Homemade grape filling - naturally! Recipes grape liqueur at home: with vodka, sugar or alcohol

Homemade grape filling - naturally! Recipes grape liqueur at home: with vodka, sugar or alcohol

It is much easier to make grape liqueur than wine.

This drink will appeal to all.

A big plus of grape liqueurs is that it is prepared without adding chemicals and yeast.

It turns out a natural drink, which also has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system.

Of course, if you use it moderately.

Pouring grapes at home - the basic principles of cooking

For the preparation of grape liqueurs at home, aromatic and sweet varieties are suitable, for example, Lydia or Isabella.

Matured grapes are well washed, left to glass all the moisture and remove the berries from the brushes, throwing away the rotted. The grapes are transferred to a prepared bottle, covered with sugar and closed with a water seal. The balloon is kept warm for about a month. The fermentation process must stop completely. Then the shutter is removed, and the bottling is bottled, pre-filtered through gauze. Tara with filling is tightly sealed and sent to storage in the cellar or refrigerator.

Recipe 1. Pouring grapes at home with vodka


two kilograms of grapes;

kilogram of sugar;

some ripe cherry berries;

liter of vodka.

Method of preparation

1. Remove grapes from a brush. Wash and dry the glass bottle. Lay out a layer of grapes in a prepared container, put some cherry berries and sprinkle with sugar. Thus, we lay the berries in layers until the container is full. There should be a layer of granulated sugar on top.

2. Fill the container with vodka berries and tightly close the lid. Leave the bottle warm. It is advisable to leave it on the windowsill, where the sun's rays fall. From time to time, shake the container so that the sugar is completely dissolved. Insist liquor and a half months. It is believed that the readiness of the brandy is determined by the color of the berries. If they are white, the brandy is ready.

3. After the allotted time, try pouring on the sugar. If the drink is sour, add some sugar and leave for another three days. Then we pour the filling and pour it into clean glass bottles. Well corked and sent to storage in the cellar or other cool place.

Recipe 2. Pouring grape juice at home


liter of grape juice;

a bag of vanilla sugar;

liter of vodka;

three buds of carnation;

three glasses of sugar;

a pinch of cinnamon.

Method of preparation

1. Wash ripe grapes, lightly dry them and tear off with a brush. Remove leaves and damaged fruits. Put the berries in a deep bowl and gently knead them with your hands. Grind grapes with mashed blender. We shift the grape mass in gauze and squeeze the juice.

2. Pour the grape juice into a clean, dry three-liter jar and mix it with a glass of sugar and vodka. Close the jar lid, shake well and leave in a cool dark place. Insist liquor for two weeks. After the allotted time, pour the filtering through a layer of gauze.

3. Pour a glass of water into a saucepan, pour in the remaining sugar, stir until it is completely dissolved, and cook the syrup. It is enough to boil three minutes from the moment of boiling up. Constantly stir it so that it does not burn. Remove syrup from heat and cool completely.

4. Pour sugar syrup into the pouring, add spices and mix well. Prepare bottles and pour bottling in them using a funnel. Tara tightly corked and leave in a cool place until the final maturation. Insist on the brandy for at least ten more days. After this time, it will be completely ready for use.

Recipe 3. Pouring of grapes at home “Isabella” with spices


Half a kilo of grapes Isabella;

a third of cinnamon sticks;

five art. l sugar with a slide;

four buds of carnation;

200 ml of boiled water;

one piece cardamom;

half a liter of vodka;


Method of preparation

1. Wash and dry the grapes. We cut the berries off the brush.

2. Rinse a lemon, pick and remove the zest from it using the finest grater.

3. Cook syrup from sugar and water and cool it to room temperature. We shift the prepared grapes in a container from the stack. Pour in vodka and syrup, add spices. Close the container with a nylon cover, shake well and remove to a cool and dark place for two months. 3. After this time, the filling is filtered and poured into dry, clean bottles. Cork tightly and ship to the cellar. The drink is ready to eat.

Recipe 4. Pouring white grapes at home


kilogram of white grapes;

two lemons;

two pinches of cumin, nutmeg and star anise;

eight buds of carnations;

boiled water - 50 ml;

cinnamon - two sticks;

vanillin - bag;

liter of vodka;

sugar - 400 g

Method of preparation

1. Pour hot water into a thick-walled pot, add sugar and add vanillin. Cook, stirring continuously until the sugar crystals are completely dissolved. Do not allow caramelization!

2. Cool the syrup to a warm state and pour vodka into it. Rinse the lemons, wipe with a napkin and remove the zest from them. Add it to the syrup with vodka. Here we also put chopped cinnamon sticks, star anise and other spices.

3. Capacity with syrup and spices close the lid and leave. How much time to insist depends on how bright the taste of the spices you want to feel in the drink. Half an hour will be enough to make the spices in the sauce feel only slightly. If left for several hours, the spices will feel better.

4. Filter the spice liqueur. Wash the grapes, remove the berries from the brushes and transfer them to the bottle. Fill grapes spicy tincture under the throat. Insist grape liqueur about one and a half months.

5. After the allotted time, we pour the casting twice, filter it, try the drink for strength and sugar. If necessary, diluted with water or syrup. Leave for another two weeks. After that, once again we wash and pour into prepared glass containers.

Recipe 5. Pouring from grapes at home “Isabella”


grapes Isabella - kilogram;

granulated sugar - a glass.

Method of preparation

1. Grape brushes thoroughly rinse. Separate the berries from the twigs and transfer them to a deep bowl. Crush them lightly and transfer them to a clean, dry three-liter jar. The container should be filled with berries of about two liters.

2. Pour the sugar, shake well and close the throat with gauze. Leave the container in this form for a couple of days, then close it with a water seal. Wait until the fermentation process is complete. Pour into bottle and cork tightly. 3. Add sugar to the remaining grape mass. Its quantity should be at least 30% of the total mass. Fill with boiled, cool water. There should be as much liquid as the liquor. Cover with a water trap and leave to ferment for at least a month.

Recipe 6. Pouring grapes at home on brandy


Half a kilo of blue grapes;

800 ml of filtered water;

half a liter of brandy three stars;

four slices of apple dryers;

vanilla stick;

a glass of sugar;

four peas allspice;

two sprigs of dried mint.

Method of preparation

1. Rinse the grape brushes under the tap and transfer them to the pan, without removing them from the branches. Add here vanilla sticks, allspice, dried mint and apple dried. Pour all the sugar and pour in filtered water.

2. Place the saucepan on the stove and cook the grapes and syrup for a quarter of an hour from the moment of boiling. Remove the pan from the heat, send it to the balcony and cool slightly. Wash the glass jar and dry it. Pour the warm syrup into the prepared container and cool it completely. In the cold syrup pour brandy. Close the lid.

3. Leave the liquor to infuse for five days, occasionally shaking it. It is better if you insist on it in the cellar or storage room. After the allotted time, filter the sieve through a sieve. We throw away the berries, they have already fulfilled their function. Ready bottling bottled glass, corked and stored in the cellar. We can treat guests with fragrant, tasty grape liqueur.

Recipe 7. Pouring from grapes at home without vodka


four pounds of grapes;

liter of filtered water;

kilogram of sugar.

Method of preparation

1. Sugar is poured into a thick-walled stewpot and filled with filtered water. Send the dishes to the fire and cook for five minutes from the moment of boiling. Constantly mix and remove the foam from the surface. Cool the syrup to a barely warm state.

2. The grapes are washed under the tap, remove the berries from the brush, removing the damaged and rotted fruit. Enumerated grapes berries are transferred to a clean three-liter bottle and filled with syrup. It should cover berries by three centimeters. 3. They tie the container throat with a piece of gauze and leave it in a warm room for three days. As soon as signs of fermentation appear, gauze is removed, and a water seal is placed on the neck.

4. The casting is left in a warm place without access of light for a month and a half. As soon as the fermentation process ceases, the pouring is filtered through gauze and poured into clean, dry glass bottles. Send the container with the liqueur for storage in the cellar. The drink can be stored in such conditions for up to three years.

Recipe 8. Pouring from grapes at home on alcohol


a kilo of dark grapes;


alcohol - half a liter;

drinking water - 100 ml;

half a kilo of sugar.

Method of preparation

1. Brush the grapes rinse under the tap. Lightly dry and remove the berries, removing the dry and rotted fruit. Put the grapes in a bowl and knead it with your hands. Put the prepared grapes in a three-liter bottle. Cover the berries with sugar and place the container in a place where direct sunlight falls for several days. Every day, shake the jar to dissolve the sugar in the grape juice.

2. After three or four days, pour the mixture into the mixture. Add two buds of carnation. Close the jar tightly and place it in a warm, dark place for at least three weeks.

3. Strain pour over gauze. Grape berries a little mash to extract the juice from them completely. Well filter the liquid and pour it into bottles. Do not discard the grapes, you can make jam or use them for baking. Seal the bottles and store in a cool place where no light enters, for at least six months.

Recipe 9. Pouring grapes at home with cinnamon


half a liter of food alcohol;

300 ml of drinking water;

half a kilo of dark grapes;

three buds of carnation;

500 g of sugar;

cinnamon stick

Method of preparation

1. Ripe grapes are rinsed under a tap and dried. The berries are separated from the ridges. Rotten and damaged grapes are removed. Lightly grape the grapes with your hands and place it in a clean glass jar. Fall asleep berries with an incomplete glass of sugar. Add spices and pour alcohol. 2. Close the jar with a lid, shake well, until the sugar crystals dissolve completely. We send capacity to the cellar. Shake the mixture daily.

3. A month later, we filter the liquid from the can and pour it into an enamel pan. Pour 300 ml of drinking water into a saucepan, pour 300 g of granulated sugar and cook the syrup for five minutes after boiling. Completely cool it and pour it into a saucepan with grape liquid. Mix well. We pour bottling, cork and take it to the cellar for ten days. The drink is ready to eat.

Pouring grapes at home - tips and tricks from experienced winemakers

  • Before planting grapes in a container, they are recommended to slightly freeze to get more juice.
  • Do not open the container during fermentation to prevent the entry of unwanted bacteria and oxygen.
  • If you add spices to the liqueur, do not infuse it for more than three hours so that the spices do not interrupt the taste and aroma of the grapes.
  • It is better to pour the pouring into storage in a dark glass container.
  • During the infusion, be sure to periodically shake the container so that no sediment forms at the bottom and the sugar is completely dissolved in the grape juice.
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