secretion.
  • Also good in this case are dishes from various vegetables, lean beef with rice, noodles. You can fill them not only with butter, but also with sour cream, chicken yolk. The ideal serving temperature to the table is 50 degrees.
  • Refuse should be sour soup, pickle, concentrated broth. Such dishes will aggravate the course of the disease.
  • Patients with low acidity, on the contrary, need to enter into the menu rich broths of meat, fish, as well as various vegetable first courses. However, fermenting vegetables should be completely excluded: these are onions, cabbage, garlic, all kinds of legumes.
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