Dried apples in the oven - we keep forever the taste of summer. Cooking dried apples in the oven with cinnamon, cardamom, cherry branches

Dried apples in the oven - we keep forever the taste of summer. Cooking dried apples in the oven with cinnamon, cardamom, cherry branches

One of the most reasonable and convenient ways to preserve the apple crop and harvest it for the winter is drying. It can be carried out in the sun on warm summer days. But it is easy to dry the apples and in the oven - gas or electric. This method of drying is ideal in an urban setting.

Without a doubt, dried fruit will be a great addition to the menu. Sweet compotes and other foods from dried apples will delight you with a bright taste and aroma. Dried fruits are useful in the preparation of salads, sauces, baking pies. Of these, you get a great burn for pancakes and fritters, an additive in soup and even jam.

Dishes made from dried apples will crowd out autumn boredom and fill the winter cold with pleasant summer memories.

To store dried fruits is simple, they occupy a minimum of space. Labor costs for the preparation of dried apples are insignificant, especially if you use modern kitchen appliances and equipment.

Dried apples in the oven - the general principles of cooking

Suitable for drying all varieties of apples, without exception. But when the choice is large, it is better to give preference to fruit with a small seed box and thin skin. The taste of apples should be sweet and sour and fragrant.

Before drying, the fruits are washed and dried. Wormholes and bruises are removed.

Apples are cut into quarters, the core is cut. Fruits are cut into slices about half a centimeter thick.

If there is a special device, then with its help the core is removed from the whole apple. Then the fruits are cut into rings of the above thickness.

When dried fruits are prepared exclusively for compote, the core can be left.

Apples are scattered in a single layer on a baking sheet. It should be laid baking paper.

The baking tray is loaded into the oven for an hour (60 degrees). During this time, the apples are slightly dried up.

Then the temperature rises to 70, and at the very end of the drying, to 80-100.

The oven door can be left slightly ajar. The process takes from 6 to 12 hours. Every 50 minutes, pieces of apples are mixed.

To diversify the taste of dried fruit, you can add cinnamon, cardamom, citric acid and regular sugar.

When the apples reach the desired condition, then their size will greatly decrease. Cooled dried fruits are laid out in fabric or paper bags. Suit boxes from under chocolates.

Dried apples are stored in a dark and cool cabinet, which is periodically ventilated.

Recipe 1. Dried apples in the oven “Dessert”


• two kg of apples;

• one and a half liters of water;

• a glass of sugar (can be more or less, depends on the level of love for sweets).

Cooking Method:

Prepare sugar syrup: boil water and add sugar to your taste. Leave it to cool.

Washed fruits are placed in a deep bowl and in each fruit we remove the core and seeds. To do this simply, you need to stock up on a special device. With it, apples can not be cut.

Cut each fruit into thin ringlets. We try to make them approximately the same thickness.

Apple circles put in a saucepan and pour cool sugar syrup. It must completely cover the fruit pieces.

Cover the pot and carry away for a day in a cool place.

The next day, lay the apple slices on a paper towel and leave for half an hour so that they dry.

Baking pan with baking paper. We spread on her apple circles.

Load in the oven, preheated to 60 degrees. A little later, the temperature can be increased to 100. The fruit should be in the oven for six to eight hours.

Slices periodically overturn.

In the evening, apples turn into dried fruit. We take them out of the oven and put them in bags.

Recipe 2. Dried apples in an electric oven


• apple fruit - 2.5 kg.

Cooking Method:

Wash the apples under the tap. Cut in half and remove the core with a knife.

Cut into slices and place on a baking sheet. Put it in the oven.

Turn on the modes of the upper and lower heating and the fan. Set the temperature to 50 degrees.

We dry apples hours 12. Periodically check their condition.

The finished product is stored in a glass sealed jar to prevent moisture from entering.

Recipe 3. Dried apples in the oven “Dry jam”


• one kg of fruit;

• 0,300 kg of sugar;

• one tea l. citric acid;

• one tsp. cinnamon

Cooking Method:

We clean fruits from seeds and cut them into large slices.

Fold on a baking sheet vertically skinned up. Slices should fit snugly together.

In a deep platter mix the sweet ingredient, citric acid and cinnamon.

Sprinkle the apple pieces with the mixture.

Sent in the oven for three hours (70 degrees).

We take out the apples and lay them on parchment, cover them with gauze. Leave for 48 hours at room temperature.

We hide the finished dried apples in candy boxes.

Recipe 4. Dried apples in the oven with cherry smoke


• two kg of apples;

• a small armful of cherry branches (without leaves).

Cooking Method:

Fruits free from the core and cut into thin slices.

Spread apple slices on a baking sheet.

Cherry branches are placed on another baking sheet and put it on the bottom of the oven.

Put the slices of apples on the top shelf.

Exhibit 50 degrees on the electric panel. We start the modes of the top heating and bottom. The fan is also included in the work. It inflates the smoke that emanates from the heated cherry branches.

After six hours, dried apples, soaked in the aroma of berries, lay on the surface of the table. Hiding after they cool off.

Recipe 5. Dried apples in the oven with cinnamon and cloves


• kilogram of sour apples;

• two teaspoons each ground ground cloves and cinnamon.

• four spoons of h. Sugar.

Cooking Method:

Cut the whole apples into thin slices. The core and seeds are not removed.

Put the slices on a baking sheet so that there is a small distance between them. Mix cloves, cinnamon and sugar in a separate bowl. Sprinkle apple pieces.

Sent in the oven for ten minutes (180 degrees).

Turn over, reduce the temperature to 100, and cook another seven minutes.

Turn off the oven. Apples do not remove.

When the oven is cool, heat it to 100 degrees, leave for 10 minutes and turn it off again.

So we repeat several times within six hours.

Dried apples are laid out in paper bags.

Recipe 6. Dried apples in the oven with cardamom


• two kg of apples;

• half a lemon;

• 1500 ml of water;

• one item each spoon ground cinnamon and cardamom.

Cooking Method:

In the tank depth of one and a half or two centimeters pour water. Squeeze the juice of half a lemon into it. Stir.

We release the fruit from the core.

Cut off the peel as thin as possible.

Cut the fruit into rings of five or six centimeters thick.

We load into a container with lemon water. After a minute, apple slices shift to a colander.

Fold the rings of fruit on a baking sheet.

Cinnamon and cardamom mix. Place in a sieve and sprinkle with a thin and uniform layer the top of the apple slices.

Send fruit in the oven for 8-10 hours (70 degrees).

Peel on apples can be left. Then the dried edges of the fruit will be harder and more curly.

Recipe 7. Dried apples in the oven without skin


• kilogram of apples;

• 10 gr. salts;

• four cups of water.

Cooking Method:

Preparing the salt solution: pour salt into the water and stir.

Thoroughly wash the apples and shake off the water.

Remove the core, cut off the skin.

Cut apples into longitudinal slices five or six millimeters thick.

Pour them into saline. Withstand fruit for about five minutes.

Drain the water and move the slices of apples to the baking tray.

Sent to the oven and dry in a standard way.

Recipe 8. Dried apples in the oven with a core


• kilogram of apples;

• water - two liters.

Cooking Method: Cooking two saucepans with the same amount of water.

In one container, bring the liquid to a boil.

Pure apples are cut into four parts, then - into slices of three to four mm thick.

We load the pieces into boiling water for half a minute, then - in cold at the same time.

Take out the fruit and lightly dry with a paper napkin.

Spread the apples on the prepared baking sheet so that each piece lies separately

We dry in the oven in the usual way.

Dried apples in the oven - tips and useful tips

  • Apple fruits need to be processed in batches. So it is reasonable to do so that the cut pieces do not have time to oxidize and darken. A portion can be considered half a bucket of fruit.
  • To avoid browning, apples should be held in saline (liter of water + tablespoon of salt) or in lemon water (liter of water + juice of half a lemon). Ten seconds will be enough.
  • Apples are more convenient to dry in an electric oven. If the gas stove does not turn off for several hours, then there is nothing to breathe in the kitchen. True good ventilation saves the day.
  • It is beneficial to produce drying in early autumn, when cool days come. The heat of the oven will not only do the main work, but will also warmly heat the room.
  • It is impossible to pack dried fruits in plastic bags or containers, as there they will “suffocate” and be covered with mold.
  • Properly dried apples should not be sticky, brown or burnt. Fruit pieces should be firm and not brittle.
  • A rationally organized workplace will speed up and simplify the process. All the necessary fixtures, including the trash can, must be kept close at hand.
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